After You’ve Won, Move On

by Ryu

There’s life after direct action for those who choose one. So many men choose for their life to end after their action. Eric Frein seems to have been one of them. Why he did not clear the area right away, only Allah knows. Maybe he just couldn’t live with the possibility of capture hanging over his head.

Don’t toy with your food. Just win and get away. That’s it. No gloating, no ego, no pushing it in their face.

Eric Frein is still a great man. Now, he’s just a little less impressive. Escaping a full federal manhunt for 6 weeks is ……still amazing. The manhunt for Eric cost over $20 million dollars.–abc-news-topstories.html

We proceed by degrees. The next one will get away longer, perhaps forever.

There are still those who act and get away clear. David Durham did just as Eric did, and is still free 3 years later. He left immediately. Get in, get out, don’t hang around.

30 Comments to “After You’ve Won, Move On”

  1. Wow, they call him a coward again. That’s pure comedy.

    I wonder if they guy had someone he wanted to be close to there, and that’s why he stayed in the area. Either that or he wad so freaked out about what he had done that he was frozen…too afraid to move.
    I think maybe a person that wants to hide should disappear into a city and work under the table using an assumed name and obviously, paying cash for everything. That’s what I would do.

    • Erin…

      They call him a “coward” because there is a) real desire to provoke future EFs and b) this is standard retort between feuding white men sparked by an unseen and arguably unprovoked punch in the back of the head, figuratively-speaking.

    • Getting away with it is the hard part.

      Eventually, one has to re-enter society. Get a job, a license, a social security number. Pay bills and get an apartment. It’s hard. There’s not much room for error. The system has his prints, face, writing.

      Millions of spics are invisible to the system. In fact, their ordinary life mirrors what Eric Frein should have done. Use only cash, work a menial job, get a fake ID, move around a lot.

      • That type of existence is only exciting in the movies. In real life, even for the individual it grows weary. Imagine the tumult it would create in a family. Never take for granted the freedom you still have because imagining false narratives indicates something foreboding on the mind.

      • For the migger, the fake ID is the most routine aspect whereas for a genuine patriotic America such an act might feel traitorous. On same line, menial, monotonous life is trademark mass migger mentality. A lifestyle almost antithetical to ANY KIND of American.

      • Ha ha ha.

        They aren’t tiring, FP. So long as those checks clear and the women spread their legs for the uniform, there will be a line around the block for Spec Ops.

        They do not, nor did they ever, fight because it was the “right thing to do.” They just like killing and intimidating people – I can dig it too. Getting paid is a bonus. But they lie to themselves.

        They may be good killers when given the order, but I’m not impressed. We always see how strong a man is when he’s alone, with no group. Gambling with his own money, so to speak. A lone wolf SP or wn is the best in the world.

      • The thing about a story like that ^^^ is that the outcome seems up for grabs and potentially under the influence of mass perception. There wasn’t really a sense one way or the other as to whether the loss of SF was a good or bad thing. We were simply treated to a soldier POV that coincided with statistical trend.

  2. American Thor? What’s that?

    I have enough experience to know that off grid can be surprisingly restful. You have to give up on your aspirations, of course, unless you can figure out a way to hide income etc. under someone else’s name or something (pay them a fee?)
    The hardest part would be not being able to get too close to people for fear of being found out. Also not see family and old friends.

    • Erin…

      “American Thor…” Are you asking me about my pseudonym?

      But perhaps… Off the grid can be “restful.” I would say it more routinely monotonous as to be effectively efficient if o me wants to put a good spin on it. My point it that living off the grid, once one does it (and what actually defines such a state), does not then become something one looks back on and says I should have really strived for this. What does it take to drop all the MODERN conveniences? NOTHING really… No, I mean literally no effort to drop all modern conveniences. But where is the line? The SWPLs are gearing up to eat cricket-made protein bars at a Gold’s Gym near you. WNs aren’t in some kind of status battle to see who can live more primitively, are they?

      But honestly, the hardest part about truly living off the grid is coming face to face with radical autonomy and the idea of being an alien in your own house.

      • I was questioning this term “American”. How many people reading this feel “American” anymore. What does it mean? Hopefully most of the readers here have already thrown off the shackles of Americanism and are more autonomous (if I may use one of your favorite terms). I also hope they have thrown off the so-called Christian values that no longer serve us.

      • Off grid living has enough challenges to keep it from being boring. The world is your oyster when you have your health and intellect intact. If it gets dull you create new challenges for yourself. Read new books. Learn a new skill. It’s possible if you want it bad enough and don’t succumb to addictions or bad people that can bring you down.

  3. I don’t really think he’s a great man.

    He didn’t accomplish anything and he threw his life away without gaining anything in return.

