by Ryu

Speed, surprise, violence of action – which is most important?

Surprise. Because when a man is genuinely surprised, he cannot fight back for a few seconds. This is why SWAT yells and screams when they breach, to promote surprise and confusion.

It’s a strange thing. A man spends 4 years learning PU and becoming strong. Then he spends the next 4 years becoming a nationalist, and must learn to disguise his strength. A wn’s greatest defense is being able to swim in the sea of people.

Become sneakier. See if you can move without ……sounding. Try to be invisible and unmemorable in plain sight, the grey man. It takes a great skill to do this well and not seek credit.

The predictable man is vunerable to the use of force spectrum. For every increase in resistance, the police can increase their response. The only way to beat it is by instantly going from compliant to verbal orders to deadly.

We have wns who train MMA and the consensus is that one could spend his entire life in the area. The goal for most isn’t to become an expert fighter, but to become good enough and move on to other things. The revolution is won in the streets, not the cage.

10 Comments to “Creeping”

  1. Did MMA in my youth for about 4 years, pretty real stuff. However I am reminded of some quote I saw online that the combined beatings you take in MMA are far greater than any you’ll suffer on the street if you never did anything- kind of a pithy truth.

    • The MMA industry is a sign of decadence and decay. It is a weeding out process not so different from military recruitment. The trick is in redefining mental degradation and physical breakdown as “manly” things to do. In reality, one is lured away from the battle that most matters (locally… Where one’s autonomy is always at stake), relocated to a phony or exaggerated battle, and then sent back to the primary battlefield broken and demoralized as planned.

      Train to fight… By yourself… Auto-didactically… Injury = death in a real jungle. No practice will ever equal the real thing. But mainly, learn how to calmly breath when others have let the adrenaline get the best of them.

    • I’m curious. How many joined for sport, how many joined to learn how to kill and injure other people?

      I find MMA to be a young man’s sport. One cannot do it his entire life. In this, it is like American football, basketball, and most sports. Out of the game by 40.

      In the military, we are taught to NOT seek a fair fight. Never. Lie, cheat, steal, bring a weapon, do whatever necessary to win. This is very different from a martial artist.

      How many would be able to give the issues we give with the US military and police? That violence is great!…when a uniform or flag does it. Only unauthorized violence is illegal. Particularly, I’d like to hear this from the shills who sell MA to the USG.

      • Have you ever heard of Tacfit Ryu? I think it is a good program for the 30+ crowd to stay in shape and injury free.

      • Ha ha! Woooo!

        I can buy the same training system that American LEOs use? But I want to build my muscles, not my ego. All I see is the new rage of magical technologies; cops follow trends as sheepishly as any American football fan. I recognize those form advertisements from the PUAs 10 years back.

        Tactical WN: “The ultimate workout for the ELITE warfighters…defending YOUR freedoms.”

        I found the right way a few years ago. This man is 57 yo.

      • Well, understand I am under NO disillusion that most ‘martial’ arts are jokes, and even a lot of MMA is geared for 1v1 ring fighting.

        The mma I took was more like ‘kick the crotch, punch the neck’ kind of street fighting.

      • I’d pay to take a class from Manson, BTK or the Zodiac. They were all more deadly than any pro MMA fighter.

  2. It’s a common tactic in use by the homeless population. “Sir, where is X?” and he’s just moved ten feet closer. I study them. They’re a different breed than back East. Craftier, more aggressive, etc. I’ve seen women in nice clothes with cardboard signs by the highway. Honeypots? Whores? Bait? The lumpenproles are an insurgency lying in wait.

    • I knew a South American woman who did that. She could turn on the tears on a dime. She admitted to being lazy and I guess she felt like the rich owed her something. She found a handsome White alcoholic man to hang out with that mooches Off HER. Poetic justice.

  3. In role playing games the rogue character is different than the front line warrior or support mage. He strikes with sneak attacks doing massive damage but is otherwise a glass cannon. A sniper also shares the same strengths and weaknesses.

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