by Ryu

At least in America, never expect the family of a direct action activist to support him. No man can serve two masters. Most families will choose the USG over their own blood.

Eric Frein’s sister is like this as well. Just give up, Eric, make it easier for us all. Give up your freedom to rot in an American prison. You’re embarassing your poor sister.

“This is too much,” the sister said. “This is just too stressful.” The answer is simple then – stop worrying! That’s the USG’s baby. Make them do their own damn work. Who cares what they want?

Most Americans period are pro-system. Obviously, any family or friends are being surveilled with their phones tapped until the suspect is caught. Only minos and Muzz stick together as a rule.

I have a suggestion. Why don’t the ……authorities surrender? Come on guys, just give up, it’s useless. Make it easy for us all. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. We know it all. We’ve got you surrounded. Any minute now…

The most dramatic example of this is Kaz and his brother. Kaz had operate for 20+ years and he was free. His own brother turned him in to the feebs.

8 Comments to “Betrayal”

  1. She sounds a bit passive aggressive, as if its all a huge inconvenience.

  2. It’s the brainwashing. That is why OUR propaganda arm is important.

    And like I believe you have alluded to before Ryu, when our team is on top, the lower IQs will join the team. We mustnt worry about them right now.

  3. I like to think he left a campsite for “authorities ” to find as a trick.

    Tiffany, if Eric is a good brother, perhaps you should try to understand what he did.

    • Maybe the campsite and Tiffany stuff is fake.

      • That stuff is real. He screwed up and got tired. I could see it in his mug shot. And his family was just doing what nearly all Murkan families do, which is concern themselves with the appearance of goodness. She still loves her bro, but she’s also concerned about her own reputation.

        Should she lose face, she can’t get a job, no money no eat. It always comes down to the dollar in the US of A. A man without money is nothing and no one. The man with money – can do what Eric did and get a medal of honor.

      • Morality is a tool of whoever holds power.

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