Only Human

by Ryu

The system likes to promote the myth that those opposed to it are monsters. They must do this, or else many more would resist.

Anders Brevik was a normal man once. Reading his journals, I was struck by how normal in his desires he was. He actually wanted a woman one last time before…… his action. That’s just the same as an American soldier before shipping out.

There is a tenancy to exaggerate the highs and the lows. The great are seen as gods and criminals seen as scum.

Barack Obama takes shits. They smell! He has to eat and sleep. He is human too. Perhaps he even lies to himself and imagines that people like him, not just his title. He’ll learn the truth about that after retirement.

Nobody bothers Jimmy Carter anymore…a mere 30 years later. George Bush senior is just another senile old man now…only 20 years later.

Not much to look at out of the suit, huh? Just another hunk of meat.

One has to learn to look beyond appearances and titles. Membership in a prestigious groups seems to scramble the brain. The FBI seems more formidable that it is because with the title, it is not longer a man or a collection of men. The title takes the person out of it.

The FBI building has toilets, garbage cans and dumpsters. A cafeteria too. For every suited up agent wearing sunglasses, there’s a janitor at 10 o’clock, cleaning the toilets there, wishing they’d raise the seat.

What is seen on TV and in the newspaper is only a very small slice of reality. The human side is where the system is most vulnerable. There is no technology which has eliminated human needs. That’s why we can win.

30 Comments to “Only Human”

  1. Ryu…

    “Only Human…”

    Can you not smell the stink of egalitarianism in the title? Is there not an implicit question to be subconsciously answered with, “He is not superior to me; he is mere human,” in that title? So in that title is a meme that says “we” are equal because “we” are human. This is anti-white Supremacy. I hope you can see this formula in which you are bound to when seeking radical autonomy.

    • One has to develop control over his own mind, and his own beliefs. A certain mental plasticity. I can believe, or not believe, in whatever I choose.

      Most WNs think of the USG as something above them. Showing the human side of the elite will give them confidence. Seeing the corpse of JFK there, I’m unimpressed. Just some meat and bone, like the turkey dinner I just had.

      Don’t impose HUMAN logic on the universe. Our laws are below the universe’s. There such a thing as objective values. But living on Earth and in a corrupt civilization, we are too close to human values.

      People wonder about how one can study both Manson and STEM. Both exist, in the same universe. Neither is disallowed. One has to study all aspects of a thing, not just one view. The true problem with the system is that they limit their diversity to pro-gay, pro-mino, anti-whites. Anti-gay, anti-mino and pro-white views are equally valid.

      • Ryu…

        Clearly, I could agree with you or disagree with you depending solely on whether I took the perspective of the radical autonomist versus the white Supremacist or vice versa.

        My main critique of you as WN is your wavering between thesis and antithesis, logic and anti-logic, theosis and satanism. This is the stuff of “dark enlightment.” These fellas believe they can FLOAT in between radical autonomy and white Supremacy. They can’t. You can’t. And it is a false confidence to believe one can EXIST in this “no man’s land.”

        TO ME…

        Your writing either indicates the exaltation of radical autonomy and thus the denigration of white Supremacy OR its moral reciprocate.

        I seek to retard you in your first inclination and convert you towards the latter desire.

      • Wavering is the nature of the universe. First the sun shines, then it sets. Life, then death. Growth, then decay.

        There’s logic and insanity. The logical cannot fathom the insane. But they neglect a large portion of reality by insisting that nature conform to their notions.

        The white intellectuals gape at the dumb black masses. Yet the blacks make real progress in obtaining what they want. Mino muscle takes what white brain cannot. Sanity and logic can be weaknesses.

      • The System desires radical autonomy…


        So do the masses.

        So where is the real conflict at?

      • Where?
        Try shopping for a gold chain
        In Ferguson…

      • Different definitions of radical autonomy, and different methods of achieving it. In truth, only ONE man can be totally free. It’s freedom comes at the restriction of all others. The USG desires total freedom, but restricts my freedom.

      • The problem with Ferguson is that the organic nature of the mayhem is manufactured in the most obvious fashion AND televised unabashedly.

        There is a symbiotic regression “we” still believe shouldn’t exist?

        Which collective of liberationists lost in Ferguson?

      • TD, do you put your theories into practice?

      • @thordaddy:
        The problem with Ferguson is the…mayhem is manufactured in the most obvious fashion AND televised unabashedly.

        One of several recent changers modifying my continually advancing conception of the present is: The clumsily conspicuous TV propaganda is irrelevant to Today’s Murkans.

        They just do not care. Nor do they care about Operation Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS persecution, NSA spying or Migger Amnesty etc., etc. Murkans want the supremacy of coloreds.

        Their ignoring of the most serious threats to Americanism erupting with the most numerous scandals in history should indicate a shift toward a New American Order.

      • Back in 93′ Waco happened. That pissed people off, but they fell short of revolution.

        Since then, there have been many other events. Seattle 99′, Katrina, locking down Boston to catch one turrist. It would take something of truly epic badness for the people to get mad and stay mad.

