…Drones For The Gander

by Firepower

Told ya so.
So Long Ago…

US Revolutionary guerrillas and snipers shot the shit out of Redcoats and changed warfare – by humiliating the world’s most powerful nation. But, silly America eventually got fuckered by…… Viet Cong using the same tactics. You finally invent your own destruction when you always live by war.

BIGFed liberal nazis ❤ love ❤ surveilling their docile white suburban taxpayer herd… yet never put cameras in Crime-riddled Coloredville; they’d be shot the hell up or stolen.

Terrorist adapters will avoid cameras with drones. It doesn’t take a genius to fly a model airplane; it’s nearly risk-free and untraceable. If we trumpet our USG kamouflaged-killers flying drones, then enemies of the LN will do the same. China is pumping out cheap drones and they get better everyday.

Feudal Manhattan is upset – it cannot savour its $84 cah-vee-are crêpes – so now that means “something must be done!” NYPD: Threat Of Terrorists With Drones Is A Growing Concern

What’s Drones for The Goose...(eradica.wordpress.com)

…is drones for the gander.


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23 Comments to “…Drones For The Gander”

  1. The Soviets revolutionized light infantry warfare with the introduction of the AK-47 and RPG-7.

    What’s needed now is something equally revolutionary. Lethal and cheap drones might be it…

    [ednote: you must investigate both weapons’ origin in the MP-44 and Panzerfaust]

    • Yes. Revolutionary equality is often inadvertently assisted by new technology unintended for either opponent.

      Airline pilots increasingly complain to “officials” of drones invading their airspace…and they can’t figure out who owns these drones.

      Look for success in what bothers Uncle Beast most: Anonymity and their increasing disability to surveil their subjects.

      As I’ve said, a man on a bike scares the shit out of them. There is no traceable licensing on both man or bike…Nobody’s yet tried a group of men on bikes, etc.

      History shows it possible to turn all tech into revolution – even BIGov’s own tech against itself: Cameras, airliners, scoped rifles, jamming, FLIR and emerging cheap-china homemade drones etc.

  2. @ Firepower

    That’s like saying Apple is overrated because they didn’t invent the MP3 and cell phone. They ONLY perfected the design, mass produced it, and radically transformed consumer culture.

    • Apple transformed consumer cult alright – they reduced the Murkan attention span down to seconds. They created a life support system that most cannot live without. An iphone thingie is just a new form of TV or video game.

      There’s nothing a computer can do, that I couldn’t do in a library in the 1980s. The “saved time” the technologists always refer to is spend on diversions, like iphones.

      • Very little has changed from the late 1990s except communications technology. Almost everything looks and feels the same. Even drones were first approved and developed by the Clinton administration. We either reached a general plateau or we’re stagnating badly. Information like anything else has diminishing returns. Humans are bombarded with too much information today making them less productive.

  3. Btw Firepower, we don’t always agree but I respect your open comment section here, unlike say for example cheteau hertiste – he sometimes has decent stuff but he blocks people all the time.

  4. I bought a cheap drone. They take a lot more skill to pilot than one might imagine. Whatever the system is scared of, that’s something bound to be effective.

  5. Great article by James Lafond – Getting Hammered in the Hood: The Seven Keys to Understanding the Plight of White America. “If you’re not lethal, than you’re not a man” – Lafond.


    • The concept impresses like a clever variant of TDO as shown by this twist: The best way to avoid getting hammered by coloreds? Simple: Don’t sightsee in their fucked-up hoods with your dainty blond gf.

      If you must wallow around in a cockroach nest, the wise, prepared lad arms himself with cockroach spray. Get a CCL, so when you need to hunt Trayvons, you’re set.

      Do you tell lafond of Eradica?
      Ryu is much better and more original…

      • He really isn’t the impetus behind these social commentaries. Members of his readership prod him to write reviews on these topics and lend his criticisms. He lives in the ghetto of Baltimore and has intimate knowledge with the dynamics of race. As a loner,white man in a majority black area, he has learned to navigate his urban jungle without falling victim to the plethora of predators that see him as “food”. Lafond is completely aware that his attitudes will not jive with racial groups or any group for that matter.

        I cast a wide net when appropriating strategies and ideas. His understanding of combatives are legitimate and I value his opinions.

        Yes, he knows of Eradica.

    • Ah, yes. I used to read him, briefly. He is a variant of SPer. He’s racially aware, but not a racist. Most definitely not on our side, and he still believes in Murka. A big giveaway is that he uses his real name – something no revolutionary in the USA could do.

      • In what ways does he believe in Murka?

      • The big giveaway is what he DOESN’T do in his writing.

        It’s like the MRMs, or Rooshie completely ignoring the Beast and his foreign adventures. Lafond does not condemn the USG. He doesn’t mention how ISIS and al Queda embarrass the USG. His writing reminds me of an intelligent conservative. Interesting, but he is not revolutionary. He must be happy with how things are in Baltimore.

        “Combatives” do not impress me at all. There are 3 million “servicemen” in the US military. They know how to kill, and some know how to start a revolution…in other countries. Yet they will not start one here.

        The ability to do violence is nothing…if one can’t do it without permission.

        He knows of Eradica. Yet, he stays away. All white men are either with us, or with the USG. You have your answer. I hope he finds happiness in his fantasy stories.

      • Haha, isn’t that last part the truth? I still am worried about the jew world order tracking my ip and figuring me out, it wouldnt be that hard at all actually.

      • EK get a new devise (cell phone or tablet) and only post from free wi-spy spots where you don’t have to sign in.

  6. Found a great website highlighting many interesting developments in warfare technology that the US Gov is developing, or has the potential to greatly harm the US Gov.


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