Garrisons Everywhere

by Firepower

Like any organ, it’s becoming clear LE develops into its form by simply reflecting existing conditions within its operating environment: Fish have fins, Lions have claws.

In past Leave It To Beaver world, developing cop garrisons characterized polite, uniformed servants because they respected (but mostly feared) that uppity MOG; the Mountain Of Guns.

Today, entertainment obsessed helicopter parents, Single Moms and their Brandon Spawn, chose atavism and degenerated to forget The MOG. They’ve lost not only Marx’s class consciousness, but American Constitutional Consciousness.

All that yapping from teevee – and on down to today’s earbuds – demands volume in both quantity and decibels. So, LE now shouts a BigTuff Game of force of law instead of being yesteryear’s Polite Police. In short, Murka went from…… policing to ENFORCEMENT; six-shooters to M-16’s; Water to BRAWNDO – The Thirst MUTILATOR!

Now it’s big fat SWATZIs swaggering around in $50,000 worth of machine guns n’ military gear until they sweat through the Kevlar to require immediate, emergency intravenous donut injections. It’s loud shouting of din & racket to keep the idiots controlled, because that’s all it takes anymore to get them to obey. Suburban TEA Partiers with their Gadsden flag threat are not martial lawed like a Ferguson Blunt thug. Shepherds don’t spend money de-clawing sheep.

Super HEROCops!™ from Sir Eric The Holder on down to the noobiest rookie SWATZI triggerboy have no structural plan besides image, swagger & shout.

Their inept incompetence from The Fergu-Shooting to the subsequent Ferguson Colored Riots illustrate that as fine as Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka illustrates Murkanism.

All it takes to control 100 million pissed-off “constitutionalists” and their half-a-billion GUNS is… one million double dipping, fat pension-sucking cops – and a few thousand spy cams yelling mean things at cowering white suburbanite tax cows.

There’s no need for the expense of large Chi-Com style Armies to intimidate our population; money is better invested in Presidential Amnesties and Welfare. All that’s needed are many small garrisons of showy and obnoxious shepherds in flashy cars to herd the cattle.

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32 Comments to “Garrisons Everywhere”

  1. Must read regarding Bundy Ranch.

    This info needs to be disseminated.

    [ed note: i’ve stressed for YEARS the LN-MM won’t surrender easy as white cons did. they will fight to the death to maintain powers]
    Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism

  2. Perhaps the greatest hurdle today is the specter of what America was 50 years ago. Many still point to that past as if it were possible to restore.

    When the generation that was actually there dies, a weight will be lifted from our shoulders. Everytime I see them, it’s like a living memory. They gave it all up.

    WN is like a HS kid who wants to change but has to satisfy his peers and parents with what he was. What America was, will never be again. One can never go home and never go back. Throw out all of our history and treat it as if the white man awakened, without memory, enslaved in this country.

    • Ryu…

      How intense is your discipline to live in a micro-“white nation?” Understand, many feign a slavish desire for an ideal that can never be fully achieved FOR THE VERY PURPOSE of being able to exercise their radical autonomy. Ask yourself if that is what Ryu does? When push comes to shove WN is or isn’t in every white man’s mind. The opportunity to live amongst whites of like mind is possible YET not absolute. Although, one can fight towards the ideal, recognize its near impossibility of achievement, BUT understanding that to get a little means one may need to go for a lot. WN is… Where it is. White Supremacy is the real question? Don’t put the cart before the horse.

      [ed note: this has… nothing to do with Garrisons of Police in a Police State]

      • Indeed… Then again, once there was a will amongst the police force to do right and now the ethos is “any means necessary.” But the reality is that the phenomena is local with the collective (police in this instance) serving as the only critiqueable “evidence.”

    • Yes.
      When sissies are too scared to actualize the future, they look back toward the past, to return – like a lost child retracing footsteps in the dark woods.

      This is why spers have trouble controlling their FapFaaantasy of “returning” Murka to Constitutionalism. It’s also why even rooshi envisions a “return of kings”.

      There is NO returning Murka to either.
      Too many coloreds contaminate the once lush farm ground – like rubble, broken bottle glass and used condoms in Detroit or a SA farm.

      The only way to conceivably return to a slightly close manifestation resembling that golden age is to eradicate coloreds – tens and tens of millions of them.

      If that necessary brutal ugliness is done, America can never be as it was. It would be like Nazi Germany trying to emulate its Republik.

