The MINO Machine’s 27 Most Influential

by Firepower

This list of meeting attendees summoned to His Royal Court comes from CBS News – a rabidly pro-liberal nazi media ballwasher for Our Historic Black President.

Valerie Jarrett is one of the few historic personal appointees of Our Historic Black President. She holds real power, sidestepping the traditional job of Chief of Staff – a title itself created long ago to avoid Congressional oversight checking the intended powers of a Vice-President’s duties.

This is what your 0nce great nation looks like when ruled by MINOs.

STEM jobs are necessarily filled by white males. Affirmative Action hires risk harming important things like …… counting money, bombing Anti-Israel LN Enemies or protecting the health of the Elite’s heirs and mistresses.

What do you imagine Murka will look like in the foreseeable future during the next 30 years? Most don’t care. They’d rather post TDO/Obola Rants on AmRen with Lone Wolf Avatars…

So, without further ado, below is the compendium of MINOs – various feminists, coloreds and jews, with every possible combination imaginable in a hand of PC Race Poker:

The President
Eric Holder, Attorney General
Sylvia Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Services
Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Secretary
Amb. Samantha Power, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations (via video teleconference)
Valerie Jarrett, Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement
Susan Rice, National Security Advisor
Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
Neil Eggleston, Counsel to the President
John Holdren, Director of the Office of Science and Technology
Ron Klain, Ebola Response Coordinator
Thomas Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (via video teleconference)
Katie Fallon, Director of the Office of Legislative Affairs
Jennifer Palmieri, Director of Communications
Marisa Lago, Assistant Secretary for International Markets and Development, Treasury Department
Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease
Nancy Lindborg, Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance, U.S. Agency for International Development
Suzanne George, Chief of Staff of the National Security Council
Brian Egan, Deputy Counsel to the President
Rand Beers, Deputy Assistant to the President for Homeland Security
Jeffrey Prescott, Deputy National Security Advisor to the Vice President
Gayle Smith, Senior Director for Development and Democracy, National Security Council

MM Meeting: MINOs MINOs Everywhere


25 Comments to “The MINO Machine’s 27 Most Influential”

  1. You should have put what they are next to it, ie. feminist etc.

  2. “STEM jobs are necessarily filled by white males.”
    Because these jobs require things like results and efficiency.

    • Precisely.
      You never see colored airline pilots & CPAs.
      Still, anyone without STEM skills in our emerging Chinese Import Economy – colored or white – is doomed to a life of suffering.

      In the near future, growing Internet capabilities e-shift once-safe CPA & engineering jobs to India. Next comes Special Visas/Citizenship for Chinese Airline pilots and those STEM jobs.

      No, I am not an anti-STEMite lol

      • The problem with STEM jobs is that they are only prevalent, in any large number, in economies which actually produce things. Since the US no longer really produces anything, STEM jobs will mostly disappear. All that will be left are the equivalent of maintenance jobs to keep the imported tech running. The internet makes it faster/easier but even without it the results would be the same.

        Since Whites are the creators of the modern technological society, without us, it will cease to advance and eventually stagnate and die. Not that the Minos will care. They’ll got back to living in mud huts and be happy telling stories about a mystical land called America or Europe where white skinned wizards once lived. We’ll be the new Atlantis.

      • A noteworthy observation.
        It’s where I’ve noticed the Apple Predicament, where Murka instructs people the only way to success now is some phony, ginned-up entrepreneurship, but doesn’t tell them that means essentially having to Invent The Internet every damn day.

        So…the exceptionally blessed Jobs-Jobs & Zuckaboig Class rake in that profit, then rapidly outsource the original prototype jobs to China & India as mass-produced manufacturing jobs.

        It is why number of billionaires perpetually grow along with still larger growing numbers of poor:
        New York tops billionaire birth list

        As long as this business “model” continues enriching Today’s Murkan Robber Baron, it will continue unabated until the export foreigners discover how to eliminate all drains on their profits, also ultimately transferring all STEM jobs to 3rd World dictatorships as they did with low-skilled manufacturing jobs clicking iPods together.

        Fortress Manhattan & San Francisco will always serve as monied launchpads for the STEM set until those Murkans able to afford gizmos vanish into those mudhuts and a new Chinese middle-class emerges.

  3. Yet… The critical result of “black” rule found in all places and throughout all time is INCREASING “black” deprivation due to the onset of radical autonomy. Murka IS NO EXCEPTION and we haven’t even witnessed the full effect of true nigger rule.

  4. There is something to be said for a behemoth bureaucracy manned with a hundred million part-time “loyalists.”

  5. Who in WN is actually loyal? And to whom goes the benefit of their loyalty? What evidence proves such loyalty? If genuine white Supremacy is now verboten amongst WNist then what conception of loyalty can one even maintain?

    • Sadly, whites demonstrate they are mainly finished as a power, just the same as America itself has diminished: Whites are were America, each is inseparable from one another. So, the nation that comes after whites won’t be the same, but will be a “post-white america”.

      Loyalty isn’t even yet integral to a “movement” when all resistance amounts to “stern letters to the editor” and tweeeeetz.

      That’s not even including simpering Brandons without jobs who game all day and GENBrittneys obsessed with Kardashianism and fucking MINO bucks.

      The only (potential) future impetus will be when coloreds feel empowered enough by their amnesty-dispensing MINO LN rulers to attack white enclaves, igniting The Tri-Racial War.

