Another Rooshie Thing

by Ryu

As some of you know, there is a PUA or a PU + travel (PUT) guy out there named Roosh. His big idea is to go about the world laying as many women as possible with the usual PU deal. He has done this in South America, Iceland, Denmark, Poland, and Eastern Europe.

Some white nationalists learned of this and let the Aryan world know, posting on Stormfront:

The result and for those who are interested, Roosh’s spin. Discussion specifically about the skins begins on page 2:

“Last thing to say is that there is a semi-organized movement to get me deported from Estonia. I am being tracked on…… Reddit and Couchsurfing threads and there is even a website that has put up my picture and provided the numbers to the police forces in both Tartu and Tallinn, urging visitors to call (many did), like I was some sort of serial killer fugitive. I was also written about on Stormfront, the main forum for neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

I’ve confirmed that most of my Estonian haters (more like stalkers) are men and not feminists. They did everything they can to prevent me from banging Estonia, sending their emails and warnings. The climax was when the police pulled me out of a club one night, a story I will share in future. They forced me to adopt a lower profile, but in the end I successfully completed my research and stayed longer than I had planned. This data sheet is dedicated to all of them, a victory over censorship, xenophobes, and racists. I (and we) won’t be stopped.”

Here is a site in Estonian and it’s translation:

Roosh is not white. If you read “Bang” and his blog with care, you will learn that he is middle eastern with strong sympathies with his people. More than mixing, it is his attitude and that he will leave these women worse than he found which that makes the crime. He does not wish well for us and is not a friend of the white race. If he wishes to despoil and deflower, then let him go to the middle east and run amok.

My interests are the interests of the white race. The only import of PU and the MRM is helping white men grow a spine again. Obsession with unproductive sex and legal injustices are secondary for a dying race. It is good to see that WNs are aware of PU. There is some gold in the topic and there are profits to be had. It’s also good to see white Estonians working together toward a goal.

I’m not so much interested in white knighting for white women. More intriguing is the fact that the international white community is beginning to look after its own interests. Once white men can stand up to the greater dangers of blacks, jews and multiculturalists, the problems of feminism fade away. Both evils are the result of our own inaction.

To the racists, xenophobes and haters of the world – “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

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48 Comments to “Another Rooshie Thing”

  1. The further east you go in white countries, the more one encounters clannishness, racism, and violence. Eastern Europeans/Slavs have their problems (tobacco, alcoholism, corruption), but they don’t approach the ruinous quality of self-destructive liberalism their western brothers have adopted.

    Fighting isn’t a serious crime in those countries (the police will laugh at anyone who calls them over it), and neo-Nazis/skinheads are more socially acceptable there than anywhere else in the world (odd considering what Hitler thought of the Slavs, but whatever). WN’s acting as WN’s have much more freedom in former-USSR countries than elsewhere in the world.

  2. Someone once said there are only two races of men those who get laid and those who don’t.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with pua, it saved my ass from when I was getting rocked by a BPD feminist whore using me, and started opening ym eyes, but I am well aware its a hedonistic pleasure that leaves white girls worse than they already were.

    • It is no more your duty to
      “Leave her better than you found her!!!”
      …Than it is a female’s duty to tutor and graduate you into a similar
      Online Life Self-Improvement course

      People either accept you or they do not.
      Give up that well-intentioned Y2K mantra of
      The self-professed Sexual Self-Help MPUAG

    • PU and WN are both part of the red pill they speak of. PU is the usual starting point.

      • Both are alike because they are valid processes of awakening from huge social lies. Yet as we’ve seen, pua rarely leads to wn, while wn potentially leads to pua.

        It’s like in:

        klan-types hate all coloreds – but not feminists.
        People who live near the black may hate them, but not jews, feminists or even miggers.
        Those living near the mex border may hate only miggers and not coloreds, jews or feminists.
        MURMz only hate females and rarely any other MINOs.

        This “selective eradication” of the so-called Right is its worst flaw, unlike the FFOL with its common, uniting enemy they all want eradicated: Whites – and specifically – white males. This is the central core value and strength of the FFL.

        TIP: Tell who’s allied with you – and worth effort – by noting how many of the FFOL they want eradicated.

  4. The other side of White Knighting is making demands of women. Like cover your hair in public, dress modestly but attractively, learn useful feminine skills and produce sons.

