MINO Machine: Obamacare Creator

by Firepower

If it seems like every big shot in BIGov is now a MINO… umm, it’s because it is.

They are so rife, I could cop-out and make the entire publication schedule for Eradica devoted to documenting just their proliferation. (If the words are too big, borrow a dictionary from your neighbor in the trailerpark).

Jonathan Gruber designed ObamaCare.  He is Hahvahd Graduate Elite. He “teaches” at yet another Ivy League university (MIT) and spreads his …… LN Propaganda there in the FFOL Government Education Phalange…He is also (ta-dah!) a jew. His co-conspirator and co-author is Ezekiel Emanuel: One guess as to his race.

The arising power of the LN stems from deliberately concealed operatives in government; those skipping Congressional approval, oversight and responsibility. These type of czars are not officially part of LN MM Regimes so they escape all scrutiny. The clearest examples are jew Ebola Czar Ron Klain and all-powerful Iago-ette to Our Historic Black President: Twofer colored feminist, Valerie Jarrett – who rules with supreme power.

The video also latently describes That Secret Jew Stuff practiced by those we know pull the strings. He learned this at the knee of daddy who learned from gramps, while NRA Whites learned how to snap to attention and squirt a few every time the first strings of the Star-Spangled Banner play. Jews make are 3% of the Murkan population; discounting those that are too old or young makes them 1.5% and they are 55% of the USG who rule 320 million fools.

The MM LN have grown so powerful they no longer need hide their agenda; they now speak it out loud.

What we glean from this is:

  1. Voters are stupid
  2. Honest transparency is stupid
  3. Don’t be transparent: Always be deceptive

I explained the obverse tactical fundamentals of this to you last August in:

Lie To Power (eradica.wordpress.com)

55 Comments to “MINO Machine: Obamacare Creator”

  1. I suspected he was a jew when I first heard of this story that he said “the voters are stupid” (lol, all the outrage about this statement confirms the story). I spent about 10 minutes doing some basic on-line research on this – it seems as if all records/accounts of his being a jew has been scrubbed or hidden on-line. Usually it’s relatively easy to learn if someone is a jew. Seems like in his case there has been an effort to keep this hidden.

    • As exposers of embarrassing, hidden and undeniable fact proliferate [like me], the actuality of True MINOism becomes difficult for the LN/FFL to explain.

      I create these posts for readers to spread: Ask all your associates & family to simply explain how 1.5% of the entire US population accounts for 100% of ObamaCare creators.

      Ask them how jews (at 1.5% of the population) comprise such a disproportionate number of policy-making positions of the Ruling Class that govern their everyday life.

      The newly clicking gears in their little heads will create in their own imaginations far more impact than futile, foaming Niggerspickiking from a trillion trailerpark nazis.

  2. Don’t you know they are just good at managing money?

  3. That nose and skin color give him away.

    In my neck of the woods there are a lot of these wealthy darker “whites”. I used to assume they were Italians or light skinned Hispanics but I know better now.

  4. He is right! Murkans are a bunch of imbiciles, jews run circles around proud Murkans.

  5. Please explain “LN.”

  6. You could create a site just publishing pictures and bios proving that the LN state is real. It could be a new NAJ or TDO trend! Of course, there’s no pointing a dead horse, but the unconvinced need constant repetition.

    [ed note: i wanted our former Eradica author (i forgot his name) from the UK to do that, but when i disagreed with one of his positions, he took his pudding-filled diaper back to his mum and quit: the faggot]

    • This reoccurring theme is indeed getting repetitive and stale but drama makes me tingle. What was the disagreement about? Did he really quit or did you fire him instead? Speaking of comrades whatever happened to jenibear?

      [she’s around. That Quitter simply…quit. thats like stalin going back to the seminary bc a comrade didnt like his moustache. a real tough lot, those britis]

      • A lot of WNs have rabbit in their blood, Eradican.

        Disagreement is a part of working in groups. Some just can’t take it. Teamwork requires compromise – it does everywhere else, why wouldn’t it be true in WN?

        Some people leave very easily. Sort of a no fault divorce for wns. You need a pile of guts and thick skin to be a nationalist.

      • That’s because WN = radical “white” liberationist…

        The failure to progress LOGICALLY to genuine white Supremacy…

        Indicates WN to be a CLOAK…

        A front perceived to maximize one’s autonomy. Ergo, WN is the path to radical liberation.

