Putin Edition! Liberals Are The Kind of People That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

Ignore Whites Killing Whites in Ukraine


Send white country cowboys to die for every 3rd World colored possible!

6 Comments to “Putin Edition! Liberals Are The Kind of People That…”

  1. Them guys on the fence look like they had some last minute regrets.

  2. I like that picture.

  3. I think they were a local minority, possibly monotheistic Yazidis whose beliefs may predate even Judaism.

    The few Republicans who want to use the islamic policy of eliminating Christians as a reason to throttle back islamic immigration are pounded upon by the like of Krugamn and the NYT as the worst of the worst.

    • meh who gives a crap; worry more about the dumb white country cannonfodder clodhoppers that’ll never breed a family of white kids to keep up with the MILLIONS of amnestied Miggers the LN desires to drown you with

  4. they are also ignoring the fact that most of the people doing the killing are foreign terroists hired by the jews and foreign jew terrorist war criminals themselves

  5. moses was a bastard child of a black slave and the kings sister who tried to pawn of the bastrd on a jew .do you really believe that the Egyptians wouldn’t have known she was pregnant and when moses found out he wouldn’t be king he rebelled and robbed egypt

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