What Serial Killers and Direct Action Guys Share

by Ryu

Their criminal profile is almost the same. Male, 20-40 yo, above average IQ, discontented, underutilized at work, loner.

If one reads the FBI reports backwards, one can see how to make a violent revolutionary. Asexual, asocial, white, male, young, pissed off with no future – exactly the type of men the Americans are now producing in quantity. There “should” be more revolutionary white men.

It all confirms what our experience demonstrates – happy people don’t fight. Perhaps it also explains some of our failings. The only ones who work well in groups are the normal, conservative types who are ineffective against the current system. Lone wolves do great but are hard to control.

Muzz groups must have the same issues. Their societies create one group of men that’s extremely rich and powerful, then another which has no future. The rich men fight back by…… throwing money at the problem. The poor men are the ones who join ISIS or the taliban.

Eradican talks about the class struggle alot. To grow rich in the current system, one has to either work a very long time, get lucky, or be born into it. Most Americans who get a good job will be so weighted down with hours and work that revolution becomes impossible for them – checkmate, the system wins. The idea of revolution is that by taking on some risk, a man what he wants more directly.

There are alot of trade-offs in our business. The smaller the group, the smaller the ops, but the more successful and the less infilration. The succesful revolution plants the seeds of discontent in the overthrown. The winners tend to get too greedy. It will take a special person to optimize these constraints and to find a system that works.

28 Responses to “What Serial Killers and Direct Action Guys Share”

  1. All our disenchanted men lack is a religion that rewards them at the end of their forays, whether their side wins or loses in a worldly sense. That’s why Christianity had to be infiltrated and neutralized in European dominated countries. It was a unifying force that also provided and end of life reward, if nothing else.

    • *It had to be neutralized by our enemies.

    • That’ll be a lot of work. I’ve only rarely seen a wn use xtianity the way it should be used. It is a weapon few can wield today.

      Like this: Rend unto Caeser what is Caeser’s. God is the creator of the universe and everything in it. So Caeser gets nothing.

      God’s laws are higher than the laws of man. So obey their laws at your convenience. A son of God does not need to concern himself with their rules. We answer to a higher power.

      • I’m not suggesting Christianity anymore. I don’t know what the right religion would be. The communists seem to fight long and hard without one-but something is certainly driving them.

  2. Too much to loose… broken families, ironic nihilism, sarcasm.

    The european races have become excellent slave material. This is epitomized in the far right, with their ‘fortress europe’ mindset. Their ancestors, and myself, no doubt spit on them and everything they stand for, including their unwavering loyalty for the “past”.

    I want to see euros so poor, so many, so illiterate, so violent.. that they have no choice but to make incursions elsewhere for women and land. Polygamy + sexless young men = excellent mujahideen; and population surplus. I see that IS now has a regulated slave market; now *this* is a return to normalcy. Yet the “far-right” authoritarian subhumans of ‘the phora’ shriek at this ‘barbarism’. Perhaps there is no god but God after all ?

    Ryu: how is direct action different here than the old world ? what are the differences.

    • You inadvertently describe your own race’s continued descent into burgeoning slave material.

      Many futurist writings on Eradica already document its dangerous degeneration from action to complacency; from the Declaration of Indepen-whatev…to Twitter.

      • You’re missing the point. I am calling for violent outward action. If Islam is what it takes for the european races to become brutal, expansionist slave-owners again, i have absolutely no qualms with that. I have reached a point in my understanding where every other doctrine is reduced to a fragmented, passive chic nihilism.

      • I know of no reinforcing precedent illustrating the fall of a glorious society to once again restore itself like a Phoenix to its former glory.

        Rome fell – two times – and neither empire returned; what you got was impotent Italy.
        Violent action is indeed needed, but you saw last week that Murkans again rested their hopes on Establishment DC Republicans.

        They’ll likely screw things up so badly they usher in a Hillary Rule. Then she’ll in turn Obamanize things so bad the mouthbreathing mass will again switch back to A Republican Saviour to repeat again and again until coloreds turn it all into Braziliamurka.

      • A clarification on my part: i wish for no ‘bringing back’ of any ‘glorious society’, or anything that is ‘past’. Today, Afghan men are the best men walking on this blue ball of ours. I want this continent to establish the fundamental material out of which everything else springs from: human material. “Europe”, “the West”, elite-cities, et al., can absolutely go to hell and rot forever there. There is no doubt in my mind, something akin to tribal nomadism is the future for the resilient.

