CI Notes

by eurybates

I have a little confession to make:  occasionally I go over to and read the comments.  I don’t even read Incog’s articles anymore but I like reading the comments every once in a while and some of the links posted can be useful.

Long story short there is a guy over there who posts CI videos and links.  When I first heard about Christian Identity I thought, “they must be crazy,” or something like that.  I didn’t look into it for quite a while.  There was some drama involved and I guess CI has always been pretty controversial.  Since I have become racially aware AKA a…… White Supremacist, though, I have become more open minded to certain things . . .

The first Christian Identity pastor that I listened to was Bertrand Comparet who was kind of fun to listen to.  I had never listened to a racist preacher.  I am pretty familiar with the Bible, although I haven’t really read one in about 20 years or so and I haven’t gone to church in about the same amount of time.  So listening to Pastor Comparet was pretty enlightening as to what some Christians believe.  For instance Pastor Comparet doesn’t believe that Adam was the first man.  If I understand him correctly I think that he is saying that Adam was the first Israelite or something like that.

The Israelites were punished by their God for disobeying his orders to exterminate their racial enemies.  I am starting to appreciate the Old Testament in ways that I would never have imagined a couple of years ago . . .  Here are a couple of links to a few sermons Pastor Comparet did quite a few years ago:

The Bible in the Stars

Who are the Jews + Was Jesus Christ a Jew?

The next Christian Identity pastor that I looked into was William Finck.  He runs the website Christogenea and has a lot of information on there and he obviously works hard at what he does.  Mr. Finck was sent to prison for quite a number of years where he taught himself Greek and Latin, I think.  Anyway the guy is a biblical scholar and I have enjoyed listening to some of his broadcasts and I have been enjoying racist pastors lately.  He has done quite a bit of work  ‘proving’ that the 12 tribes of Israel moved into Greece and were the Trojans and stuff like that.  I have been reading quite a bit of Greek and Roman literature and philosophy in the last little bit and I couldn’t help thinking to myself that the Greeks and Romans seemed like Christians or something.  Maybe they were the pre-cursors.  William Finck definitely thinks so.

On the christogenea forum there was a thread that I thought that Thordaddy would like where one member was talking about how they were (Christian) White Supremacists and they need to distance themselves from White Nationalists.  They were calling out David Duke, too, which was alright.  Here are a few links to some interesting talks that William Finck has done regarding the origins of various Greek peoples:

Identifying the Phoenicians

Classical Records of the Dorian & Danaan Israelite-Greeks

Herodotus, Scythians, Persians & Prophecy

The lastest racist preacher I have been listening to is the recently deceased Pastor Pete Peters of Wyoming.  He ran a cattle ranch and rode his horse to the chapel where he used to do his sermons.  His programs are broadcast on the internet and shortwave radio.  He isn’t the most charismatic or eloquent preachers I have heard but I like his style and he tells it like he sees it.  In one of his audio broadcasts that I have listened to he talked about how the ancient Israelites sinned against God in the same ways that the modern White man is sinning.  I named the broadcast, “Whores Galore.” and if you go to the Sciptures for America link you can scroll down and watch a video.

Whores Galore

Scriptures for America

24 Comments to “CI Notes”

  1. I find CI compelling too but then I wonder if all religion isn’t just a way for mankind to explain away things they don’t understand.

    I know one thing: A god that “loves” me wouldn’t make it difficult to find him or get to him after death. My own father who raised me was a hard man sometimes but he wouldn’t have played hide and seek with me in such a cruel way like the catholic god does.

  2. Every “white supremacist,” CI movement, WN movement MUST first be assumed controlled opposition/agent provocateur and then be inspected for key indictors evidencing that they are who they truly say they are. This is ALWAYS the order of business in a radically autonomous society. The PRESUMPTION is that each of these movements seeks to maximize their autonomy and the specific cloak they use is mere personal preference.

    The key flaw of CI is its jew-centric “inspiration” AND NOT its loving and LOGICAL worship of The Perfect Man. Only in the concept of Perfect Man can one even entertain thoughts of Supremacy. SO EVEN IF one is not a descendant of one of the 12 tribes AND even if we have many Jews running around claiming they were the “chosen ones,” how does this effect one iota the logical worship of The Perfect Man and whether that Perfect Man was an empirical fact or simply the conception of very highly intelligent men?

