Why the IRA and Golden Dawn Failed

by Ryu

Revolutions follow a progression. To some, like the American CIA, revolution is a business. It’s something they have done dozens of times. There is a formula out there, there is a right way to do it.

There’s no going backwards to earlier steps, the stakes are always going up. Golden Dawn did everything right, until they held a “vote” to gain their independence. There has to be a willingness, an eagerness to TAKE independence. It is not something to be given. Golden Dawn passed their apex and lost momentum. They now risk obsolecence.

The Scots tried voting for their freedom. Obviously that failed. Ask the NWO: would you like to lose power and revenue? Oh, and please don’t fix the vote either.

At some point, there must be an…… armed struggle. The leader must calculate this very carefully to bolster the morale of their men, to go from victory to victory easily. He cannot allow a 20 year conflict or anything close. Most cannot sustain that kind of dedication. A good commander, Sun Tzu said, makes victory seem as if a boulder rolling down a hill.

The IRA made the mistake of too long a conflict. 70 years, no good. 4 years is about right. The IRA exhausted the morale of their members. They should have turned it up to the highest level possible and either totally won, or disbanded.

Northern Ireland and Great Britain are such small areas. Why focus on killing soldiers, who are infinitely replaceable? Corrupt the money supply. Attack infrastructure. See if they still want to fight when the power is off and they can’t flush their toilets. Destroy public confidence in the government’s ability to protect. A soldier may be willing to fight, but is he willing to allow his family to go hungry? It really spoils the victory when the soldier comes home to ruins and rags.

Sometimes the leader goes for too much. Hitler did this. He won Germany, France and Poland. He should have stopped and consolidated his power for a few decades. But instead, he let the momentum shift the other way and got tied. It’s such a delicate balance.

ISIS is a glory to watch. They will retake Baghdad, their peak. After that, and a small buffer zone, they must stop. Then they must implant themselves into the culture, recruit men, make money, and militarize. After 20 years and a new generation, they will be impossible to disentangle.

The US as a whole will not be retaken, that dream must disappear. I support the Northwest Territories initiative, though they have problems finding men. A Southwest Front might work, as this is where most of the racists in America are today and they get to see the demographic change day to day. Out west, there is no life without water and electricity. There is one river that supplies 5 states with water.

All of this scales down to the individual. He must not exceed his ability. He has to keep a reserve and not use too much at the wrong time. Eric Frein must be careful not to surface again too soon and be too greedy. I “feel” that he is surprised at the system’s persistence, continuing the search for an entire month. May Allah bless him with patience and discipline.


check out: http://ex-army.blogspot.com/2013_11_01_archive.html

41 Comments to “Why the IRA and Golden Dawn Failed”

  1. I made a similar comment on a older story, but basicly it was this, that spec ops guys are succesful in other countries because of the gov beyond them, yet them come home and suddenly lose all their spine and apparently content to just talk about how they ‘could’ take it down.

    So my question, in your opinion, are these guys just not as hard as they pretend (thus wont go rogue on their own?) or are they so brainwashed / shock troops for the gov they legitmately would never revolt and are acting as brakes against real rebellion?

    • Power is something a man takes for himself.

      The truly best in this world took the knowledge and power they wanted. There was no application process and no school for them. Who taught Charles Manson or Tim McVeigh?

      Spec Ops may be hard, but a criminal spec ops would be harder, because they have more barriers. Spec Ops is easy – all they have to do is pull triggers. Others have to plan, budget, gather intel, then pull triggers, all by themselves.

      • Manson had many degenerates to learn from… Cops? Many had both degenerates and exemplars. White Supremacists? Anybody?

  2. Cops are sort of the same way. I worked with two ex-detectives doing skip trace/repo collections. Cut off from their PD/LEO databases and no badge to intimidate others for info, these two couldn’t find anyone or anything. Both gave up and became process servers.

  3. One of the first laws of radical autonomy is that one is not a radical autonomist, ie., one who desires to maximize his autonomy by any means necessary. The rationale for this denial is self-evident. Such an admission would make one automatically suspect in the minds of thinking individuals. So it is with this new praise to Allah that Ryu has taken to. What does it say when only one commentator has anything to say on this inexplicable conversion? What is Ryu telling “us” with this praise? What does it mean to publicly praise a radically autonomous god on what amounts to a place for white nationalists? If one praises a god that rewards the self-annihilating convert with eternal willy-wetting, how does that fit in with white Supremacy?

    Ryu… I hope you can give us some insight because over the last few days I have witnessed Eradica become host to “white” commies, “white” socialists and now apparently “white” jihadists.

  4. The IRA did great once they stopped blowing up shit in Belfast and started killing and bombing in London. Brought their war home to the English which built political pressure on English pols to make the violence go away.
    Explained better here: http://exiledonline.com/wn-38-ira-vs-al-qaeda-i-was-wrong/

    • Cutting-edge movements shift from attacking the nearby, to the deserving.

      Imagine if coloreds in Ferguson stopped looting nail salons and started burning fancy Washington DC jewelers.

  5. Ryu…

    I think your fundamental uncertainty is nestled somewhere in between your mathematical mind and whether such “thing” is paradigmatic or not? What is Islam’s “formula?” When you mathematically map Islam, what does your equation look like? And once you’ve devised the mathematical equation that represents Islam, ask yourself what is more substantial and necessary, Islam or equations that represent Islam?