        [ed note: ok, that’s clearer. we agree]

      • There was a nationalist fiction book where the whites go back to making babies, herding cattle and stealing land. Back to the basics. I forget it’s title but it’s been written in the last 5 years.

      • @ info_theory

        Violent outward action will come. History is cyclical as the US empire continues to collapse and by extension western Europe western man will again reclaim his balls. Poverty, hunger, and the deprivation of goods you were accustomed to is a powerful motivator to make young men angry and aggressive. For example, at the end of the Western Roman Empire your average Italian was a pleasure seeking, drunken wastrel. Years later after being subjugated to conquerors, deprivations, and plague you had men like Cesare Borgia, the Medici, Colonna, and Orsini emerge out of the Italian peninsula.

        Also, Islam is not the answer to western civilization’s crisis. Yes, it is a patriarchal, warrior religion, but it is a religion which has proven that it causes stagnation in government, thought, and technology. People can try to claim that this fate will not befall Europeans because of our “superior” genetics, for these people I would like to point out the Caucasus and Albania. Very tough individuals and cultures, but not civilizations which colonized the world and put a man on the moon.

        Also, your theory that tribal nomadism will reoccur in the USA and western Europe is unlikely except in the case of a TEOTWAWKI “zombie apocalypse” scenario. From my experience normal white Americans share too much of a common culture to want to hack each other to death over ‘tribal’ differences. What will happen as has always happened throughout history is that a new warrior aristocracy will emerge and the weaklings will as always follow and obey.

        So for now don’t be like Erin about to give yourself a stroke over events you cannot influence. Enjoy the decline, but study warfare and history and be a part of the new aristocracy which will emerge out of the ruins of America and Western Europe.

      • Giving myself a stoke. Ha!

    • In Europe?

      I’m in awe that you guys still can form groups, at least in Eastern Europe. Things American wns could only dream of, are routine in Russia. I’ve seen vids of them actually beating up immigrants on the streets and the police leave them alone.

      • America is too much of a snitch society to have something out in the open like a Slavic Union. What people need to do is start or join things like ‘fight clubs’, philosophy clubs; and the Freemasons, Moose, Knights of Columbus etc, etc. This is where you get a chance to feel out another persons political thoughts in a nonconfrontational manner, and to see who the men of action are.

      • @ cointelproagent: By the grace of God, i was not born a western european, and russia is indeed my public enemy, as it is for all eastern and central europeans. Russia is a propaganda genius, westerners are utterly clueless about this. That is what they do best, and nothing else.

        You are wrong about Islam. I advise you to study more. Islam does not cause stagnation in anything, most of all not in the instincts. Mongols sacking the fuck out of Baghdad, the center of the civilized world, causes stagnation. Al-Andalus being taken away, the most learned, bookish place on the whole continent, causes stagnation.

        Chechens are no doubt model people, perhaps even surpassing Afghans. The capital of Chechnya is not Grozny, it’s Moscow. Is it no irony that… the richest man in Ukraine is a Crimean Tatar ? what Chechens are doing is merely returning favors, and they are being mild too. I pray for them and their work.

        @ ryu: being a “wn” in america is much easier and straightforward. The old world is a lot more complicated. “wn” itself is american imperialism. It goes completely out the window there. All due respect, It’s baffling how innocuous americans are in their homogenic isolation.

      • Europeans are also leading the way in culture, style, and propaganda.


      • They are. That’s impressive stuff.

      • Ok info_theory,

        I never said the Russians were perfect or didn’t have designs on Eastern and Central Europe. The reason why my ass is in the good ol’ US of A and not in Eastern Europe is because my grand daddy fought on the losing side in WW2 so I understand the anti Ruskie sentiment. But the big difference between you and I is that I’m still not fighting WW2. Vladmir Putin for all of his faults is not flooding EE with niggers and encouraging your daughter to get fucked by them at the junior high dance. Nor does Vladmir Putin allow homosexuals to teach your son how to get buggered up the ass in sex ed. But you know where this type of behavior is encouraged? If you answered the USA congratulations you won a new car!

        No, I encourage you to study more. Islam is a religion of stagnation. Why is Morroco not the modern day al-Andalus? Why is modern Tunisia the inheritor of all that Sicilian Moorish and Arabic scholarship not a sparkling gem on the coast of North Africa. Will Istanbul ever match what Constantinople ever was, how about modern Alexandria vs Roman Alexandria?