  3. White Supremacist… A white man who believes in objective Supremacy (anti-egalitarian).

    Objective Supremacy = Perfect Man…

    Perfect Man = He who will do all right…

    He who will do all right = Jesus Christ…

    Jesus Christ = Objective Supremacy…

    The white Supremacist worships The Perfect Man…

    It can not make sense any other way.

    So WNism IS A WAY to maximize one’s autonomy BY NOT HAVING TO worship to The Perfect Man… Ergo, the WNist maximizes his autonomy BY REJECTING white Supremacy BUT STILL gets to use his “skin color” as his most potent psychological weapon. Meaning, the WNist is still “seen” as a “racist,” but he IS NOT a white Supremacist. This is the fundamental nature of the alt-rite.

  4. Religion is useful as a unifier of low-IQ white people; it gives them “permission” to kill.

    Coloreds do not need this to Letalvis a Channon Christian up the poopchute – and her bf.
    White Vikings did not use Odin as excuse to plunder, pillage & murder.

    Firepower says:

    Let not religion be for the Nationalist Leaders and Generals, let it be only for the enlisted ranks”

    fwiw, good Roman reading is Propertius and Ovid, who wrote it all long before Mystery ever tapped on his keyboard. Ovid is the original PUA.

    • Your beef is with the validity of worship itself. My contention takes worship as a given and says the worship of The Perfect Man is simple LOGIC. You are infusing “religion” because we no longer even distinguish between true worship and false worship… True religion and false religion… Not even on a conceptual level.

      • Anything that complicated
        …Is pure

      • Lol… There is nothing complicated in understanding the desire for radical autonomy. The confusion arises because when one actually gets there they simply can’t “see” it. They ARE radically autonomous. Now, by the same token, there is nothing complicated in recognizing “its” antithesis as genuine white Supremacy… Ergo, a “thing” that knows EXACTLY what it is.

        It is not “to be or not to be.”

        It is, “I don’t know what the fugg I am!”

  5. Great Thanksgiving post. CI is the ruined, mutilated cadaver of the sound common sense of WASP Christian America from 1607 to 1960. That sound common sense is within easy reach. You don’t have to find some weird backroom religion. You don’t have to learn Greek and Hebrew — just get to know our ancestors. It was obvious to them that the races were different, and that racial difference precludes social interaction on any but the most distant terms (as enemies, slaves, aliens, etc.). It was equally obvious to them that our Lord had so created the world. In their view we have been rebelling against His Way in the most perverse fashions, in every area of life you can think of.

    Religiously inspired white supremacy (self-rule, segregation, exclusion of non-whites) was entirely compatible with traditional reverence for our Hebrew God and His Son. It was just self-respect, reverence for His Creation, and sound common sense.

    • And yet, BECAUSE they lived collectively more in accordance with His Creation, they simply did not get to glimpse the Beast as we do.

    • And the battle is the exponential proliferation of radical autonomists and the total inability to identify a single genuine white Supremacist amongst this increasingly savage collective.

    • Could there be social interaction between the different races as traders, scholars or tourists.

      • Yes, strictly supervised, as a matter of absolutely revocable license, not right. As our immigration policy should be.

      • Yes… But the question always boils down to what is the tax?

        A white Supremacist understands that to interact with the anti-Supremacist IS heat, friction and a TAX on one’s entire being.

      • In other words, how can a white Supremacist PROFIT in interacting with the anti-Supremacist/anti-Capitalist?

      • First, if there’s no profit in it, don’t do it. And that includes all the costs, such as empowering, enriching, enlightening, and equipping the enemy. (Economics In One Lesson.) Look at the French and English, bringing their empires home and making citizens of conquered subjects. Second, enemies may have wealth or power or information we want, and getting that at a profit is enough of a tax.

