The Growing Years

by Ryu

It’s unfortunate that most Eradica readers are over 20. The teen years are when one “should” be testing boundaries. It’s too late to rebel in your 20s.

Life is really the same as high school. WN might be looked at as an attempt of a small group of students to replace the administration of a school. There is of course the sham and toothless student government. Many students are indifferent; they think only of women, sports work, or hobbies. Most teachers and counselors are informants, their loyalty bought by the paycheck.

As a wn I see, time and time again, system authorities act as school authority figures did.

Once at school, an unfortunate event transpired. No witnesses, no evidence. So the principal did the usual. He gathered everyone in a room and said…… “we know who did it. Just give up now and save us all the trouble.”

Didn’t work. Then he tried interviewing every student in the school. Nothing substantial broke, just rumors and ghosts. So finally he threatens to punish the entire student body. He set a deadline and promised amnesty. He just wanted the truth, he said. There would be no punishment, he promised so.

As the deadline approached, they huffed and puffed and the threats got worse. They knew who did it. They were closing in. They had their man. We’ll tell your parents….

At the deadline, nothing happened. It was all a bluff. The administration gave another speech about what jerks we all were, how irresponsible, etc. They promised riches for whoever narced first. Then, we were free.

After a week, the incident was forgotten. The perp was never caught.

The system always reacts in the same way. Doesn’t matter if its high school or a turrist. The exact script above was followed by the cops chasing Eric Frein. A small group, even one man, can bring the entire system to its knees.

Many wns will never learn these lessons. They started too late. They believe the system enforcers can see and know all. “Privacy is dead, deal with it” they say. They haven’t heard the bluffs a thousand times, and they believe every word coming out of the system leaders’ mouths.

6 Comments to “The Growing Years”

  1. They do this in the military too. Ammo (which is carefully counted and accounted for) comes up missing. Everyone must sit at the shooting range for hours while ammo is counted and recounted and …….then finally you go home.

    • That’s for the little guys. I’m sure if someone had the juice, they could steal all the ammo they like. What matters is who the “counter” reports to. They control how much resource is put into the hunt for the missing material.

  2. Suicide attackers are still as hard to stop as ever. Only bullied nerds seem willing to pay the price.

    The problem is anger is bred or medicated out of the population during their youth.

  3. Why are new stories like this buried under OLDER stories that are now on the top again?

    [ed note: to expose you to past wise writings that won’t be repeated ala TDO. SEARCH and grow strong]

  4. Popularity, power, hierarchy, girls, and much more. Everything about life is taught on the schoolyard.

    It seems as people get older they grow more delusional. Trust me you had life figured out years ago.

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