The Gathering Approaches

by Ryu

All thinking white men must eventually find their way to us.

Many young white men have told me their problems. Often I already know their stories. All of their parents had some horrible divorce, initiated by the woman. At school, the minos get away with everything. While they don’t like the direction things are going, they feel a “hope” that America can still be saved. A few still believe that if only they work and study hard enough, they can have the American dream.

A mino cannot speak well on how a white man should live. They do not have our problems. While America is hell for the white man, it is now heaven for anything non-white, non-male, or non-straight.

The true revolutionary class in this country is poor and middle class white men. As the middle class is squeezed, its members will become either…… poor or rich themselves, most likely poor. White men will understand this if you shove it in their face. Being a good little slave boy will not work.

I have read the work of the FBI’s best profilers. If you read them backwards and stand on your head, they show you where to find revolutionaries.

The FBI has proven that men with good jobs, who are social, in sexual relations with a woman, and with a family, will tend to play it straight. Criminals tend to be asocial, asexual, work a shitty job, have no future, and are angry. America now produces such men in quantity. This is perfect for us.

All roads lead to wn, and the strongest form of wn must dominate. Extreme views “contain” moderate views.

The progression is linear:

  • PU leads to the MRM,
  • Then to the survivalist/patriot community and…
  • On to WN
  • Then WN leads to revolution or mysticism

There is no going backwards or stopping once one has begun. This is the meaning of the phrase “stakes are always going up in wn.”

Take what is yours. All white men in America work for us. They may not know it yet, but any free white man who wishes to live must find his way to us. The only alternative is to work against their racial interests and keep their mouth shut for the system. That will only work so long.

20 Comments to “The Gathering Approaches”

  1. You will see (as those children you describe)
    That a True Man is defined
    By the dawning progression
    Of new enemies he discovers

  2. I love this post as it is so true. As men see that politics don’t work (if you start winning they gun you down, like in Greece) and that speech is only free if you say the right things, they will come to the only logical conclusion.

    Ps. I hope you will grant silly women the same sympathy you do currently still ignorant men. The brainwashing has been very effective on both genders.

    • Speech is only free is you arent blaming the jews or questioning feminism or ‘racism’.

      • Yes…

        But realize that you are writing in the passive liberal voice…

        In OTHER words…

        Jew = archetype ethnic self-annihilator

        “feminism” = devout dyke movement

        “racism” = white Supremacy…

        So that when one engages the liberationist on such accommodating terms, it is as though there were in invisible fig leaf exchange.

        Think for example of the Japanese scientist who got called out on his “racism?” What was actually STATED was, “Japanese man, DO NOT BEA like white Supremacist.”

        Think of the Jew. Conventional wisdom has Jew as genocider, but true parasites are self-annihilators. Parasites don’t kill the host. Parasites gorge themselves to death.

        And “feminism” has not a discernible scintilla of femininity within. IN FACT, “feminism” the purposeful movement to destroy Femininity.

      • Free speech never existed it’s always been a bourgeois myth.

  3. What do you guys recommend for jobs/money? Espeically in this extended econ decline/collapse where being a white male is a handicap, how can I make some cash to eventually do something like buy land etc.?

    • In general, one can make money legitimately, or illegitimately. With USG permission, or without.

      In making money, one can earn it, steal it, or print it.

      All of the great threats to the USG – the cartels, ISIS, Taliban – all do it illegitimately. One can only steal or print money if one is the state itself.

      It depends upon your risk tolerance, how you’d like to live your life, what you want. Most of the well paid earning jobs support and prop up the system – doctors, lawyers, engineers. They keep the system going.

      Buying land in the USA is expensive. If it has trees, a view, animals, water, it will cost. The only cheap land is shit land that no one wants to live on.

      I have a survivalist book, Rancho Costa Nada, about a man who lives out in the desert. Bought 10 acres for 300 US. I can send it to you if you’d like. The land kind of looks like this:

      • I have somewhat considered going back to school to become a Physician Assiatant, but it kind of disgusts me to go so hard into the system, but I am making shit at this point in my life.

