Youthful Indiscretion – NSFW

by Firepower

Too often I need inform the Bon Jovi (and Beatles) generations of the awful truth: It disturbs me I need to take such action with folks who’ve lived that long, seen so much, and made enough mistakes to know better.

Even Dill-enials rely on the phony morality crutch – and bail with the “I bet their PARENTS are ashamed!” ploy. You see: Murkans “feel” that fabricating symbolic shame in a trespasser somehow corrects the misdeed.

Not so. This response is clearly seen in old-time TDO and emerging Twitter Mentality. It’s not only the USA, but writ large in Western Culture.

It is used prominently when today’s spectacle of ubiquitous Porn-Factor arises; everyone online experiences intrusive sex without escape, so porn becomes a cultural leavener – a universal that explains by example.

America is fixated on youth. Once it was George Washington who spoke and…… the audience listened, with youth told to shut the fuck up until they learned enough to speak – or merely utter a syllable. Since the advent of 20th century Media Tech, it is now vice-versa. Prettiness means gravitas and Idiocracy proves potently prophetic yet again.  God bless Mike Judge. (Perhaps Mike is now The Christ, bestowing parables of wisdom upon us? Next time around, maybe “He” comes to “judge” us…)

Older Murkans are incredulous when told porn starlets are actually a dime-a-dozen. (Young’uns are incredulous when told what a dime means.) The old standard myth exists in the current bullshit tale of poooooor girlies being “forced” into porn by Evil Male Manipulators; it is a lie. Today, there are so many females clamoring to fuck on screen, you can’t keep track of the magnitude of whore~bimbos flooding the porn business – from sixteen to sixty. Go to any porn site: You can scroll through every variety imaginable for days and not see the same girl’s face twice.

This Is What Murka ONCE Was…

Parental Prolapse

Lindsay Lohan’s life is a well-documented mess, so it’s a good example. Like the porn girl, she is what Americans once shamed, but murkans now celebrate. The harsh truth is: Her parents really do not care and actually are now the typical unit. Daddy does not care: He’s not there to care.* Dads leave early to impregnate new, younger females, repeating the cycle until youth vanishes. Mr. L does not care that Lindsay’s notched over 560 different dicks. I’m not exaggerating: It’s been documented LiLo has fucked 560 people. That’s like, prostitute numbers of the past.

Dina Lohan also doesn’t care. Yet, she’s no worse than a regular single-mom – just famous, with well-documented troubles serving as examples. Dina and her ilk have zero influence on their degenerate daughters because they too were empty sluts who behaved the same in youth – and even still as 50-year-0ld parents.

They have no influence on their sons, either. Both parents inadvertently impart teachings upon boys to fuck and run, much like a turkey baster interacting with an equally soulless turkey hole: All of course create exponentially yet worse children, who will also grow into worse parents pumping out still worse humans.

Look at Angelina Jolie. She does not care in the least what conservative Jon Voight thinks of how many creepy dudes she fucked for fame – or his opinion of her feelgood pickaninny litter. Jolie’s mother was a PC Hollywood cumdumpster and pickaninny collector herself. She was proud of Angelina.

The latest pop-tart is Ariana Grande. (Not a beaner; she’s Italian.) All dolled-up, she’s a thing of true beauty with decent talent. She says of her boyfriend:

He is one of the most amazing men in the world, and that includes my grandfather and my brother.”

It takes a lot for a girl, who can have any man, to toss her patriarch in the heap and say that – about A Big Sean.  Her father isn’t on the list but I’m sure he and gramps (in between PC Platitudes and MLK Reverence Lessons) taught her to seek a colored buck. White males who instruct their children to adhere to the dominant PC Liberal nazi Murkan Value System feel pride when they succeed in the ideology. I’m sure there is vestigial,

What Murka IS: Mainly Coloreds & Wimpy White Geeks

repressed conflicting anxiety in there when he listens to his inner feelings, seeing his daughter suck face with a rapping monkey but he won’t say it; he’ll just queerly laugh and go along with her training, actually encouraging her to do more – all the while fighting a strange, nauseous feeling.

I’m curious to see what millions of her male fan-fappers will now think knowing their Ideal Dream Girl was all along crooning to a jiggaboo and pining for a pickaninny; I hold out scant hope.

She is 21. Keep in Mind: She was not even born when Bill Clinton was elected to desecrate America with his twisted, wart-covered cock. She was in diapers while he was squirting cum on Monica Lewinsky’s face, desecrating an Oval Office Americans once held as sacred ground.

The girl who can have any male – but chooses a vile colored – is replicated by the Kendall & Kylie Jenner Nexus.