        In terms of the Chechens, I want you to google “the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend”. Lastly, Eradica is a place where you find Americans who do know their history and geography so don’t act like a smarmy cunt when you post here.

      • You clearly don’t know what planet you live on. Russia is the mirror image of America. End of discussion. http://www.thephora.net/forum/showthread.php?p=1302187#post1302187

        Man makes the religion. Constantinople has already overshadowed any previous history, before the Kemalist reforms threw it in the gutter in favor of the slum of anatolia, Ankara, and turkish chauvinism – something very unlike them. Ottomans = byzantium in disguise. Mehmed the conqueror, who had blood ties to the Kommenos Byzantine royal family, the son of a balkan / slavic woman, the wine drinker, lover of ancient greek and roman arts, as he entered the gates of Constantinople, declared himself Kayser-i Rum, Caesar of Rome, and had plans to re-unite the Roman empire, partially acted on them. Practically the whole dynasty eventually became ethnically assimilated, along with most people. Even some of the early Caliphs of Islam, in the very heart of the middle east, had partial/full greek blood, like Al-Wathiq, Al-Muntasir, Al-Muhtadi,& Al-Mutadid. Then you have slavic and kurdish/caucasian dynasties taking over and founding caliphates, in Al-Andalus and The Mameluks. Then you have the more recent Egypt, founded by Ali Pasha, the Albanian. Had it not been for the Persian threat, the jannisaries could have easily reached berlin, as the famous french doctor residing in Constantinople once noted. It’s not surprising at all germans had such a fetish for Islam. By the way things are going, with 20000 german converts in recent years, Hitler’s germanic mahommedan dream might just come true ! and so called extremists will continue bewailing the emerging state of affairs and fapping to panzer porn.

        But no, we should build walls of china on the bosphorus and gibraltar, to satisfy the inbredness of clueless, rootless far-rightists. Better to be an inbred, beer guzzling, woman worshipping, winter loving carcass caricature than a discriminating high caste of the khalifah ! how “aryan”. It is clear as day, the writing is on the wall, there is no doubt in my mind.

        Yes, everything is rosy and homogenic in good old, continent wide, mono-language, mono-thought, america.

      • @info_theory,

        Blah, blah, blah tl,dr. Glad you got wikipedia bro. Ok name me one Islamic ruled country you would move to. If you really wanna put your money where your mouth is convert. I’ll even pay for your circumcision, anabuse, and clothes to replace that ratty adidas tracksuit of yours.

      • I’d move to Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Oman, Yemen or Iran.

        Life is not perfect in those places. But unlike the US, a man can take a wife and get married. I prefer dealing with a third world police who can be bribed, rather than the American cops who are so self-righteous. And no where has the kind of government interference that the US has. Dealing with criminals is easier than dealing with do-gooders.

        They still have real community and a real religion. The American religion is career and money. If one can do all the lying necessary to live in the US, living elsewhere is not a problem.

      • I wouldn’t discount Chechnya or Bosnia Ryu. Chechnya is the future Switzerland. They seem to be doing not too shabby, considering that they form the elite of world jihad, and that in fact few of them are actually circumcized. But who knew… does becoming a Christian necessitate total imitation of Jesus, complete with wearing a robe and spiritual castration ? that’s what I thought.

        Once the middle east is finished, the chickens will come home to roost. The moscow lackey is getting uncomfortable: http://www.rferl.org/content/under-black-flag-kadyrov-chechens-syria-western/26672511.html .

        The Kavkaz emirate is coming. The cells in the balkans will follow suit.

      • I haven’t studied Chechnya in depth, but it sounds possible. Anyone who can take a stand against Russia has to be taken seriously.

  3. Polygamous Muslim lands cant continue to export all their surplus males to the West, much as John McCain would welcome them,

    Now that things are heating up over there, we see plenty of rage outbursts and group formation, but a fundamental unwillingness to face the core of their problem (other than genetics).
    That would be Islam.

    The problem is that meme is just too powerful and removes too many incentives.

    In the same way, if there is ever a revolutionary movement in the West it may turn out to be ultra-socialist.
    I have very little faith in the judgment of the Mass Populace.

  4. Ryu: So are you still trying to fight the system? Murka is all about the money. If you don’t want it, then you have no business to live in it, which is why I left.


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