MINO Machine: Eternal EEOC Employees

by Firepower

It does not matter if St. Ronald Reagan were resurrected and Rush were Ron’s VP. Nor would it matter if it were reversed as Rush N’ Ronnie ruling.

Their policies would be thwarted by the ensconced MINO Machine running the USG’s tiniest gears from the lowliest DC cubicles all the way up to the “czars” wielding the unlimited power of the Great Imperial Lord & Our Beloved Historic Black President.

SCOTUS decreed that Preferential Admissions in colleges granting cut-in-front-of-the-line goodies to MINOs was outlawed – illegal – yet colleges currently still make even more racist judgments against ……white students despite the ruling. Education is just one finger of the Fist of Liberalism; when the entire fist is involved, the stakes are higher.

Today, there are thousands of federal workers on extended paid leave.

How-w-ow-ow-www can this happen?!? – in the Grand TDO you ask? It’s simple. First, they have the cash to afford it. They have it in unlimited, eternally renewing deposits from your taxes.

USG can and must keep this going because these bureaucrats are MINOs: Coloreds, Miggers, faggots, feminists, jews and (the ultimate) Straight Flushes in MINO Poker of any combination therein. For example: The Sacred Unfirable Gay African-American Hispanic amputee female.

MINOs cannot be fired, so the MMM BIGov pays them to stay at home until the heat dies down, then returns them to continue doing their will. This IS how they do so.

20 Responses to “MINO Machine: Eternal EEOC Employees”

  1. If more people had Marxist class consciousness they’d realize how cushy bureaucrat jobs are and seize power. All politics ultimately aims towards seizing power otherwise you’re just wasting time. The reason nobody sees progress is because they ask permission for power via elections, smart badges, and getting invited to the right cocktail parties. The worst think becoming vegetable farmers is the path towards revoultion.

    Most middle class types now work for the government either directly or indirectly so don’t give me this crap about the middle class being sacred pillars of society. These people are the number one impediment to progress. Unlike the rich who are too smart to believe in the system and the poor who are too stupid to know any better the middle classes are true believers. SWPL is 100% a middle and upper middle class social milieu setting all the norms in a bourgeois democracy.

    • I’ve often said Murkans will need development of their…
      Racial Consciousness.

      Marx’s concept applied to his world in time: Russians are Russians and Brits were Brits – all were the same colour.

      There weren’t coloreds and miggers darkening the 19th century proletariat like today. So, the primary difference then was class. Even one color with slight ethnic differences among itself was prone to conflict: The Welsh, Scots and the Irish battled the ruling brits, for instance.

      While nearly impossible now, almost anyone could get rich in America two hundred years ago. Today, you have to “invent the internet”, have a Master’s in math or be an offensive Rap Star. The brief window of the Everyone Can Get Rich ethos is past.

      Class was the distinction in European societies but race is the main separator here. Europeans conveniently like to forget Balkanization. So now…as you see Migger Muzz and colored dregs imported into these formerly white nations with increasing numbers – BIG Problems are rising.

      In Murka, we’ve incorporated our dregs into a subset of the Ruling Class: The colored BureauClass scribes operating (and controlling) the machinery of USG.

      • I’m not so sure about that most people including racially aware ones “have a black friend” aka the bourgeois negro. The type of individual you refer to exists universally a lumpenprole (criminals, prostitutes, degenerates, homeless) the typical SWPL rarely comes into contact with this riffraff.

        People also don’t want to step out of line because nothing terrifies them more than dropping out of the middle class or being denied entry into it. They understand a life of perks and benefits awaits them if they stick to the party line.

      • Keep in mind Stalin and many Nazis had jewish associates; few, if any, survived it. Murka runs on phoniness and the “some of my best friends be black” scheme is the shakiest of all fake inter-ethnic relationships.

        The best way for swpl scum to get acquainted with their pet coloreds is The DMV Experience.

        Dealings with the MINO-staffed fascist MM give clear evidence to the ignorant swpl to the level of contempt bureaucrat blacks have for all whites.

        Affirmative Action coloreds are hired in the greatest numbers by the LN-MM with most being the most niggerish coloreds imaginable – one step removed from the prison yard their entire family inhabits.