    [ed note: lol. have you SEEN – or talked to – any bitch under 30? wake up]

    • that was a shot at Erin Gaede

    • What if I told you I wear a skirt or dress EVERY day and encourage other ladies to do the same? Because it’s the truth. My best friend does the same. You assume I’m a feminist and traitor park person and that my last name is Gaede??? Seriously?

      • Oh, you are speaking of April Gaede aren’t you? Is THAT why you guys hate me or do you just hate all women? Ryu knows who and what I am.

        I guess some day I’ll stop posting. I had this crazy idea that I had something to offer but now I realize that among other things we have a case of mistaken identity going on.

        I’m NOT a feminist and I have learned almost everything valuable from MEN.

        [ed note: personally, i dont know who either of you are – and never need an excuse to let me off the hood to hate anybody]

      • Everyone has complaints. White women have very legitimate complaints.

        They should be demanding that white men do something. White men have not defended their women, and men know women cannot defend themselves.

        [ednote: remember most white females mating with MINOs are not raped by coloreds, but do so of their own free will – a core tenet of the USA crossing all racial/ethnic lines]

        A woman has to be told what she wants – and make no mistake, the USG told women in this way. The USG has no tolerance or use for “strong independent women.” Most American women who think themselves independent have submitted totally to the USG.

        I am embarrassed and shamed by the behavior of many white men. Why aren’t white men strong enough to demand, and take what they want, rather than begging permission? The best men on Earth, the Muzz, can do it. And I salute them for it.

      • Women have no free will, FP. That desire was put into them.

        They are herd creatures. This is a core tenant of PU. This is why I could social proof by walking into a room with a beautiful woman, then all the other women want me. PU teaches us to regard people as automations who respond to stimuli.

        Few people have free will. Mostly it is a limited freedom to choose McDonalds or Burker King. Free – free to chose what they believe in, who they are, free from their own mind. Only a free man can be a turrist or nationalist. Normal men cannot fight back against the system. It’s about having your own set of rules.

        I like Thordaddy’s radical liberation concept. Total freedom is what God has. Manson is the only free man who I’ve ever seen, maybe bin Laden comes close. Controlled insanity.

      • @ryu: congrats on another provocative, blockbuster post

        Say females have no free will: Even pretending as if they have it causes the same problems. Same with niggs & miggs

        God only has the level of freedom Mankind allows him.
        When Xtian man delineates god, god may only come down and die on a cross.
        When Muzz man delineates god, man says god may order man to kill infidels, etc.

        Western thought states God is so powerful, he can even stonily ignore the screams of the suffering for eons and never do a thing about it.
        So, that’s why they accept the status quo.

        There is your freedom in totality.

      • But do you cover your hair.

      • When I go to Mass I do but I do not otherwise. I will consider this though. What do you think it would accomplish? Just wondering.

      • @Ryu Women need to demand….Ryu you are putting the responsibility on the very frail soldiers of women-a losing proposition.
        The other day Ryu a mutual acquaintance of ours said White men WOULD rise up but they can’t because the women won’t let them. I said, if you have to ask permission from women , you aren’t men anymore.

        I didn’t read it for myself but heard somewhere that David Lane said young White women by White men would be captured when the war starts. My friend went on to say that if he kidnapped a woman he would be kind to her and make her love him…but maybe he just said that because he wanted to lessen the shock of what he had just told me.

        I’m not promoting any of these things but it seems yo me that this is the way it will play out. Frustrated White men, finally getting what they want and not asking permission.

      • Yes, I know that book well. KD Rebel. It is the only wn fiction which deals with feminism.

      • Ryu…

        No female free will = no PUA = cheerleader with skirt above ears…

      • There is no art in impaling malfunctioning A.I.

  5. In case nobody has noticed, a lot of this feminist hysteria about rape and violence is that young White women are feeling really scared and desperately seeking protection in an increasingly violent and nonwhite world.

    The Fed Gov has treated its White female clients pretty badly and they don’t have a Plan C.

    • Most rapin’ is done by black bucks and migger hombres – to dumb white poontang indoctrinated to submit by their Feminist GOV School Teachaz.

