Dr Chaos

by Ryu

There have so many martyrs and direct action activists that they are often forgotten. We don’t need anyone else to get caught or die.

Doc was a smart dude. He went after infrastructure, perhaps that’s why there’s very little written about his actions. He was able to cause some blackouts in Wisconsin. His activities and mindset indicate that he came from the liberal, anarchist side, not the right-wing, survivalist side. To my knowledge, he was not a racist.

I have tried to read between the lines and figure out where he went wrong. This can be hard as most articles are system biased. He formed a group called the Realm of Chaos and recruited some local teenagers. I feel direct action is a serious endeavor and that the vast majority of ……American teenagers today lack the proper seriousness/discipline for it. To make a good racist takes at least 3-5 years.

Somehow, the authorities found out he was storing potassium and sodium cyanide in a subway tunnel. His initial arrest was made after the authorities sat on a location and got him for trespassing. Given his level of experience, it is unlikely that he was witnessed in the past and highly likely that someone who betrayed him.

In America today, the smallest groups are the most successful. Groups of one are the best. Over and over again, we witness groups crack because of people problems.

Man is a social creature. He wants to work with other people. He wants to be recognized for good work and bravery. The system takes full advantage of these needs. The historical view is that law enforcement went from excellent police work to emphasizing infiltration starting in the 1960s. It’s been that way ever since.

6 Comments to “Dr Chaos”

  1. “Dalin must have whiffed the anarch in me, a man with no ties to state or society. Still, he was unable to sense an autonomy that puts up with these forces as objective facts but without recognizing them. What he lacked was a grounding in history.

    Opposition is collaboration; this was something from which Dalin, without realizing it, could not stay free. Basically, he damaged order less than he confirmed it. The emergence of the anarchic nihilist is like a goad that convinces society of its unity.

    The anarch, in contrast, not only recognizes society a priori as imperfect, he actually acknowledges it with that limitation. He is more or less repulsed by state and society, yet there are times and places in which the invisible harmony shimmers through the visible harmony. This is obviously chiefly in the work of art. In that case, one serves joyfully.”-Junger

  2. And many decades later we are beyond “men” with no society or state. We are beyond the anarchic nihilist. We have “men” with no state, no society, no race, no god, no sexual orientation. “Men” who passionately assert they are “women.” We are past anarchy and nihilism and liberation. Above us is a collective of radical autonomists; psychological chameleons able to dazzle the masses with memetic mind games.

  3. The most angry people are the most alienated. Groups of one may be the future.

  4. Uncle Beast punishes leftist bombers for attacking capitalist targets (like so-called polluters) to a lesser degree than their main targets: Rightist bombers targeting the MM, like Timmy McV.

    One is economic, the other political. This shows USG is is purely interested in its own power over both systems; only they may kill the either.

    Any successful attack exposes the MM’s weakness like an insurgent offensive in MuzzLand and must be snuffed out quickly.

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