  7. Future reference: MIT is not an Ivy.

    • fuck off
      along with every other 1st comment dick who thinks it smarmy-smart to bypass 1000 posts and drop a lump of moron-shit critique and make their very same first comment a “teaching moment”

      hope my 1st Reply to your comment is as equally appreciated. retard

      • “Ivy League” means something very specific. It’s an eight school athletic conference and is not a synonym for “prestitious college.”

        [ed note: “Liberal” also once meant “freedom from BIGov”. Manners once meant not making your first introduction/impression a gripe about the host’s accent..]

      • I don’t detect malice in what he said but yeah comments like that can come across as snarky.

        [ed note: when a first comment is of the gripe sort the intent is clear]

  8. Yes, he’s a Jew and an elitist douchebag. It’s a damn shame that these upper middle class Socialists who brought their baggage from Russia are overrepresented in positions of power. Sometimes I really understand where you’re coming from. But I don’t think you can lump in all Jews. Thanks for letting me drop in w/ my two cents.

    • This NAWALT-type observation falls squarely into a NAJALT example.

      If you are wise enough to discover Eradica, you are also wise enough to understand the use of generalities.

      For example:
      1. What percentage of jews do you think are Krauthammer or Ben Stein?
      2. What percentage do they make up in comparison to the Spielbergs and Gruber types?
      3. What is the comparative percentage of both these political views?

      I know “not all liberals are evil”
      but would you spare eradicating this enemy
      on account of the standard 2% exception…(?)

      That’s the same as believing Pat Tillman makes every famous athlete a potential War Hero chomping at the bit to enlist to get himself smeared over a hillside by Friendly Fire.

      • Thanks for your response. Maybe it’s something in my genetic makeup that fears being rounded up and shot for who I am rather than what I believe that makes me a little anxious.

        I get what you’re saying about generalities. It’s probably fair to say that I see things at an individual level where you probably see it in terms of race.

      • I’d vouch for you and stand up for you.
        I’m not the type that lumps you in with the Lois Lerners & Grubers et al – the same as I would not hesitate to put WASPs like Chris Matthews in an oven.

        The main mistake trailerpark nazis made (and make) is not defining their enemies. You are an ally.

        I want Nationalists of all types to unite (as the FFL does) to fight with those that share beliefs and not ignorantly waste resources fighting those based on 1930’s beliefs of a failed government.

      • And no, I’m not suggesting that you would round me up and shoot me.

      • I wouldn’t shoot you, just deport you. Sorry, your kind can’t coexist with us regardless of what you SAY you believe. FP is showing what a liberal HE is. It’s okay FP. Stick around a few more years, study some history and get back to me.

        You aren’t married to or dating a White woman right Gordon? Because that would be the exact opposite of helping us.

        Ps. I don’t live in a traitor park but since FP seems to know a lot of “traitor park Nazis” I must assume he either lives in one or in close proximity of one.

      • you trailerpark nazis had your chance – twice with your Mr. Adolph and kkk jazz. You failed, so it’s time for a new strategy.

        There’s lots of faults with your arguments; it’s why you lost so miserably:
        Mr. Hitler didn’t gas Italians because they weren’t “aryans” did he?
        His ostensibly racially pure SS had Frenchmen, Czechs – all sorts of non-aryans.
        Mr. Stalin was a Georgian. They hate Russians. He didn’t Siberianate folks purely on racial impurity.

        Both were inclusive and brought in all allied thinkers to eradicate enemies of their nationalistic ideology. Get back to fastening the skirts on your trailer… 🙄

        Tell us: WHAT sentence would you give Chris Matthews and Bill Gates?

      • Oops Freudian spellchecker typo. Should read trailer park not traitor park. Lol.

      • Erin… The reason the late Lawrence Auster was so hated by the “far-right” was because he showed that an ethnic Jew could convert to genuine white Supremacy. And make no mistake, the “far right” loathes genuine white Supremacy just as vehemently as the far left. In other words, Auster’s Jewishness became the focus of a “far right” cabal seeking to obscure their OWN palpable hatred for genuine white Supremacy.

      • Wow you are woefully uneducated FP. You have gotten all your info about the Klan and Nazis from “mainstream” Jewstream sources, I see.