      • One can only speculate where profit can “be made” and so the cutting edge economics are lead by propheteers/speculators. One CAN prophet AND THEN seek to manipulate the masses towards that prophecy FOR PERSONAL benefit WITH THE MERE TAP of his fingers. This is what the propheteers/speculators do. And of course, they utilize the work of the “social engineers” to further their aims. But there is a perplexing cost that evolutionizes the economics and this the unveiling of a mass of radical autonomists. How can one move a mass of radical autonomists ALL IN THE SAME DIRECTION and benefit? Sell self-annihilation as freedom and liberation, of course. Which brings us back to that part of the economic narrative which creates the prophecy to orient ourselves towards. In this connection is the robust and multi-tentacled media open sourcing content from a global audience ready to join the totalitarian collective in exchange for radical autonomy.

  6. They did not tolerate socially destructive mischief. They promptly put down mad dogs of every description. We get to see the Beast because we have tolerated his nurturing, adolescence, and maturity. They would strike us as naïve, mistakenly, but we would strike them as craven.

    Here is some sound common sense from Two Years Before the Mast:

    How strange and eventful has been the brief history of this marvellous city, San Francisco! In 1835 there was one board shanty. In 1836, one adobe house on the same spot. In 1847, a population of four hundred and fifty persons, who organized a town government. Then came the auri sacra fames, the flocking together of many of the worst spirits of Christendom; a sudden birth of a city of canvas and boards, entirely destroyed by fire five times in eighteen months, with a loss of sixteen millions of dollars, and as often rebuilt, until it became a solid city of brick and stone, of nearly one hundred thousand inhabitants, with all the accompaniments of wealth and culture, and now (in 1859) the most quiet and well-governed city of its size in the United States. But it has been through its season of Heaven-defying crime, violence, and blood, from which it was rescued and handed back to soberness, morality, and good government, by that peculiar invention of Anglo-Saxon Republican America, the solemn, awe-inspiring Vigilance Committee of the most grave and responsible citizens, the last resort of the thinking and the good, taken to only when vice, fraud, and ruffianism have intrenched themselves behind the forms of law, suffrage, and ballot, and there is no hope but in organized force, whose action must be instant and thorough, or its state will be worse than before. A history of the passage of this city through those ordeals, and through its almost incredible financial extremes, should be written by a pen which not only accuracy shall govern, but imagination shall inspire.

  7. “I couldn’t help thinking to myself that the Greeks and Romans seemed like Christians or something.”

    OP, i really hope this is satire. Hellenes and muslims did not practice the barbarity of burning books. Not even the Mongol Timurids did.

    Religion and race are two separate things.

    • Info_theory…

      Race and religion may be two different things, but within the materialist paradigm, religion MUST FLOW from race ALTHOUGH only at the origin. After that, one is free to choose his religion without racial consideration.

      • Pray five times a day… facing Rome ?

      • Info_theory…

        My point was that amongst the races only white men speak of real objective Supremacy. And only within this conversation do those same white men speak of emulating The Perfect Man as a mater of Universal Logic. Meaning, the path to success is either by way of doing anything or by way of doing it all right. For the radical liberationist (homo, secular jew, Orthodox Jew, jihadist, dyke, black, migger, Buddhist, Hindu), the latter choice/option does not pose a spiritual or intellectual dilemma because IT IS NOT A CHOICE to be made. This dilemma only exists in the minds of a small minority of genuine white Supremacists. Of course, the two paths to success must be weighed against the “infinite regress.” Meaning, it is not just a matter of choosing between two choices, but choosing between two choices KNOWING one is bound to an “infinite regress?” Now you see the “coherence” of the radical liberationist. Within an “infinite regress,” there is no “right” anything. So what is the solution to the “infinite regress?” Non-duplication (descent, evolution). That which does not duplicate is the solution to the “infinite regress.” Perfection. The First Law of Perfection is non-duplication. Take it from there towards Christianity and white Supremacy and see what you make of it?

      • TD, I understand perfectly well your point. When I look in the eyes of an arab, i feel that i could be a far greater arab supremacist than he can ever be. I will continue flirting with the Mohammedans until I… master arabic and turkish, among other things.

        Oogenhand is the true prophet; i can smell his religion and his god can conquer the world.

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