Naughty Atoms

by doomdigit

“Father, those crazy men down there are filling the big pots with chunks of rock. And when I say ‘Why?’ one says, ‘To separate things,’ and another says, ‘To unite things,’ and when I ask ‘Why?’ again they say, ‘To make boys like you ask questions,’ and, ‘Go ask your father’.”

Then the father, with the aid of magnifying-glass and specimens of ore, told the wonderful story of rock formation and described the process of reduction. So vivid was the talk that in the imagination of the child the atoms became sentient individuals, and when it was finished he…… questioned still more eagerly:

“But suppose, father, suppose some of those little atoms were bad and ……wouldn’t mind the laws. Suppose those who were nice and red-hot in the bottom of the pot wanted to keep all the warm to themselves, or suppose they forgot about the cold places and didn’t pass on the heat to the other fellows. Suppose those bottom bubble fellows wouldn’t go chasing up to the top and making room down by the fire for the cold fellows. Suppose they just joined together and said they wouldn’t let any big, cold lumps settle down among them to get melted into them. Suppose the fellows, I mean, that get hot first wouldn’t go rushing around like little rivers, softening the hard places and warming the cold ones as you say they have to do. Then what would happen?”

“What would happen, my son? Your father’s business would fail. The rock that holds precious metals in trust would be good for nothing. If naughty atoms should hug selfishly to the bottom of the pot they would spoil the whole plan. I am very thankful, my boy, that the rocks that make up the charge of the melting-pots in my refinery are good fellows, who always obey the laws of the God of the rocks.”

Laura Craig, America, God’s Melting-Pot: A Parable Study (Fleming H. Revell Company: New York 1913), 13-14.


5 Comments to “Naughty Atoms”

  1. Whoever came up with this fable obviously believes Whites are as dumb as a box of rocks.

    The thing they are forgetting is that in this purification process, the useless slag or waste material is burned off and discarded.

  2. The idea of “naughty atoms” is the secular body draping itself in rhetorical Christian fashions. In the world of radical autonomy (is this not the world of atoms?), notions of “naughty” or nice don’t actually exist (imposingly disqualified). And atoms don’t ever do what humans want them to do so as to elicit the ire of a berserker observer. But in the world of secular “morality,” one is required to use traditional language to create the soothing reality of radical freedom. This is SOP because the language of radical autonomy doesn’t really exist YET. Even now, with every sort of freak asserting his “right” to total public acknowledgment, we have no language for this galactic ego beyond “liberal” or “progressive” or “leftist.”

  3. considering the jews own most of it and jewmerika is isrealhells bitch why not call it jewmerika

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