      Second place goes to colored thugs rapin’ their colored harem as they simply participate in the natural animalistic courtship ritual of coloreds…

    • The USG is a niggardly master. They’ll give, but not much. Think of the soldiers who kill for 2K per month, then have to drive the beer truck when they return to Murka. The blacks will find this out after whitey is done.

      White women will have to cast their die either with the USG, or with white men. With the USG, they’ll have to sleep with and produce children for minos. And no woman respects a weak man,m which is why the top female models chose minos more and more.

    • If you think the rape ‘epidemic’ is because women are ‘more scared’ you got a lot of learning to do.
      Its about perpetuating an endless victim mentality to exploit.

  6. I’m not holding my breath on “Bang Afganistan”. Even with the LGBt US military imbedded there for over a decade, “feminism” is still an unknown concept. I salute them.

    Illness: Leftism
    Symptom: Feminism
    Parasite: PUT

  7. These fellas in Estonia aren’t playing this the right way.

    The Roosh legacy is clear. One hundred percent mortality rate for all miscegenated roosh spawn. Ergo, the “white” females he banged ARE/WERE more radical than him. This is an aggregate view. This assumes Roosh was relentless and not a practitioner of “safe sex.” Since the debate revolves around who used who, the metric cannot simply be the fact of the nasty being done. Many of these “white” females were in search of a symbiotic regression. A search for pleasurable acts of self-annihilation. Many, if Roosh is what he says he is, found in Roosh’s “liberation” a final sacrifice culminating in a validated act of self-annihilation/disposal of mini-Roosh.

    • Subsequently, a prolific PUA status + 100% mortality rate = no imperial intent…

      This fact alone makes Roosh lesser from all perspectives..

      And because the “white” females don’t go full assimilation… Then it is fun all around. There is no player and played when all the imaginary internet inspired smoke is cleared.

    • There’s no assurance all rooshspawn were hoovered; even Mystery The Great got a nasty britti surprise from a limey stripper who pumped one out perhaps in hopes of striking at those Hidden Million$ – and a crack at Murkan citizenship.

      Scientifically, it indeed matters little if there’s no miscegenated birth, but it still bothers Whites emotionally that the mere act itself occurred. One cannot extract all emotion from humans so therefore, it does play a part.

      • The Roosh phenomenon was/is a “divide and conquer” internet campaign waged against the alt-rite. The goal is/was to propagandize the convert class out of its natural distaste for miscegenation and to be lured by a lifestyle of radical sexual autonomy… Homo-sexuality for the mass of losers…

        But at the same time… Roosh is his own creation. A PUA with no imperial intent and a 100% mortality rate to prove it. THIS IS CONTEMPTIBLE by all manly standards IRREGARDLESS of race. This is what makes the modern “black” male so contemptible. He has no imperial intent. It’s radical sexual autonomy all the way through. The convert class is to don skirts and pom poms in play frenzied spectator where there is no player and no one being played. There is symbiotic regression and exaltation of the homo-sexual lifestyle.

      • The primary complexity of roosh is not so significant. His goal is simply to cash in on the growing herd of Brandons growing ever wussier as even the Brittnis grow ever more vulgar.

        He attempts to put a rein on the dichotomy of the LN indoctrination inculcated into Millenials at GOVSchool: They are led down the primrose path to believe coloreds are owed a debt and Womyns are oppressed and it is all their fault. But, when they leave the LN Academy they discover coloreds get hired first and women can slap them around and they can’t do shit. Inside the MM Coven, they are taught they are Special Snowflakes but when they hatch they “feel” they are worthless.

        Even a lobotomized Brandon senses this discrepancy, so rooshi gives him the keys to rub his dick on it in a fantastical, comic-book style they appreciate: Titty Travelogues to places they will never go. Magical adventures of Their Hero spoon-fed them in the safety of their parents’ suburban hovel.

        It’s no phenomenon, it’s a guy with average intelligence capitalizing on a multitude of morons.
        There is no such thing as “dark enlightenment” for only those still in half-darkness imagine there is anything other than true enlightenment – just as there always was. There is only enlightenment, basic and irrefutable.

        The proof is that enlightenment ignites rapid expansion of progress, while putative “dark enlightenment” has only spawned griping of the online sort: TDO, etc.

        If this was an enlightenment of any sort – dark or toasty – you’d see it. Not just rooissy writing about it for the 450th time on his blog for 8 years.