      Bad news is, most whites, by then, will be completely useless so that “loyalty” once cherished won’t even be an issue…

  6. Each refusal to act makes further refusals easier. WN is unique because its success depends not on one, but what many do.

    We are limited by what everyone else does. It is like those old military movies where all the men line up. But only one man runs across the field. One man, not even a small group, can win it.

    I look at South Africa and wonder what the average white man thinks there. If anyone should fight back, it should be him. Yet he does not. What lies must he tell himself in order to live and work as if everything is normal?

    • Yes… But when one is speaking of a slumbering bureaucracy manned by incompetence and corruption par excellence then the refusal to act becomes the revolutionary art form.

  7. People will act when you promise them tangible rewards like loot, slaves, and women instead of abstract bullshit like “freedom”. Genghis Khan conquered half the world’s landmass with illiterate soldiers. Stop making this complicated people.

  8. I noticed there are about a dozen people on who regularly state politically incorrect truths, like about what happened in Ferguson.

    It’s extremely easy to create an account there, but any such comments are immediately and overwhelmingly downvoted by the hipsters frequenting the site.

    Still, that means a lot of people must be reading them.

    • I’ve been busy and unable to investigate Reddit as another growth outlet for Eradica’s authors works.

      1. Is it worth my time
      2. Are articles simple to post
      3. I’d like you to link Eradica’s articles there as a test-run

      • My impression is that Reddit is inhabited by pissed off gamer types. I have only gone there a few times and do not regularly visit.

        Eradica is a site for leaders. The best wn has to offer. Not just entertaining children. I don’t think the material will jive with them.

  9. Firepower, Manhattan isn’t for STEM wizards like San Francisco. I have more respect for the SF tech boys than the NYC charlatans, who only roll a dice and get to live like kings.

    • Yes, each district is a locale with a specialty class of Elite that creates differing regional cultures.

      Manhattan once was America’s leading manufacturing center until the mid-20th century; now it harbors manufacturing executives and financials, which depend on mathematical, automatic logarithmic computer investment programs. Lots of HQ ruler-types also choose it to swill down the DeLuxe Delights.

      Palo Alto, San Jose and SF propel their lords to its own most luxurious domiciles. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zuckaboig bought Coit Tower for his dog. SF is the choice of the Western Wealthiest.

      Hawaii offers the remotest, safest space for those seeking such protection. Often, the Ruling Elite has multiple dwellings in each Fortress City.

      It’s only the 1% – and more specifically, the 1/10th of the 1% that truly rule Murka now. There’s no need for 300 different Feudal Cities, just a few will do.

      You can always detect these Castle Cities by their programs to export “the homeless” elsewhere.

      • What is their plan for the homeless, once they have left?

        A homeless man will be homeless still when he leaves the big city. These men would form the nucleus of discontent. They have truly the least to lose of anyone.

      • Obama’s increasing rush to expand The Welfare State is constantly screamed at by NeoCon Media, but it’s merely an eyeball magnet for FOX, etc. It’s just bait.

        The FFL/MM actually have the resources necessary to fund Bread & Circus for decades. The 1% (and that crucial 1/10th of 1%) have the tax money needed to keep it going until all those remembering 1776 Civics Class America have passed – leaving only GENBrandons propagandized into surrendering dead grampa’s AR to Eric Holder’s Diversity SWATZIs because “MLK told them to!”

        Brazil did this successfully, so Murkan LNs are conferring with them to make it work here also.

        The homeless have no room in their shopping carts for AK-47s.

        Because we are raised white – with “common sense” – we cannot comprehend such crass stupidities without the passage of time and IRL experience: Yes, there are enough girls raised by feminists to populate the Porn Industry forty times over, and yes – there are enough bucks to fund The Welfare State until the MM decides a better way to maintain its stranglehold on True Power in the decaying future.

  10. Gaming was the last area free of liberal indoctrination which partially explains its popularity but even that’s changing. Unlike sports and television which worship the negro and white woman gaming protagonists are almost always white male. The whole “gamergate” drama proves that gamers unlike everyone else are actually capable of resisting liberalism. Whether that can translate into anything bigger and more radical is unlikely but nevertheless a positive sign.

    • What do you know about gamergate, Eradican?

      I’ve only skimmed it at ROK. Some feminist sleeps with a bunch of magazine moguls, who then give her an increase in career. Some dudes uncover this, then it’s censored. This is my impression.

      Seems to me the PUA and gamers are just getting a taste of what life is really like in Murka. We have lived with censorship for decades.

      • There are several small factor at play but when combined create something bigger. What you said is true but beyond that terms like social justice warriors are becoming mainstream. The corruption of media including gaming media has also become apparent. Unlike most daily outrage buzz the story hasn’t gone away and remains a major topic of interest. Gaming unlike most industries can’t antagonize white males and are very susceptible to boycotts. Feminists have also received backlash including death threats. Liberals are in panic over the harassment and intimidation they’ve received with their own tactics being deployed against them. They mistakenly believed they were going to score an easy victory.

  11. The only saving grace that Murka has, is that it becomes for sale to the oil magnates of Arabia or the Chinese Commies, who will take this country and turn it into their extension. They don’t take shit from the MINOs like we do.

    • Murka might fall but what’s to stop an aggressive and expansionist invader from enslaving and exterminating the colored population? Russian, Chinese, and Muzz conquerors will unleash savagery so brutal they’ll invent a new word to describe it.

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