        Hitler wouldn’t even qualify for my trailer Nazi gang as he actually had.Jew soldiers fighting in his side. Perhaps that is why he lost.

      • *sigh* Mr. Hitler lost not because of jews
        But because:
        1. he attacked the USSR while still fighting England
        2. he abandoned the Afrika Korps and masses of troops
        3. he declared war on the USA while doing both, then –
        4. he ordered his army to die in Stalingrad and lost more masses of troops
        5. he then lost the battle of Kursk and masses of tanks & materiel…

        Jews didn’t twist his tittay to do any of that.

        Gordon cannot “call off Berger [sic]” bc he doesn’t even know him; grow up.

        97% of Coloreds voted for Obama. So, 3% are on “our” side. Jews, probably 8%.
        When they share our views – drop it and go attack the 90+% that are your enemy.

        Just do something besides write shit that proves you’re a dumb bitch

  9. Thanks for the kind words, FP. Sorry to have made this about me.
    Erin, why do you say we can’t co-exist? I recognize that this country was founded on Western ideals and am grateful to live here.
    ps Your spellchecker is Jewish? (Freud) 😉

    [yep. better to avoid argument and instead tell us what you believe and stand for. you dont want to define yourself by focusing purely on your genetics]

    • I’m a race realist. Gordon, sorry but when we let Jews in we get the Weinmar republic and Murka.As Dr. Kevin McDonald has written about extensively, when it comes down to it, Jews as a group work for their own interests while telling Whites it is wrong for us to do the same, to the point of even calling us names like trailer trash or imprisoning us as Garron Helms was recently in Europe.

      If you actually want to be our friend, call off your brethren and sisters like Berger, otherwise I can’t think what good you are to us. As you gave away earlier, you want to be on our side because you don’t want to be rounded up.

      Oh wow and you sure got me with that Freud thing. Yuck, yuck, I had no idear Freud, the pervert was a Jew. :(Sarc)

    • And FP do you really think these (scared to be rounded up)Jewboys are going to do the job you won’t get off your and do?

      The Klan did the things that needed to be done and were eradicated by FEDGOV. If you can do better than sitting in your ass pontificating I’ll be the first to congratulate you

      {you really just don’t get it – do you -?}

      • In your ass is what I meant to say yes. Your head is way up there.

      • Ya I get it you pompous ass. You are untested, untried and you talk out of your ass.

        You think you are so sophisticated but you just give what your ignorance.
        Here’s some biased info about the Klan for you FP.http://www.pbs.org/wnet/jimcrow/stories_events_kkk.html

        They sound like Ryu’ s kind of guys. They were shut down by FEDGOV of course.

        [ed note: they sure sound like your idea of winners. best you stick with their strategy…]

        Now, we have 20/20 hindsight AND,the internet so we know who our REAL enemies are. And most don’t need you aha! moments Fire power.

      • you are so not ready for prime time

      • Lol funny pin.

      • Erin…

        There is something disorderly about your provocations. In my mind, the white woman’s first order business is the resurgence of femininity. When one perusals the internets, exalted femininity as preached by white woman in the name of genuine white Supremacy is nil. I think you could find a real niche there if you desired to put your head into a truly anti-egalitarian mindset and declared yourself a white Supremacist.

      • TD. I’m not a WS. That is my enemy’s label. I’m not sure why you keep pushing it. Some sort of psy opp? I don’t need labels to care about the 14 words.

        I might have gotten a bit carried away yest though.

      • Eradican I was just kidding about the Hitler stuff.

        As far as Gordy goes, it just takes a moment to say what I have to say, I won’t spend much time on it.
        Still I always keep in mind that there are paid operatives all over the net who have their various methods of try to change the tone of our discourse.

      • Discourse?

        So that’s what you call it. lulz. That thars a purdy fancy word from a lil girl whose discourse consists of calling me “asshole motherfuck dick CIA-jew fuckiddy-fuck-fuck…”

        Erin, age 14:

      • And Gordy can blog can’t he?

        He won’t though. Just want protection for free.

