Our System Equivalents

by Ryu

There are people just as smart and far-seeing as us who work for the system. Our exact opposites. Some of them are quite impressive; I’ve found Firepower’s equivalent and he’s pretty good. No wonder so many criminals are caught.

The man I found worked as a profiler for the feebs. His profiles were accurate. His use of psychology to anger subjects, then force them into mistakes, was excellent. Though unaware of game, he uses it to great effect, himself being “the prize”, always making the other guy qualify himself.

For every one of us in wn, there is someone like us on the other side. The difference is that they have the…… protection and authorization of the USG. They have alot more margin for error than we do.

Do not allow yourself to be goaded. You don’t have to prove yourself to someone because they have a fancy title or because they work for a famous agency. They take the high stance, set themselves up as authorities, then make others bow down before them. It’s just the same as PUA teaches. I admire their cunning but know that many wns would fall for their ruses.

They do have blind spots. They believe the criminal mind is deviant, and the ordinary American mind is normal. They only recognize system muscle as having courage, anyone else is a coward. Coward is a key word in their vocabulary. They thoroughly believe in the system quo and would do anything to keep things the same.

As always, we end with an example. Eric Frein shows us the way. At first, the system was insulting him, calling him a coward for using the same ambush techniques cops use. They’d find him right away. They were sure of it…

…a week later, they “felt close” to him. Their promises became more vague with less bluster. Soon they gave up and just told the public to keep an eye out. Eric Frein will live as a free man if he avoids mistakes. A smart fox or deer CAN beat the hunter.

23 Comments to “Our System Equivalents”

  1. You’re an early bird, Ryu ? this reminds me of what a friend told me about IS recuits. that they are failures hence they flock there, i.e. that they failed to become successful slaves. admittedly, he is probably projecting his own physiological insecurities.

    @The Growing Years
    Growing up in commie block slums, I remember when me and a friend tried to rob a convenience store. I was sitting on the corner pretending to talk on the phone; he was working his magic on the locks. Another time, some friends suggested we beat up truck drivers and steal their money. This was circa early adolescence; good times.

    • Hey info,

      Just out of curiosity what former SSR do you hail from?

    • You didn’t go through with it then?

      Robbery take a lot of balls. People don’t understand that. It’s not just getting the money, which is easy. It’s getting away with it in the long run. One notices right away that most criminals are either alcoholics or druggies – because they can’t do it when straight.

      • He couldn’t pick the lock, so we had to disband. The fear was very real.. i’m surprised I stayed so composed for a young kid. Some cops actually drove during my phone act, left me alone; which is unusual. Successfully ran and hid from cops one time for me and my gang being really loud/obnoxious in one particular neighborhood. Similar episodes with “gang” rivalries , gypsy fights, etc.

  2. Gawd the fugging Meztizos are loud this morning. Reveling in their amnesty, I suppose.

  3. Question for you guys, a lot of the time you focus on race, and I certainly consider myself a ‘race realist’ but I think focusing too much on ‘them damn blacks’ (not that this article or you say those words) takes away the focus from the problem: the jewish elite and true economic disparity between the haves and the have nots.

    The blacks are just unwitting pawns, just like white women are unwitting pawns in feminism – but it all traces back to the jews and their divide and conquer strategy they use on us.

    • The answer was written long ago on Eradica, so restating it here is repetitious; use the search box.

      A quick restatement is sufficient: Focusing on jews 40 miles away in their secure, golden penthouses – before you face their colored foot soldiers 4 miles from your doorstep – makes as much sense as postponing the clash imagining you can get to Saddam (or Mr. Hitler) before you eradicate the foot soldiers.

      Don’t put the cart
      Before the

    • We’d prefer not to mention minos at all, but it’s hard to get people to pay attention otherwise. External enemies are much easier to see and defeat.

      The real enemy is the white man’s fear and self-doubt. A true white supremacist only answers to god. As mentioned before, I sometimes hear those who come after us laughing at how much we make of the USG. 1000 dedicated men could completely destroy this country.

    • I mostly hate liberal hipsters and PC idealists of the type infecting Reddit. Many are Jews but also WASPs and every type of white scold, arts major, and would be apparatchik imaginable. Clearest examples are the honkieboys who get beaten half dead by street hoods and then defend the animals from their hospital beds.

      • People will sink to any low if it means system approval and a life of comfort/privilege.

      • I also hate the liberal media in the iron grip of an invisible hand, sickeningly compliant to mainstream PC dogma, primly refusing to name the races of attackers if the victim is white. And that’s just foxnews.

      • Would posting links on Reddit to Eradica and its articles anger them more?

        I do that on twitter and their outrage is delectable. It’s deeply self-frustrating for them; they don’t have any balls to even comment here defending their rancid views. Very few leftards have dared so.

  4. Good call, ryu.

    Mystery’s Game was the happy accident – the discovery of a truism by a gifted amateur and spread by the coincidence of the early internet.

    Goading is a word long-forgot by The Dims; it perfectly describes the effective technique of Game, propaganda and FBI negotiations within criminal profiling.

    Remember: Effective goading is done imperceptibly, where your target doesn’t even know they’ve been goaded – just as HB9s never suspects they’ve been gamed.

    Had ef fulfilled his plan better with a simple clunker parked 19 miles away on a hillbilly sidestreet he wouldn’t be slapped-around by smug turnkeys today.

    • The more subtle, the more dangerous. The indirect method is a superior method of control in all area – PU, WN, how the USG works.

      With his age and experience, Mystery “should” now be the best PUA on Earth. I still consider him the best, but most PUAs have left him behind. His method is far more intellectual than Roosh’s. But checkers sells more than chess.

      • Yes. It’s the same concept you champion in your writing: Secrecy is best.
        The British WW2 capture of Germany’s ENIGMA Machine is a grand lesson; they could have bragged about a propaganda coup in counterintelligence, but kept it a total secret – for years – even after war’s end.

        I add that secrecy is best whenever it is more effective than openness.
        It’s also in my Lie To Power http://wp.me/p2kmGE-42W

  5. Ryu, I would say the single largest weakness is their over-confidence – namely from having the massive system behind them. They don’t expect to not win, to not catch the person , to not be wrong etc.

    It leaves gaps.

  6. Ive been thinking a lot about this article, about if my clone had gone the ‘system’ way, which I so, so closely did.

    The major things that come to mind, is I would underestimate the rogues, that is for sure, because I would truly believe all the best ‘ended up in the system’ like ‘myself’ was. I would underestimate acting alone, and I’d probably target the persons family if I knew who it was. It’d likely also be passive, in that I was waiting until ‘he screwed up’ which I would know would only be a matter of time.

    • It’s not so hard to imagine. Just get a nice gov job, do your best at it, get married, live that life. FP’s system equivalent truly believes that America is worth fighting for – the America of today.

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