Spotting Rats

by Ryu

Breakfast of SP Champ-peons!

It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Do they benefit? Do they care about the rules? If they don’t benefit and they care about the rules, they WILL rat.

Most Americans today, especially on the job, care about the rules. Unless they are seeing a big benefit, they would inform easily.

In their consummate need for control, the Americans are creating more and more rules. The proper revolutionary response is to either ignore the rules, or to obey them only when observed.

Lambs don’t become lions. To break rules properly takes practice. The younger one starts, the better. The survivalists make a great error in this. They believe that should the USG, SPs could rise up and gain control. Either one is either on the path of revolution, or one is not.

20 Comments to “Spotting Rats”

  1. Even a lot of Nationalists care about the rules. They think of themselves as “good people”. I used to think like that but one day I got honest with myself and realized that I’m not really good in that sense, I just don’t want to deal with consequences such a fines, prison, hell and so on. Even any kind of cop contact(with their intimidation tactics) is odious to me so there’s plenty to keep me “straight” when they’re looking.

    I’m surprised sometimes though at people who bend the rules. The wealthier set(upper middle class) joke about some of the stuff they do. They know that statistically it is unlikely they’ll get caught and they also have a buffer zone in their budget to pay fines and penalties, should they be imposed.

  2. But if you are Pepsi, Fedx or Deutschbank, you can avoid paying taxes and still be “respectable” .

  3. The Soviets and E.German STASI ruled with total control for 50 years with these tactics. Add to that fact Murkan fragmentation across racial lines coupled with advanced surveillance tech and the LN/MM will rule for centuries.

  4. I became pretty disgusted with survivalists, great practice to learn for sure, but all of them are ‘just waiting’ for emp etc, a great way to neutralize an otherwise dangerous segment.

    • sps will wait and wait and wait
      Until they are 70 and harmless.
      Then, they’ll sprout kids who are a degree dumber
      Who’ll also wait and wait and wait

      By then, President Chelsea Obama will have no need to fear this cult

    • It is a demonstration of what would happen if soldiers were stripped of their uniform and had no authority. I would say an American SPer is just the same as the average white soldier. It’s almost like a retirement plan for ex-military.

      • There inaction actually helped speed my awakening, as here were these guys talking treasonous stuff…and…nothing. Building their crypto-jew coalitions is all it ever was.

        Btw, you once commented my future didnt lie with aurini and crew, you are definately right, their refusal to ever mention race or jews just felt way to forced and fake.

  5. One of the most fearsome threats SWATZIs face is the lone man on a bike: Speedy, nimble and …no identifying license plate. Can’t chase ’em down on foot…and they go where no car can go.

    These basic characteristics are so scary, even hardened ghetto thugs turn wary eyes on a lone cyclist like a herd watching a Leopard.

  6. If I’m a “white” male liberal thinking of a progressive conversion to white nationalism –> white Supremacy then one of the first orders of business is NOT GETTING turned into a RAT. In others words, you cannot dip your toes into conversion, stop, pull back and go back to your liberal ways. You are tainted as rat bait NOW!!! And the STATE objective is to turn you into a RAT and the resources make such a pursuit seem relentless. And since no one amongst WN SPEAKS in the language of Supremacy and Fidelity then ALL ARE RAT BAIT.

  7. So in a radically autonomous society, YOU, him and all those others are assumed RATS and YOU might always be attempting to prove otherwise.

    • Naw, not really. Are you trying to implant that idea td?

      • No Erin… I am simply providing an if/then scenario built upon the idea that Murka has been liberated to such an extent that we are actually post-Liberalism. We are radically autonomous (or in relentless pursuit thereof) and thus the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” no longer holds sway. The old mantra is then replaced by a new mantra… Rat until proven innocent. And let’s face it, amongst mainstream WNs, where is the innocence? Where is the desire to prove innocence? Where is the ethos that even grants innocence a place within our reality? And don’t forget that RAT in our context = “white” male liberal. The target market. The problem and solution. But nearly all WNs are some variant of liberationist. Ergo, most WNs are rats due to their fundamental ideological disposition.

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