Eric Frein the Revolutionary

by Ryu

Eric was one of us. Alot of wns can’t dig it, so they need a roadmap or something. No one is going to just blurt out exactly what they are in Police State Murka.

The Serbian thing is a dead giveaway. We have many Serbian comrades. The war in the Balkans in the 90s was an ethnic conflict, producing many ……racists. Slovenia and Croatia are exceptional in this.

All revolutionary whites now work for the same organization. It is not an organization in the conventional sense of meetings and membership dues. We know the basics and the final objective.

The writing is on the wall – Frein is going to Supermax. The system is going to try to break him there through isolation. He will have to work to cultivate an inner world more powerful than the concrete that will surround him.

Only one man I know of who has been able to resist is also one of the longest serving prisoners in the US: Charles Manson. Manson the revolutionary would say that he is safer in prison today that we are outside of it. He was once called crazy – but look at the US today: who is crazy now?

6 Comments to “Eric Frein the Revolutionary”

  1. That’s a very strange letter.

  2. Why do you keep publishing this nutcase mumbling to himself in public?

    • Nutcase. This word has no meaning today.

      In a time of “sanity” such as this, the only voices to hear the insane. I’ll tell you this much – the type of men who would win it for us would be considered crazy, risk-taking barbarians by the whites of today.

    • Holy crap I thought it was extremely inspirational, unlike all the endless mainstream glurge in all the media.

  3. Dear Eric, you are not a bad son. You were alway different than the other kids but you were always so earnest and hardworking. I can’t claim to undertand what you’ve done but I’m sure you meant it for good, Love you. Mom

    [ed note: dear mom, i always remember fondly the way you’d fondly fondle my fondle-bits in your tight pink sweater, coaxing me toward joyous release of dreams of Hot Presidents…ah]

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