Eric Rudoph’s Website

by Ryu

It is rare that any direct action activist is allowed to communicate to the outside world after he is caught. Thus, everything that he learned is lost and the mistakes of the past are repeated.

His writing on Supermax is particularly instructive:
“Generally, guards are recruited from…… small town working class people, or from inner-city minorities. It’s a job that pays better than WAL-MART, and that is the only reason they do it. Your typical bull did a hitch in the military. Rather than take a job at WAL-MART after his discharge, he took a few corrections classes down at the local community college and got on with the BOP. After a little night school, some bulls move on to become suits, but most administrators had a little college before coming to work for the BOP.”

2 Comments to “Eric Rudoph’s Website”

  1. Government employees receive a lot of flack and rightfully so but having a state job only became desirable recently. For the past couple decades the private sector including crappy WAL-MART jobs were far more lucrative providing opportunities for advancement to almost anyone. Little to no job security, downward mobility, no retirement, and crummy McJobs are a mostly 21st century phenomena.

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