      • The only reason discontent is growing is because the rewards for conformity are disappearing.

      • People do their dmv business online or by,mail now.

      • The italicized “DMV Experience” represents a firurative, symbolic concept, honeybunny.

      • Today’s city planner is trying to force everyone into green mixed-race inner-city enclaves. Former suburbanites will face a learning curve. The immediate payoff to the LN-MM must be the housing and light rail contracts and tax-paid service jobs for clients as well as lassoing chunks of tax base to support them. The ensuing friction will also keep taxes high to pay for police, medical care, incarceration, “education,” and bureaucracy, Everyone is expendable as long as the numbers work. Of course, people with a vision don’t necessarily care about the numbers, whether of dollars or of dead.

        Acceptance of the reality of conflict and cost by the LN-MM is not necessarily alien to our risk-taking Western heritage. You might say we have taught them too well.

        The LN-MM know they’re fighting a war. It’s the putzes they are fighting that can’t make head or tail of what’s going on.

        When Spengler wrote about the “Colored Revolution,” he thought it would take place between the continents. (See The Hour of Decision and Man and Technics.) He didn’t anticipate that the whites would import their racial enemies.

      • Directing the surveilled and supervised masses into green, CCTV sprouting, mixed-race inner-city enclaves is precisely the LN plan of MM urban engineers.

        Urban engineers are the products of the national aristocracy and come from the Ivy League and local elite Ivies – the type with state football farm connections. You identify the latter by how greatly it is subsidized by state taxpayers but how you couldn’t afford it and so now, neither can you afford it for your kids.

        These are Schools For Power where the elite meet. City Planners are STEM-side practitioners of the Elite Professional Class, with attorneys another branch for policy. Both are part of the directive for the Colored BureauClass that gives its orders.

        This urban racial mixture will necessarily force an eventual decision by docile, domesticated whites as they witness the white fucked out of them by colored bucks.

      • Exactly like those big futuristic cities we see in Soylent Green and THX 1138.

        One either lives in the big city, or one is told there is no where else to go. Brave New World also displayed this.

        I liked that movie very much FP. Especially the ending.

      • @eradican Most Whites are situational with friendships these days. The are friends with people at work until they change jobs. They are friends with neighbors until they move. Any “friendships” with blacks are situational at best and any fair-minded individual should know that “one black friend” isn’t a go or reason for the White race to be genocided. Those that don’t are just what are called the useless masses who Will just go along with what is most advantageous for them. That is why we must amass money and power, quietly. The “Flyfarmer” actually promotes a multi pronged strategy for doing this but most importantly it involves finding a way to take back business niches like convenience stores, taxi companies and the like.

        Only time will tell what the best approach will be and awake people will defect from an approach that isn’t working to one that is.

    • No more white flight.

    • The middle class is now employed by the upper class, against it’s own interests.

      It is a brilliant strategy. While the middle class focuses on a few crumbs, the rich focus on the future. Most people I talk to today are still chasing the dollar. Obtaining money in a LN police state is a matter of no importance – just keep busy and don’t be a danger to the system.

      Strange how you learned this through Maxism, Eradican. I learned it through 1984.

  2. @ Firepower

    Off topic but why haven’t you restored my editing powers yet? I want to start blogging again but I’m waiting until I can fix my own past work……

    [ed note: check it now]

  3. The real divide across the global sphere is between white Supremacists and anti-white Supremacists. For all the talk of Russia, “they” do not really strive in the name of “white man.” And because the divide is so egregiously tilted, there is no real divide. We merely have bloody theatrics amongst multiplying bands of cutthroats. Only a remnant of white Supremacy remains which is exactly why the forces of radical liberation must increasingly inflate, only to deflate (and then inflate even further) the mythology of “white supremacy.”

  4. The wealthiest beneficiaries of the racket are rarely minorities though but donors.
    It seems the System can only get more paralyzing.
    Every stupid thing requires a ton of paperwork nowadays.
    You need a junior college certificate just to get a job wiping oldsters’ butts.

    • They have to constantly dream up ways to usur us. Bs education has been a cash cow for banksters. Much of the $ they conjure up is then used to pass anti-white laws and maintain the brainwashing programs.


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