    • Radical Islam is beating American capitalism. That is my current equation.

      • But… Is Islam beating Capitalism? Is Islam beating America?

        I wound say obviously no to the first question and say to the second question that both consent to a symbiotic regression.

      • They won on 9-11, over ten years ago.

        Osama gave the American government the excuse they needed to destroy themselves. The real enemy to the Americans people is in Washington and NYC.

      • thordaddy wrote:

        But… Is Islam beating Capitalism? Is Islam beating America?

        You must define the terms you’re using:

        Is Islam beating America, in CGI movies about caped superheroes? No.
        Is Islam beating America in strong activists making change?

      • Ryu…

        Communism cannot defeat Capitalism. What could Islam do? And you seem to suggest that “yes,” American and jihad are in symbiotic regression.

      • FP…

        Actually, Ryu must defend the phrase “American capitalism” and then defend the idea that “Radical Islam” defeated it.

        I simply asked a question of the apparently new convert.

        Has Islam defeated Capitalism?

        Has Islam defeated America?

        But just to indulge you…

        Capitalism = credit where credit is due

        America = most radically autonomous

        No… Islam did not and CANNOT defeat Capitalism. What Islam can do WITHIN its own realm is propagate the idea that no Muslims should believe that within Islam is there an order that requires credit where credit is due. And when one worships a radical autonomous god then making this determination is humanly impossible.

        Again, America is more radically autonomous than Islam and because that is the GOAL ON BOTH SIDES, each is locked into the symbiotic regression. There is no defeat under this scenario. There are emerging “default elites” always vying to maximize their individual autonomy. Islam has done nothing to minimize the autonomy of America per say.

        As for “American capitalism?” Strawman.

      • Communism nearly did defeat capitalism however. The Soviet Union should have launched a massive nuclear first strike against the US during the Cuba Missile Crisis. With America destroyed the Soviet Army would have wiped the floor with NATO in Europe and Red China was ready to battle US forces throughout the far east. Khrushchev either averted WW3 or squandered communism’s best chance at global victory. He was deposed by an army coup a few years later anyway.

        Three thousand dead and seven thousand injured in the two most powerful regions of capitalism. Muzz achieved a great victory on 911 not even the communists hit Manhattan and DC. Islam is on the warpath in the 21st century like communism was in the 20th.

      • Small correction the American communist revolutionary, Soviet defector, and ex-marine Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK. That’s a pretty big achievement that deserves far more recognition than it receives.

  6. Ryu…

    It’s clear that you have taken your mind off white Supremacy.

    Which equation is true?

    He who can do anything = success


    He who will do all right = success

    Are mathematics not involved here?

    • Or…

      There is no equation… Just probabilities.

      And your free will goes out the window…

      Maybe your conversion is not uncertain at all. You are simply playing with probabilities.

      Radical autonomy, anyone?

  7. Hey Ryu, thor mentioned it, but I have to ask, is the recent islam stuff at the end an irony you include, or are you legit into the islam movement?

    • Irony…I don’t do that. I like Islam. I have more in common with the Average Iranian than American. There would be little problem with the cultural adjustment moving there. Women’s bodies should be displayed to their husband’s only. Alcohol and drugs should not be used.

      I recommend it, EK. It cannot be understood from an outsider’s POV.

      Just look and listen to Osama. This is a man of power, far more than Obama has.

    • Movements that actually do something are preferable to Murkans’ ponderous cycle of twitter, game, fap.
      Movements that achieve victory are still more admired.

      Muzz just happen to be on stage right now, so they get the attention. There’s no more IRA or Viet Cong to hold up as an example.

      • The muzz are on a stage they didn’t even help build. They’ll soon enough destroy that stage only to see it built again by others so that the monkey act can continue. The “default elite” of Islam NEEDS a perpetual supply of self-annihilators and continuously filling that need equals success. But things are no different for the “default elite” in America. They need a perpetual supply of self-annihilators and importing muzz fits the bill ESPECIALLY when considered a two-fer as a small minority ALSO help dispatch with self-annihilating “whites.” And it is in these self-annihilating acts of mass murder that ones recruits new radical Western liberationists. I mean, did anyone ever fit to ask how many radical “white” liberals are CREATED each time a muzzy does “martyrdom?”

  8. I thought Ann Barnhardt was your gal,
    Riding your train…
    She hates Muslims. Musloids is what she calls them.

    [ed note: “muzz” is the term invented by – and used exclusively at – Eradica]

  9. “There’s no going backwards to earlier steps, the stakes are always going up. Golden Dawn did everything right, until they held a “vote” to gain their independence.”

    Which vote was that? Do you mean their participation on the EU elections?

  10. Thing is most terrorism is intensely boring, like the endless shitshow of the middle east. Boredom may even be a defense mechanism.

    The IRA got results by planning only a few spectacular attacks that were definitely NOT boring in London, like the Canary Wharf giant truck bomb that demolished many expensive offices.
    Even better may have been that they called in a warning so the area could be evacuated. The paradox of few deaths but mass damage. A seemingly capable and civilized opponent is harder to ignore than simple thugs.


  11. the one on the laft is a jew traitor that’s why

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