        Anyway this article is important to read regarding internet shills PAID to fuck with us. https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/02/24/jtrig-manipulation/

      • Erin…

        If you are not a white Supremacist then you are some variant of liberationist. There is no in between. The reason the radical liberationist has soiled the phrase is the very same reason the radical liberationist soils any truth statement he can get a hold of… Maximize his autonomy. You are no different. You reject the label TO MAXIMIZE YOUR AUTONOMY. Or in parallel fashion, you reject the label so as to NOT MINIMIZE a your autonomy. It is no more sophisticated than that. What you fail to realize is that such a rejection is a deal with the devil. In your rejection is a very specific statement:

        “I am “white woman” who does not believe in objective Supremacy and thus I am not a white Supremacist.”

        Ergo… You are an anti-white Supremacist… You are an egalitarian… An equalist… A believer in equality HIDING at the forefront of a supposedly anti-egalitarian movement.

        Quick reading this as some kind of mind game and simply face it head on as unfettered truth. See in the above a simple formula. White Supremacy or radical autonomy. There are no other avenues.

  10. @Erin How the heck can I call of my fellow Jews? That’s ignorant. Broaden your thinking. We’re not a monolith.

    Also you said: “As you gave away earlier, you want to be on our side because you don’t want to be rounded up.” You make a lot of assumptions.

    Finally, FP fights his own battles. He never has bit his tongue. We don’t agree on a few things, but we have mutual respect.

    • Gordon…

      You can certainly publicly critique the Jewish collective. Of course, the first order of business will be in the ensuing debate over whether such a Jewish collective is even extant. But that just brings us to the debate as to whether the individual Jew is then radically autonomous. Now, this dilemma is not unique to the Jewish identity or Jewish individual, but is found in ALL the variant liberationist movements. What is unique about the Jewish collective is that its variant of liberation is ethnic self-annihilation. In fact, the Jewish collective represents archetypical ethnic self-annihilation as liberationism.

      • I agree: More sensible jews must criticize their people for the damage they cause – just as jews demand muzz condemn jihadists.

        If they do not, they are as valuable as The Silent Muzz.

        I criticize the Hell out of whites who deserve it: Liberal whites, trailerpark whites, SWPLs etc. Race or ethnicity has nothing to do with it.

        I never hear Ben Stein or The Krauthammer utter even the tiniest peep against the jews – not even the way Thomas Sowell does against blacks who deserve his scorn.

      • It’s a red letter day for this trailer park Nazi,

        See, this Jew won’t even TRY to speak out. Says he can’t. A Jew lie.

        I wonder what FP respects about you?

      • I’d like to read a little more on the liberationism movements. Can you recommend a link?

  11. Rightists are more upset over lies about Obamacare than WMDs. Not even in office yet and the stupidity is already back in full force.

  12. @ Gordon

    Antisemitism is the highest form of class consciousness for most. That’s better than nothing but it doesn’t go far enough. I’d like our glorious leader to republish my Old and New Gods post. I spiced it up recently with several new insights and it might help you as well given your own lack of understanding.

  13. @Erin I feel I need to clarify a few things. 1) I’m not a paid shill. The Zionists have not sent me a check in years. I’m here because I’m fascinated by your perspective and appreciate intelligent discourse (honestly, you personally have just been an attack machine). But I’ve observed others.
    2) I’m not in need of your protection. I’m an ardent 2A proponent. I’m actually more concerned with those Farrakhan assholes. By the way, I would have rather been killed fighting in the Warsaw Ghetto than just getting into the boxcar. My original remarks were tongue-in-cheek.
    3) I can’t fully understand what you stand for. But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect it.

    • Gordon, you must understand: USA muzz are suspect to jews (for good cause) because they fail to denounce their muzz brethren’s acts.

      Coloreds are likewise suspect when their “leaders” Sharpton & Jackson do not denounce Ferguson Rioters and the myriad problems blacks cause.

      It’s the same when even the 5% of “good” jews fail to illustrate similar criticisms of their own.

      This is one of the main detection methods to reveal who is a True American.

      • Right – because those who still believe in Murka cannot produce meaningful criticisms. That is a good observation, FP.

  14. @FP
    I see nothing wrong with ‘Erin at 14’, looks easily convertible to the cause, and thinner than 90%, that counts for a lot too.

    [problem is, she never shuts up, fucks every guy who says he posts on StrumFront and that pic is 40 years old]

  15. Reblogged this on THE CON MANIAC and commented:
    Economics don’t have nothing to do with no one to do the impossible.

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