      • Ah, a PA. Takes 4 years doesn’t it? My dream job would be a professional nationalist, being paid to do this.

        You want the money? There’s a nationalist who’s into the stock market. Maybe he’d show you the biz, get your feet wet.

        Rather than thinking of a job, think of the kind of hours you want to work, the stress you’ll feel, and the money you want to make. It’s a matter of optimizing. Anyone can work any job. All jobs require skill.

        Some people have great jobs today!…but that’s all they have.

        Think about life. It’s not all youth. The body slows down with age. With that decay, a decay in will but one can see further. What do you want your contribution to be?

      • ER…

        First, think “break-even” economics = perpetuation and understand that small business profit is the caviar on Uncle Beast’s Revenue Menu. With that profit, small business MUST TAKE FURTHER business action BEYOND his normal range of business. So in this profit is the subtle coerciveness to extend small business man beyond his capability (he must hide, spend or reinvest profit or Uncle Beast feasts). So the average person starts a small business with the primary goal of profiting, i.e., growing. This appears to him to be equivalent to perpetuating where profiting = growing = perpetuation. In reality, small business is propagandized into moving beyond its capability AND THUS more apt to surrender future ALL PROFITS to Uncle Beast.

        “Break-even” economics IS perpetuating economics. The primary goal in “break-even” economics is perpetuation (surviving Uncle Beast) and not profit (feeding Uncle Beast). Clearly, WNs have a vested interest in “break-even” economics and should refuse to serve up Uncle Beast a continuous buffet of caviar.

      • ^^^ In reality, small business is propagandized into moving beyond its capability AND THUS more apt to surrender future ALL [future] PROFITS to Uncle Beast.

      • “Buying land in the USA is expensive. If it has trees, a view, animals, water, it will cost. The only cheap land is shit land that no one wants to live on. I have a survivalist book, Rancho Costa Nada, about a man who lives out in the desert. Bought 10 acres for 300 US. “

        I hope that you don’t mind if I post on such an old topic Ryu? The Rancho Costa Nada book is one of my favorites. And you’re right, after the mass exodus of the LN’s (After they voted democrat to fuck those areas up) to all the western states that had land that was worth owning, the only cheap land now is junk land. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, since the LN’s would rarely ever consider these areas, they’re generally void of these types. As long as you’re within a reasonable distance to haul water, say 5 miles or less, you could make a go of it. The money that you save from not purchasing the much higher priced land, and punching the $20k well, will set you up with a first class cistern at a fraction of the cost.

        Garlington, the author of Rancho, got the land cheaper than most, so expect to pay more, but it’s still reasonable considering. I paid $2200 for 2.5 acres of desert land in Nevada. Another excellent and similar publication, originally published through the now defunct Loompanics, is “Travel-Trailer Homesteading Under $5,000”, by Brian Kelling. Though it’s out of print now, you can still find copies out there.

      • I don’t mind at all. I like that book also. I think he bought his land in the 80s or early 90s, during a tax sale. I’ll look into that travel-trailer book.

    • What do you guys recommend for jobs/money?

      The Grey Economy. The black market.
      Whatever doesn’t demand paying taxes to Uncle Beast

      The State steals, cheats, counterfeits its own bills and murders. Honor it as you please.

  4. Ryu…

    Don’t take this as a critique, but as an exacting. The true conversion class are “white” male liberals. I would suggest that “white man” no longer be recognized as a designated class. One is “white” male liberal or genuine white Supremacy, i.e., de facto white man… Er, one fully awaken to both the true meaning of “white” and “man.”

  5. Also don’t forget the effects of jesus-judeo-christianity, tolerance, turning the other cheek, loving your enemy, giving to the poor. Proto-WN also go through the conservative phase where they look to old traditions like christianity that USED to be the white mans religion. The process to realise jesus-christianity is NO LONGER a white mans religion is a very difficult step to make, and that its values cause a multicultural society that will over run whites!

  6. More and more people will save money by skipping on Obamacare, though techniclly it wont be their choice. This will further raise premiums during president Hillarys and Stewarts terms. Why pay 300 bucks a month so you can be kept alive as an incontinent zombie in a nursing home.

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