A Serial Killer….of Cops

by Ryu

Now we’re getting into truly rare territory. It has actually happened that a man hunted and killed cops. If you can imagine, what it…… takes to be a serial killer. Then beyond that, to hunt the most dangerous prey available.

8 Comments to “A Serial Killer….of Cops”

  1. The inability to gain meaningful employment due to petty criminal offenses(drug possession, drug paraphernalia, fist fights, shoplifting etc, etc…) will provide excellent recruitment material amongst the millennial generation.

  2. Don’t count on it. The MMM still needs butts to fill service jobs so that gubmint employees can travel and lord their eternal mandated superiority over. If anything, five years of working the service indusrty will do more for recruitment than petty criminal offenses, especially seeing as how EVERYTHING is a crime, and thus EVERYONE is a criminal.

    • Thats exactly what I meant by “meaningful” employment. I hated service industry work when I was back in high school. I can’t imagine how much it must suck to have a degree yet still waiting tables and living with your parents, or blowing most of your pay to rent a shitty apartment with your buddies.

    • I think that today, even with the right qualifications, there is great competition for the good jobs.

      Either one has a shit job and time for a life, or money but no life. Very few wns come from the upper class. There’s just not time for it after a 12 hour day.

  3. Expect the second option to become harder and harder.

  4. A paradox is clearly seen in the flagwaving RepubliHawk warmonger types who boohoo every brushcut thug getting suspended for popping a nigger – but rouse the rabble at NRA fundraisers over WACO-type LE abuses.

  5. he should have a rap off with nigga killing cops and see who wins

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