MINO Machine: Attorneys General

by Firepower

AG Holder with Loretta Lynch: Now, Bow Down – Twice!

What tops Murka’s Historic First Empowered-Black African-American Attorney General?

Why, of course: Murka’s Historic First Empowered-Black African-American Feminist Attorney General!

MINOGov depends on ever-increasing oneupmanship of the MINO Poker hand variety. It dares Republicants to ……deny the appointed royal. In modern Murka, such denial is oppression – it’s racism of the NRA Trailerpark White sort: The Ultimate Evil.

It’s like God, who despises most he who sees behind His curtain and discovers the actual, secret stupidity of the entire act. Eternal damnation for discovering that secret sauce is just mayonnaise & ketchup.

Affirmative Action now means Our Historic Black President appoints only Historic Black fill-in-the-blanks to power. There are no qualified whites fit for the job, my brutha…

This down bitch is also a – wait for it! – Harvard Sista. From Loretta Lynn, to Loretta Lynch, in one generation. Now, it’s not just elite, rich white males who’d use your bones to heat their butler’s doghouse – it’s coloreds who fucking hate your race!

MINOGov is rule of the MINO, by the MINO – for the MINO

6 Comments to “MINO Machine: Attorneys General”

  1. No children… Married for the first time at age 47/48… Crypto-dyke?

    “Feminist” is just wrong. If one had a daughter then one could see the continuum between rejection of “Femininst” to the rejection of femininity. We are talking dyke movement under oh-so-obvious cloak.

  2. Great work, FP. Too bad so few understand it. Just imagine what the gov will look like in 20 years…

    • Where there be any whites under 10 years old by then? It is a liability to be White in Murka.

      I agree, great article FP. I hope the republitards will see in time that multiculturalism, militant homosexualism etc. are anti-White. Even degenerates like Marilyn Manson are starting to come out of their fog.

    • It’s one of my fundamental Eradican messages:
      1. Show the masses who runs Murka
      2. Instruct them who they really fight & die for
      3. Teach them about Feudal America and its Castle-City states

      There’s no need to propagandize – or even lie. It’s all The Truth. Which, is why it’s so powerful and irrefutable.

  3. I predict the next one will be a Yalie. Skull and Bones has allowed in male minorities since 1965, lesbians since 1992.

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