        I have difficulty imagining how bad it would have to be. Guantanimo Bay didn’t phase America.

      • @ryu:
        Back in 93′ Waco happened. That pissed people off, but they fell short of revolution

        The saddest thing from that was the disappointed surprise Timmay V registered when discovering his intention to start a revolution not only failed, but was met with foaming hatred by most – not all – inhabitants of Murka.

        Next saddest was Frein, whose intention was identical, but failed to learn from tm’s fuckups. TM’s capture by a hick smokey bear was simply…fucking foolish.

      • Ryu…

        Wavering may be the “nature” of the universe, but the question is why is white man self-annihilating?

        The answer IS CLEAR…

        He has rejected genuine white Supremacy AND THUS embraces radical autonomy… Self-annihilation.

        And at the heart of the dilemma for white man is the question of Singularity and its very existence whether empirically verified or conceptually understood.

        Singularity; a unique one-time multi-universe wide phenomena

        singularity; a unique one-time wordly phenomena (Kurzweil’s procedural “Singularity”).

        singularity; infinite mass/zero volume

        Amongst the “default elite,” only the last understanding has legitimacy because it is MEANINGLESS in contrast to the debate that surrounds the first two understandings. A debate that is not wanted amongst the “intelligensia.”

      • So foolish that it must then be considered a DESIRE.

    • Thordaddy, I don’t want to put words into your mouth, so can you explain your terms here? You make a huge deal out of ‘radical automony’ but I have no clue wtf you are talking about, I’m not saying this insultingly either. Also a lot of your arguments sound suspiciously like the hegelian dialect, which of course led to marxism/cultural marxism.

      I am not insulting you, I truly want to understand your arugment here.

      • Erudite Knight…

        The galvanizing global force is anti-white Supremacy (The fear, loathing and hatred of white man/men striving towards Supremacy, individually
        and/or collectively). The metaphysics that sustains such a force is the total rejection of a true Singularity, i.e., a unique one time universe wide phenomenon. In others words, in OUR radically autonomous society there only exists REDUNDANT phenomena. There are no true Singularities in secular, liberated “Western” society. This understanding runs coherent with a belief in “equality,” i.e., anti-Supremacy.

        The debate for the white male of the Western world starts with his metaphysics.

        Singularity/no Singularity
        White Supremacy/anti-white Supremacy

        One can automatically comprehend that the secular, liberated world IS A LESSER and stunted world (In many ways as equally degenerate as jihad world). A universe with no true Singularities and ALL redundant phenomena is a less complex universe than one with a Singularity, singularities AND redundant phenomena.

        At some point, you realize that those who propagate the “reality” of a stunted and less complex universe have ulterior motives in mind. The first motive being a maximizing of one’s personal autonomy. IF… I can get you to abide by the “rules” of a stunted universe while granting no such allegiance to said “rules” then I will have maximized my autonomy in relation to you. We have this process working on a mass scale involving various liberationist movements. The working assumption of all liberationists movements is REDUNDANCY (there are no new, unique liberationist movements) and therefore predictable action. Meaning, both leaders and acolytes subconsciously understand a Shepard/sheep relationship while instinctively invoking the “fight club” rule.

        We seek to transcend and separate from this stunted metaphysics that has taken on a life of its own. “We” believe in a Singularity. “We” believe in striving towards Supremacy. “We” reject radical autonomy AS ultimately self-annihilating.

  2. Ryu…

    I’ve put radical autonomy into practice and then reject it with “equal” vehemence… And this is partly why white Supremacy becomes ever clearer.


    One doesn’t need to see the full extreme of radical autonomy to get a mere glimpse of white Supremacy.

    PS… I’ve certainly been referenced many times as “white supremacy” in the myriad of passive-aggressive manners that liberationists have conjured up e.g., I’ve been given the Nazi salute… Called a “white supremacist,” etc. It is mainly because of my look and not mypublic action though. Of course, in that sphere, expectation, realization and just plain truth HAS NO CONSENSUS other than the liberal one. So, to act like a “white supremacist” in public is TO ACT in conformance with the liberal frame.

    • To act one way and to be another, is the height of radical autonomy and a sign of physiological weakness. But when the mind is in harmony with the body, the amplified resonance can move mountains; the keen eye will notice his own sense of destiny in this state, and his numerous effects on the physical realm.

      • info_theory…

        That’s why I reject the radical autonomy of jihad and liberalism and embrace the free will inherent in striving towards Supremacy.

    • TD- Are you talking about like aliens or spirits or dimensions here?

      • Erudite Knight…

        No… I’m talking about the highly “debatable” paths to worldly success.

        The capability to do anything


        The will to do all right?

        Radical autonomy versus striving towards Supremacy.

        Which one = success in this world?

        The consensus has reached critical mass and the answer should be as clear as day. But it is not! Such a realization is evidence of radically autonomous society… An anti-white Supremacist society.

        That’s our reality.

      • To be clear you are NOT arguing for ‘radical autonomy’ right? My understanding of that concept is its basically just libertarian screed, and therefore jewish screed.

