Republicrack Election Hangover

by Firepower

I don’t listen to Rushie anymore but I’m sure he is in the chorus with Drudgi, Billo and The Shannity – whom I also have proudly ignored for years.

For a long while, I’ve skipped by most of them channel surfing to new destinations, but I hear snippets of their cackling. Just enough to make me remember…

Lots of Republitalk-talk now re-emerges regarding the “sea-change” in how “things” are gonna be diff.

Heard the same shit when that pantload Bush won – along with RepubliControl of both the House and Senate. O, the great expectations touted to…… the gullible on that whopper.

That got Murka a stupid war run by a draft dodger and his withered, warped oil baron henchman.

Now, goppers must actually do something. That rarely happens now in a Murka where the few that do, are colored Ferguson rioters. Even that’s a dud.

You really can Occam’s Razor it and boil it down to simplicity. Distilled into its purest elements, DemonCrats buy MINO votes with your taxes – but Goppers want to:

  • Eliminate taxes for BigBizz
  • Tell you who you can fuck
  • Invade everybody but Mexico
  • Put baby G-Ziss crèches on every town hall lawn

This kooky un-American shit is what caused Pantload & Co. to swiftly lose their Congressional majorities in a matter of political seconds by 2006. In geological political time, that’s like promising Ann Coulter you’ll fuck her brains out then spastically premature ejaculate on her wispy golden bush before you even get your balls wet.

The Murkan Herd moronically ignores it’s over-correction clown car swerves from left to right. When the LN media starts feasting with its inherent hyperbolic propaganda on all the daft RepubliNews created in the next two years, by then they’ll have every MINO voter ready to pop a load for Hillary – or whatever LN President they want the Murkan Peeple voting into power.

For six years, rightists controlled the Halls Of Power in Houses of Lords and impotently whimpered how helpless they are to fight Obamao – as if they are pissant citizen-peasants scribbling futile letters to the editor…and writing blogs.

It’s the Gopper Whopper…for RepubliCan’ts

8 Comments to “Republicrack Election Hangover”

  1. Ugh. Yes, I have heard it as well. The Repubs are working themselves into a real lather over this. It means nothing. More American politics.

    Real revolutionaries wouldn’t go near a voting booth.

  2. Rightists come in three main categories flag saluting GOP types, conspiracy theory nutjobs, and petty bourgeois reactionaries. A fourth types exists as well they prattle on about Nietzsche then cry about communist slavery and genocide.

    [ednote: *austin powers voice* very ouch, baybee…]

  3. What The Peeeeple must keep in mind are the ageold features of each party. Both have been around long enough, wallowing in plush Murkan money, to grow corrupt – as corrupt and blind as the people who vote them into power. The Peeeeple like imagining themselves as having integrity, as being “victims” of the Political Ruling Class; it’s yet another fairy tale they tell themselves.

    People get the government they deserve.

    RepubliCants are likely to again betray Whites who voted for them, then rush toward Miggers to give them all they want in exchange for their votes. Remember how they did that the last time they “won.”

    DemoNcrats will begin to see ugly glimpses of True Colored Behavior: When MINOs be “keepin’ it real” they are treacherous, dangerous and without loyalty to the others outside their pack – like the animals they are.

    Monkeys are cute, but you don’t bring them indoors to live with you. If you give a monkey a bunch of bananas, they’ll give you a shit-eating look, then snatch it and run. They do not sit around and write a Thank You Note on pretty stationery – they’re more likely to bite you.

  4. I don’t give a shit who you fuck. I just don’t want to be fucked with. GOP does a better job of staying out of my shit.

    • Good Aiman, so if White Nationalists want to form their own communities to preserve their bloodlines you would support a GOP not fucking with us? Because right now they *are* fucking with us.

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