    Whatever message he may have been trying to send, people won’t remember it for long.

    • Following EF’s actions, he has learned secrets that you and I could only dream of.

      He must go to prison, because now what he knows would make him extremely dangerous. If someone like me interviewed him for 10 hours, I could revolutionize wn. All those little mistakes he made could be cured and his successes replicated. He would have been 100x harder to find.

      What he has done is impossible for over 99% of the human population of this world. People won’t remember, but I will. True understanding is for the few.

  4. I think causing massive damage would be much easier than merely surviving underground.

    The System controls most transactions, a mandatory middleman. You cant even get internet access or for that matter SiriusXM without giving your real name on a government ID.
    Then again the Mass Populace is programmed not to notice.

  5. Only 50,000 smackeroos a year for a special forces operative with 10 years in the field? A clever lawyer can make that in a week by generously padding his hours while creating unnecessary paperwork.

    • A guess, operators would get deployment pay, pay no tax for the 10 months so it would be closer to $70000 once qualified and deployed. Here the base is $90000 on deployment tax free you looking at 130000 to 140000, more pending on rank.

      This was interesting I didn’t realise how good the US befits were. Seems some vets may get a little upset soon. Triple dipping to boot. Certainly going to cause some ripples.

      Here’s a few links you’ll like Ryu. It seems this fellow may have been inspired by Rambo, either way he escaped once and one of his mates was never caught. I’ve been in the armoury he broke into, he and his 3 mates never got caught for that, they never admitted it, they stole gats(Rifles), guns(M60) and old sub machine guns(K1). You will find many similarities of what you’ve written, makes me wonder if you read about him. I studied him a long time ago. He got out in 2002 and died last year.

      He even wrote a book.

      So there you go, never say I gave you nothing.

      • I can’t remember if I posted this before I know I’ve had it on my puter at times, I think I have 🙂 the above comment, plus some additional stuff now.

        Another point a conversation I had with a very Liberal friend, who’s also a green fascist(Pity about the Greens immigration policy), who believes in a gradual decline or chance of sudden, climate change blah blah… The conversation came about due to being unarmed as neither of us own fire arms. So I reminded him of the cattle farmers and militia’s would naturally form if it really got that bad. Then I told him how easy it would be to improvise. Me, “Ha I found a common toy I could make HV round powder from, it’s this……., it was on a TV advert the other day, ridiculous no?” Friend says, “Your name should be on a list.” Me, “It probably already is.” True, technically we’re all on some sort of list somewhere. I was obviously joking around having a beer at a BBQ, I was just demonstrating how easy it could be for someone with that little knowledge.

        So now you understand a little more why your leo’s or Brando’s what ever won’t lift a finger, they’ll wait to the end, where ever they are. Triple dipping.

        Then the day will come, but maybe not for us, maybe our sons or grandsons. Hope so though. Just like bugs.

      • Thanks, Craig! What an interesting man. I’ve never heard of a real spec ops guy doing that. Again, caught by an informant. I will read up.

    • Erin…

      At some point you will read such propheteering as the usual ramblings of a crypto-anti-white Supremacist. WN and a Southron are not one in the same. And neither are necessarily genuine white Suoremacists WHILE MOST are anti-white Supremacists.

      You MUST START there.

  6. The most disturbing thing to me was all the people (sheeple really, but i dislike throwing that term around) jeering at him, do they know a SINGLE relevant fact to the case? In fact the whole thing is ALLEGED cop killer. Did he do it? Probably, but to see the frenized populace is disturbing…very much like running man or farenheit 451.

  7. Ryu, are you familiar with this guy:

    John Joe Gray

    He’s been a fugitive for 10+ years, living comfortably in his own home with his family.

    • To be a fugitive is only really cool until you are one and then you must tell yourself that such a state of living is nothing to strive for. Real radical autonomy sucks.

      • Demoralizing everyone eh?

      • I wad addressing TDaddy

      • Not at all… I want white man to be free so as to enhance my own freedom by way of parallel action.

      • Friction is the state of man. A group of men who can coordinate a parallel action and find a state of frictionlessness are evidencing a group of superior men. If the desire was racially motivated then we have white Supremacy. Radical autonomy is like anti-matter to what matters to the white Supremacist.

    • ryu wrote a post on him months ago; I keep delaying it for topical news stories like Frein etc. And, the fact he also has 47,023 other articles ready to go.

      We believe Frein will rapidly be as forgotten as jjg. If nobody acts on Frein, what really is the point of resurrecting jjg – or Timmay McVay

    • Erin…

      No matter how you conceive “it” or what you call “it,” freedom is the name of the game. The Neocons were not lying. There were simply conceptual differences.

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