Murder, Pedophilia, Assasination, Torture, Burglary, Rape…

by Ryu

Name one crime the USG has not commited.

The pedophilia angle is less known. The Republican party scandal of the 1980s has disappeared from memory. Children from orphanages were bussed to parties with rich pedophiles and gays. This occured only 20 years ago, and…… there must be worse things now.

Guantanimo Bay is still open. This is only one of many American torture camps. The greatest horror that happens there is that doctors, sworn to uphold the Hippocratic oath, work to keep the tortured alive. The torture of women and children is now routine.

The Americans do medical experiments on children and the homeless. Because they are capitalists, they work in the name of profit. This family had their twins taken by the American courts, who were then given over to the pharmaceutical companies.

The CIA has organized more coups and revolutions than any other organization. They engage in terrorism all the time.

American political prisoners go to Supermax, aka ADX Flourence. Only two prisoners have every left that building alive.

Police states are not as they appear in imagination. Most people of any country will not feel it, because they are apolitical and not dissidents. Most just want to work a job, make money, and have a family.

8 Comments to “Murder, Pedophilia, Assasination, Torture, Burglary, Rape…”

  1. The future babymamas in the top pic are likelier to spend the night with Cap Crip than Cap Sparrow

  2. So now the brown races in the US are also guilty of benefitting from a system of oppression.

    • All are guilty. Some because they know what’s happening, others because they don’t. The minos can see more clearly that most whites actually.

      • It is not that minos “see more clearly,” it’s that their connection to white Supremacy is purely contingent whereas for your modern white, it is intrinsic and inherent. So at the origin of rejection are ENTIRELY different motives that nonetheless can seem to coalesce publicly around the simple rejection of white Supremacy.

  3. I researched the story you mentioned and it’s pretty troubling. More recent pedophile rings have been exposed in Hollywood, the Catholic Church, and in the highest circles of the British elite. The details are basically the same.

    • One pervert basically kept an apartment in an NHS children’s hospital with a backdoor key to the morgue, secure in the knowledge UK libel laws would protect his career as a children’s television presenter. One of the few who insulted him was Sid Vicious.

      • Jimmy Savile had the look of a pedophile so it should have been obvious. I’m shocked it took decades to uncover his molestations, rape, and necrophilia. Then again teen girls are pimped by hordes of Pakis with impunity. England is truly a fallen country.

    • I highly recommend Tex Arcane the blogger. His views are very unique. He tells a story that goes back 100K years, about how the Neanderthals went extinct. Sapiens invaded from the south. There was a last stand near Gibralter and a few Thals escaped to Scandanavia. The elite set up enclaves in secure locations like Malta. He believes that the true elite are almost a different species.

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