  8. It’s crazy how the alt-rite maintains the ability of Liberalism to fashion reality, yet, simultaneously “it” believes it can fashion movements of “men” out of thin air with technological flare and then feign disbelief that anyone might see such movements as merely “white” male liberation movements…


    Within the alt-rite and encompassing all parallel movements are two fundamental “principles:”

    The “right” to “f$&k, screw, love” whomever one pleases… Including one’s self… (PUA, MRM, liberal “Christian,” jihad, etc.)

    The “right” to self-annihilate… (Dark enlightenment, transhumanist, nerd, homosexual, jihad, etc.)

    All individuals outside genuine white Supremacy believe in one or both of the above and these beliefs cross from far left to far right… The alt-rite has sycophants firmly entrenched in both camps as radical sexual autonomists in the first “principle” and full on nihilists in the second “principle.”

    PS In Post-Liberalism, “principle” = anti-principle… Meaning, the “right” to “love” whomever you please and the “right” to self-annihilate can’t be principles in truth. These “rights” are in fact anti-principles. To believe in these “things” is to destroy all notions of principle.

    • So TDaddy,you are saying we should all be imperialists and what does that mean on a practical level?

      • No… I’m saying that if one is going to publicize his miscegenating ways then he should at least give the perception that he is motivated by imperial intent and not just racially degrading “fun.”

        The criticism of Roosh should not just be his miscegenating ways, but his miscegenating for fun and no other intent, imperial or otherwise.

      • Fun is the lingua franca of Millenials. It is all that they’re about. So, expecting rooshi to speak to them with deeper political acumen would be like trying to explain tuna to cats.

        rooshi avoids “imperial intent” as his reason not because it is a well-kept secret, but because he has no deeper intent than racially degrading “fun.”

      • Exactly… But there is no “victim” either… There is only a “white” female who desires racially degrading fun, also.

        Ergo, there is no real pick up artistry to be found. There is symbiotic regression. It’s like two gluttonous parasites feeding off each other and neither one recognizing that they are equally wasting away.

      • Indeed, rooshi’s central gimmick is wowing an audience of gullible Justins into believing Social Proofing bitches with his flashy clothes & jewelry (and dangling That Murkan Citizenship) is somehow “game”.

        It is a trick played on a pig by another pig. This also applies to rooshi’s “game” run on stupid foreign white females.

        Millenial Brandonite cannibalism is the swiftest progression to a fresh start once the morons eat each other. It’s an idiot eradication Multiplier Effect.

        Coloreds will attack faggots because they intrinsically hate them. The Migger will attack the black for the same reason: It is these natural fractures The New Nationalist must exploit in TOTE. It is practically their only weakness.

  9. @ Firepower

    Everything you described is a symptom of bourgeois decadence. In a bourgeois democracy “raising awareness” works unless the problem is the bourgeois class itself. Since the material considerations are different than a hundred years ago being non-racist, non-sexist, and non-homophobic are the modern signs of class, status, and wealth. Things will only change when a new class seizes power and rivers of bourgeois blood flow like they did in Russia/China.

    • And ‘when’ would this occur? The controls on power are much more careful this time around.

    • Communists always forget about the French Revolution – and even Cuba’s.

      You’re likely correct, but the problem is by the time your new class seizes power it will be a degenerated, illiterate rabble of Morlocks conquering the useless ruins of a fallen society. You’ll also be 157 years old; that may actually work out well.

      • Exactly… Under our “default elite” is a mass of self-annihilators… Not the usual stuff of revolution.

        [ed note: definitely not the stuff of national revolution, but worse: it is the stuff of national collapse]

  10. I focus on 20th century revolutions because they’re relevant to the modern era. We can learn far more from them than a period with wigs and muskets. Victory ultimately depends on struggle and risk. With danger also comes opportunity. How far will you raise the stakes? To the victor go the spoils even in a “fallen society” there is order and hierarchy with someone owning the loot, land, slaves, and women.

  11. In the European countries I lived immigrant males were at liberty to mass copulate with native females, but their culture made damn sure the local Causasian males kept their hands off immigrant females. In some cases these were sent back to their originating lands to be married off.

    • That shows you clearly – with no sugarcoated lies – who truly has The Power; it is NOT the native whites.

      Native whites are a vast majority over colored miggers yet they are impotent. That should speak volumes.

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