No, their parents are not appalled. Nor do they give their kids grief, shame and guilt, for there no longer is such a thing in western society. In an America that went from Bruce Jenner – Olympic Gold Medalist – to the Murka of Kylie Jenner, there is no shame, or even a remote vestigial memory of honor, integrity and certainly no decency or morality. You can be a colored single parent with nine kids by age 24 and the only shame-sanction imposed will be on those who call it a “colored”

The proper analogy is drawn from these examples of youth, to today’s youth in general. They feel no shame… even in not standing for anything.

It’s why their pinnacle “Millennial Moment” of Occupy Wall Street disappeared faster than a mouse fart. It’s why historically revolution-prone youth concerned with idealism now have no ideals in Murka.  They sit… With golden, vajazzled pacifiers stuffed-up their turdcutters.


*The celebri~dad is a minor exception because their main concern is gravy train money.

16 Comments to “Youthful Indiscretion – NSFW”

  1. Duckface and Monkeyface, quite the couple. Future historians will study the intricacies of tramp stamps and gang tattoos.

    • Au contraire: Such future Murkan “historians” are likely to be totally MINOs and not give a squirt of piss about white dill-ennials’ tattoo fetishes; colored anthropologists are also likely to be dumber than the Duckfaces they dig up.

      Future MINO archaeologists will be only interested in Holy MLK Relics, proving Black Pharaohs visited Abe Lincoln in Funkadelic’s MotherShip and glorifying the history of Mexican Drug Cartels.

      • I hazard to say that there will be NO colored anthropologists. Deep interest in the past appears to be a characteristic of only Whites. Without Whites, I’m not sure the MINO’s will even be able to maintain the concept of time in any meaningful context.

      • Nah. There’ll be plenty of anthro jobs in MINO Gubmin.
        What the commies called party commissars, but in the MM’s new Murkan Cultural Re-Education Programs.
        MINOs will institute ACORN-like operatives to erase all traces of society’s memory regarding White Accomplishments – pre-fall.

        How hard does even today’s MINO work to get a Masters or Ph.D? They just show up, get a C, and collect their certs. Tomorrow’s “professional” will be Dax Shepherd’s lawyer in Idiocracy, just with an Ebonic/Migger pidgin English accent – and no white skin & blond hair.

  2. Disney was the first to go full homo and now I would venture to say that Disney represents the most potent propaganda in regards to the “good” of miscegenation.

  3. Radical sexual autonomy — otherwise understood as the homo-sexual “nature” — is the “highest value” of the secular West including those secularists amongst the alt-rite.

    So “we” self-annihilate while our best cheerleaders scream “genocide.”

  4. I need white genes to multiply because my vision of the future requires nerds. Instead of Ebonoboy any sexless white boy could give her much smarter babies.

  5. The Jenner hos are just two more hos famous for being… hos. Not like that’s something to be proud of. Anyone with a vagina *can* be a ho. We should spend more time praising those who could be hos but choose not to. Especially when they choose to use that time to do something useful with their lives. Of course, you’re not likely to find too many links on the web, because, being busy doing important stuff, they don’t have a lot of time to post selfies of their newest facial piercing or two-tone hair job.

    • Exactly bringthereality The real word DOES have some nice people in it. They just aren’t parading themselves around.

    • The Jenner hos are just two more hos famous for being… hos. Not like that’s something to be proud of.

      That’s the point: The entire Jenner mansion unit does not care it’s not something to be proud of.

      • I getcha fp. It’s just that I know real life WNs that would like to have a family and they BELIEVE that everything on the TV and that Rooshy says are true. And it isn’t true.

        Believe me, you have the TDO thing down. This post made me boil with anger. I just have no where to go with it.

      • It’s good when we agree.

        That anger you feel is different than the other times in your life, because I’ve shown (and explained) a new completely new & different concept to you. There is bound to be new feelings.

        The best way to deal with it (before you get a scoped rifle) is to relay this new info to your loved ones and close friends – and spread the word.

        Brainstorm with local allies; nobody knows your land better than you.

      • Erin…

        When you reduce the perpetuation of white Supremacy to a totally racial paradigm, you are VOLUNTARILY CONFINING yourself to a STUNTED paradigm. That you then seek to entrap others in this reduced space speaks of a malevolent intent.


        You are not really this aware of what you are promoting… It’s why you need to focus on bringing white Supremacy to your female brethren and attempt to sew this concept into a reinvigorating jab at REAL femininity amongst white females.

        White males need to seek white Supremacy BY MERE LOGIC…

        White females need to find a lost femininity that has clear racial underpinnings. But the crucial aspect missing from white female femininity in our time is a true spiritual element. Who is going to bring that back with you over here nagging the “boys?”

      • female brethren… Psssh… Even I can’t escape this madness!!!!

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