ADX Florence

by Ryu

This is where the Americans put their most dangerous criminals. Florence is a treasure-trove of revolutionaries. These are the men who could truly change the future.

The occupants of this place reads like a revolutionary hall of fame. Eric Rudolph. Kaz. Ramzi Yousef. Dr Chaos. Matt Hale. Muslims, WNs, black nationalists, panthers, Aryan Brotherhood, and cartel leaders are housed there. Rudolph’s book is in a link below.

Range 13 has no communication with the outside world. Only the most dangerous are…… in that unit. H unit is for terrorists. All the basic information is online.

Supermax, a modern Alcatraz. But anything made by man, can be unmade. Let these men be your standard of excellence.

11 Comments to “ADX Florence”

  1. If the Cage where inmates are allowed to spend their daily hour out of their concrete cells had a suicide button, the population would eventually fall by a third, though the percentage might be even higher in general lockup with Tyrone and Jamal.

    • Ifs will not – and do not – work.

      Colored Cannonfodder is prized and used by the MM to control the formerly most dangerous and militant group in the world: Poor whites.

      As long as the MM is controlled by LN, they will enforce this structure.

      • Plus there’s lots of money to be made on the prison system,

      • Big business. The legal system makes the USG billions each year. The war on drugs and no fault divorce were a bonanza for them. They’ll never be dismantled willingly – they can’t take the decrease in revenue.

      • Yes.
        Like most things American there are many sides to the coin, due to money combining with human tendencies toward ideology.

        Money’s the icing on the cake; an extra benefit on top of The Power.
        The MM realizes full well as I do they will never have total control over their colored zoo. So, they need bars and zap prods to maintain order.

        When coloreds are applauded by the LN Establishment for Letalvis Cobbinsizing another serving of hapless whites, they are punished by necessity, lest they dare cause a real shocking tragedy and accost one of Mike Bloomberg’s bodyservants.

    • You have written several books. Why is this?

  2. The Eric Rudolf link is one amazing piece. Thanks for that. I am amazed he was able to publish it though. I thought convicts were not allowed to write about their crimes.

  3. Another reason not to be caught alive I guess, preferably by making oneself scarce before officer Plod knocks down the door.

  4. I have to agree with Outsider @ 2:25. After reading all 230+ pages of the Rudolf pdf clearly the isolation broke the man. If Rudolf would have had his pistol on him and the nerve to use it when he was rousted behind the Sav-a-Lot store he could have gotten away. Just too tired after so long. I’m not trying to judge Rudolf, just empathize.

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