      • @TD,
        It’s counterintuitive to talk about jihad in terms of “radical autonomy.” The Westerner would normally understand the jihadist as having sacrificed his individuality to the cause of Allah. The jihadist is willing to be a disposable cog in the motor of Allah’s … what, garbage shredder. Spengler characterizes Aramaean-Arabian civilization as devoted to “consensus,” which it is willing to enforce at any cost. The Westerner (who according to Spengler came into being with the birth of Germanic Catholicism in the 10th century) doubts the reality, the truth, of such consensus. The Westerner also looks with contempt on the sham radical autonomy of today’s liberals, whose claim to autonomy is limited to vice and consumption but who really seeks to enforce an Aramaean “consensus” about politics, community, and the nature of man. The liberal’s radical autonomy looks like nostalgia for the consensus and an exhausted rejection of the Western destiny and calling to truth, which acknowledges the tragic tension between solitude and solidarity.

        That tension — “we” understand it, we live it every moment, it is our element — our consensus regarding the limits of consensus. Aliens don’t, can’t, and won’t understand it, and our domestic enemies refuse to. They all want to impose their own Aramaean (e.g., communist, totalitarian, utopian) consensus which is opposed to ours.

        Under our consensus, the tension (including paradox) between spiritual and worldly success is permanent and unresolvable. My kingdom is not of this world, but it will be, and in the most important sense it is. “My yoke is light… Take up your cross.”

        In that context, “supremacy” for the Westerner is realization of individual destiny that is part of, and in tension with, the life of larger groups. What is the Supremacy that you are talking about?

        Recently read Spengler’s “Prussianism or Socialism?” He compares Germans favorably with the English and Americans as having a higher level of solidarity, as being capable of acting as one, as in August 1914. The English and Americans he sees as essentially pirates descended from Norse and earlier Anglo-Saxon pirates. We’re zero solidarity folks, as far as he’s concerned. He doesn’t understand our pirates’ consensus, in which we fight together for the right to be left alone. I suspect we are in fact farther along the path of Western destiny than his community-action-oriented , though it seems like we’re bogging down in a swamp. For a long time many of us have been trying to cast off our Western destiny as quickly as possible — to become, in the words of MAC(C) (the Mad Austrian Corporal), “degenerate, brutish gluttons with no memory of the past greatness.”

      • Anon…

        What is white man’s primary dilemma?

        What to do? How to act? Define his reality?

        Is omnipotence a radically autonomous god (like Allah) OR is it The Perfect God as in He who created The Perfect Man?

        Jihadists are not just radically autonomous because they worship a radically autonomous god, i.e., a god who can do anything… Jihadists are not just radically autonomous because PROOF OF TRUE CONVERSION AND INSTANT MARTYRDOM involves an ACT of murderous self-annihilation… Jihadists are radical sexual autonomists as their reward for martyrdom is 72 virgins for eternal exploitation. Not even the most savvy Western marketeer could have imagined the ruthlessly successful targeting of a market with a more “out of this world” reward than what we find in Islam. In other words, 72 virgins for eternal exploitation is exactly the “reward” needed to scoop up a mass of excess males 14-44 years old in a heavily polygamous society (more evidence of the radical sexual autonomy of Islam).

        It seems that the white man needs to worry less about what to do or how to act and FIRST figure out which way he is to orient himself.

        I say the universal logic mandates an orientation towards The Perfect God -> The Perfect Man -> objective Supremacy -> solution to the “infinite regress” (“progress” in liberal-speak).

        Only after correct orientation can one even consider doing and acting. The masses aren’t even close to this correction. Heck, not even those in the WNist and “hard right” spheres are close to correction. Virtually ALL Westerners are anti-white Supremacists.

      • Correct… I am not arguing for “radical autonomy.”

        I am saying that we operate in a post-Liberal, radically autonomous society.

        And ALL collective movements are liberationists movements motivate by anti-white Supremacy.

        This obviously INCLUDES all Jewish liberationist movements.

      • Correct… I am not arguing for “radical autonomy.”

        I am saying that we operate in a post-Liberal, radically autonomous society.

        And ALL collective movements are liberationists movements motivate by anti-white Supremacy.

        This obviously INCLUDES all Jewish liberationist movements.

  3. Is there any rhyme or reason to how comments show up on this?

    I respond to thordaddy’s first post, and my thing ends up halfway down the section, and there are comments apparently nested to the comment I just posted…

    [ed note: nope. just a WordPress thingg…use the “@” symbol to address specific segments of comments in the netiquette style]

  4. Facebook is an excellent information source of this nature. People put on a facade of invincibility in high school but it’s all just an act. Most amounted to nothing and many have fallen far from their heyday as well.

  5. The problem with humans is they are hard to persuade. The popular media could be more influential than any dictator. They use that power to prevent change though.

    • It is not that humans are hard to persuade, quite the contrary: Now they are so stupid, controlling them is easy.

      Coloreds are controlled by welfare carrots, but rebel against the law and its sticks.
      Whites are the only race controlled by fear of the stick.

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