US Marshals

by Ryu

Right Idea…WRONG Color

It’s true for most federal agencies now – they work both sides.

The FBI defeated the mob, then became the mob. The CIA not only fights terrorism, but promotes it. The Federal Reserve both creates inflation, and reduces it.

US Marshals runs all the big manhunts, as well as Wit Pro or witness protection program. Every nationalist has his own favorite agency; mine is the Marshalls.

For them, anonymizing people is a business. They do it 500 times a year, so they gain alot of experience. The methods they use are both very successful, and suitable for imitation. It is rare for a federal witness to be clipped today.

It’s always the basics that are important and where the slip-ups happen. There are no magical secrets in this world – that is a trick employed to….. intimidate the uninitated. The only trick is being very good at the basics. Eventually, both the protected informer and man on the run have to re-enter society.

The rules are the same. Don’t be important. No contact with old friends or family, no going back to your hometown. Get a menial job that pays cash. Neglect your old habits. Become a new person. No credit cards, store cards, computers or electronics. Don’t stay in one place. Know when to move on. There are no safe places.

Simple, but not easy. So simple that millions of Mexican illegals can live this lifestyle for decades at a time. But hard enough that great direct action men like Eric Frein and Anders Brevik couldn’t stick it out and in some cases, never even try.

The information is out there. The real limit is one’s curiousity.

10 Comments to “US Marshals”

  1. A radically autonomous lifestyle is self-annihilating. Perpetually taxing. And NO THREAT to the radical autonomy of Uncle Beast. The illegals are Exhibit A.

    Only the genuine white Supremacist represents a threat to Uncle Beast…

    And 9.999 out of 10 Murkans SEE “white supremacy” in that photo above and are not the least bit curious as to why such “white supremacy” is always snuggled safely behind bars.

    • Do you see that picture as a white supremacist?

      • Only a small, entirely PHYSICAL remnant elicits thoughts of genuine white Supremacy (the idea of strength to persist). But even there, all aesthetics are out the window and the environment, not being the work of randomness, discounts the notion that this “white” man craves a true free will. There is, in jail bars, a desire for dependent and enabling relations of the degenerate kind.

      • Of course, it’s also a silly piece of liberal agit-prop, as you noted. But it is still effective because the masses are anti-white Supremacy BEFORE they are anything else IN THE PUBLIC SPHERE and that character represents “white supremacy.”

      • I see it, with my mind outfitted not in orange, but in camo.
        My body equipped in situational camouflage…
        Befitting whatever environment I move in

      • heh: better use spell check bro.
        the editing button with
        the checkmark & ABC
        written on it

  2. “So simple that millions of Mexican illegals can live this lifestyle for decades at a time.” In all fairness Ryu, no one is looking for the illegals. Shoot, they even buy houses-were doing it back in the 90s even. No comparison.

  3. These Agencies have a massive amount of infighting going on between them which can impact their ineffectiveness.

    Seen it happen.

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