Direct Action as a Business

by Ryu

Yes, a business. Something not done one or twice, but finding the profitable way of doing it, then repeating it thousands of times.

Something is wrong with the way wns do direct action. The overall homicide clearance rate in the USA is only 60%. High profile actions are too easily being solved.

Target selection is important. Not all cases and human lives are equal. Serial killers kill undesireables like ……transients, runaways and prostitutes – which partially explains why they have such long careers as a rule. Some populations attract less attention.

Method, motive, opportunity.

Politically motivated actions narrow the suspect list. This is a danger. The goal should be to avoid being on the suspect list. Many do not understand police procedures. All suspects will be questioned multiple times. Once, then in a week again, then in two weeks, again. Someone in the dark might think he’s hot, when this is just typical.

There’s no reason to let one’s political views be known. Do not be a known wn. Swim in the sea of people. The protection comes from being a part of the crowd. Privacy is power.

Actions and plans are being overcomplicated. Make it simple. With bomb and arson investigations, the complicated cases are easier to solve – because they require expertise. Nothing is harder to track than a simple match. The hardest homicides to work are the simple ones – a drug or alcohol involved dispute in a poor neighborhood.

There’s alot less action in direct action. It’s not an everyday thing, it may not be an every week thing. Serial killers take time off. Sometimes it’s a month, sometimes it’s years. Study those with very long careers like Kaczynski or the BTK killer and this becomes evident.

Success leaves clues, in every field. Do not reinvent the wheel. Learn from the mistakes of others.

15 Comments to “Direct Action as a Business”

  1. Watch some detective shows, like the real ones. I am shocked at what police do in interogations – namely lie their ass off and intimadate you ‘We are putting you away, we have so much on you!’ – to every single person.

  2. A coment that always stuck with me, because I didn’t know what they meant, was on a blog similar to this, someone commented something along the lines of that: ‘ the revolution would be led by cyptro-jew ex-special forces guys leading young men to drone missle death’
    The part that gets me is the crypto-jew, it makes me think, are all the ‘patriot’ SF guys, ACTIVE elements of jew control or just super brainwashed and cant see the real enemy or unwitting pawns…etc.
    Thoughts? Its something I could never shake, and as a result have distanced myself from a lot of the ex-sf guys I know.

    • I never understood the cj vocabulary.

      Notice coloreds have no such similar self-doubt; they just constantly break stuff and burn shit, consequences be damned.

      Jews have very, very little firsthand experience of Uncle Beast military operations because they avoid all physical danger; a jew in uniform is rare. So, most of what they know is only what they read. To jews, the entire military is nearly as great a mystery as jewish cabals are to us.

      One fears what one does not understand, which is why jews of the LN/MM expend so much effort sowing discord among White Supremacist groups. Coloreds just burn their own shit down.

    • The SP movement is heavily infiltrated. White men with guns scare the USG.

      Large public groups are bad news today, you know that. The smaller the group, the more successful. That’s why all the attacks that work are one man operations in the US.

      We have a few sympathizers in the SP. They confirm your suspicions. The Citadel in Idaho is almost certainly a trap.

      If interested, I recommend this site as a daily brief read. Just the headlines. You’ll see what they are about shortly.

    • The SP is mostly garbage, but it’s a step in one’s education. I think it’s something one has to pass through, even if only for curiousity’s sake.

  3. Just think if 10 million white males decided in mass to cut 1000 calories from their daily intake. Let’s say that 1000 is the worst of the lot and is equivalent to $5.00. So tomorrow, 10 million white males cut 1000 calories from their daily intake and individual recoup $5.00 a piece. 50 million RECOUPED. Over the next 365 days… 18.25 BILLION RECOUPED. $1825.00 per white male. AND THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN AN ACT of cutting calories. The gnarly food industry JUST LOST 18.25 BILLION from this simple business action.

    Now play with the numbers. Play with the idea of where little sums across a broad spectrum can be RECOUPED.

    5 dollars a head at 10 million strong = 18.25 billion worth of business WON OR LOST over the next year. The only question is where to strike and how much excess to trim?

    [ed note: fail. the excess food would be immediately consumed by welfare coloreds and shipped to their 3rd world colored MotherLands. sorry]

    • The numbers are impressive. I think getting 10 million white men to do anything would be difficult. But you’re right, finance is the key. Things are so touchy right now for the system that even losing a little income would have a dramatic effect.

    • Many a mosquito die from gorging too much blood…

    • It seems the editor missed my point… One can “make money” by simply cutting calories. The point being, “direct action business” should not confine itself to mainstream business “thought” and the simplistic ideas of selling a product or service, make a profit, grow… Blah, blah, blah.

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