      You can’t go home again. Dreams are but a figure of the reality they are born of.

      This is why the LN/MM garrisons Swaggering SWATZIs and feeds them showy MRAPs: Cheap Order

    • They gave it up unknowingly. No disrespect meant to you Ryu but have you and your Boomer-Bashing friends ever thought about what OUR children (IF we even have any!) are going to say about us? Any success we’ve had has been nominal and WE have had the internet, which has made the information about the Jewish Problem and White Genocide accessible to the common man. I think it best not to worry about the old boomers unless you can get some money out of them. Lie and tell them we ARE going to bring back the old days. If we get what we want, it WILL be somewhat like the old days, only better. A White ethnostate with STRONG, UNCOMPROMISING leadership will take us….who knows how far?

      • Erin I like you, but please don’t go around denying where generational blame is due. The baby boomers are 50-50 in my opinion. On one hand you had white southern babyboomers who shot it out with federal marshals attempting to integrate Ole’ Miss. Or you had the white working class city kids who bricked St.MLK when he and his followers attempted to march through their neighborhoods. However, the babyboomers who were politically active were the spoiled suburban goyim ala Hillary Clinton or the children of kikel intellectuals.

        However the generations that need to be chastised for giving away the family store are our ‘vaunted’ WW2 and/or Korea generations. These were the combat seasoned vets who in their teens and 20s got shot at and saw their friends killed. Yet, what did they do when the communists and their black muscle began to agitate? No, they did not dust off their helmet and M1, they moved to the suburbs and poured themselves another martini.

      • Yes.
        The Hollywood jews who stayed far away from wartime danger, frolicked with starlets and prospered, were waiting in ambush to propagandize the simple returning boy-vets into believing the war wasn’t actually about Pearl Harbor, but saving The Jews.

        They knew a force of experienced killers returning to home soil were dangerous. It stirred memories of former disgruntled vets (like Mr. Hitler) organizing more angry vets.

        Media’s constant worship of the GI Generation inspired vets to rest on their laurels and neutralized them. Truman desegregating the military was one of the first blows against The Great America; GIs mainly went along with this and ultimately it snowballed into desegregating everything – then on to today’s Detroit & Barrack Obama.

      • Cointelpro, thanks for LIKING me. Its like we’re on kikebook or something.

        All I can say is I hope you and the peanut gallery are doing all the things you wish our elders had done, otherwise, you are no better and again, WE don’t have the excuse they did of being truly naive. OUR eyes are wide open.

      • I think a great deal about the next generation and what they think about me.

      • Well Erin I’m trying to do the best with what I have mainly being propaganda. A little bit about me I’m currently 24 yo and attending a large university in a large metro area. I’ve had some interesting observations. Although there are many young men who exhibit brandonism I was surprised to come across many young men who knew they were getting fucked by feminism, multiculturalism etc, etc or just that something “doesn’t smell right”. For these men who can see I direct them towards books by Pat Buchanan and dark enlightenment blogs. I encourage them to lift weights and learn how to fight with everything from guns to fists. Lastly, I teach them to treat the average hoe like the hoe she is.

        So essentially I do what the NOI does for your nigger in prison. Give these dumb kids an education, a direction, and discipline.

      • That is good work. Just that education can take them far.

      • Also, for Firepower the GI Jordies I’ve met who have served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan loathe Obama and this country they know now that the jewish and mino mafias treat them like a used condom.

        In addition the young WN should learn PUA because these young ladies love it when I crack a nigger joke or say some other un-pc fact.

      • I’m quite fond of my Al Sharpton/streetpreacher voice – as are the girls.

        It covers uttering the most provocative propaganda, even in public.
        Try sending those pissed-off young males you propagandize to read your blog or ryu.

      • Good Coin, obviously you won’t be having any children of your own with any of these whores so you and your army of PUAS are going to do what? You blame the older generation for that’s wrong, because they didn’t dust off their helmets but you could get yourself a,helmet and you don’t because you are attending college. I’m not suggesting you do anything violent, but THAT is what you think previous generations should have done but it seems to me you are not willing,to do it either.

        Some of us ho’s btw have hit the streets for white rights and White issues. Have you?

      • @Erin,

        I’ve noticed you tend to jump on people for no reason, hence why I prefaced my original statement with I like you. First off don’t try to play that shame game with me that I’m not doing enough. The reason why the ‘greatest’ and ‘silent’ generations deserve much blame for not picking up their rifles is that timeframe was when it would have been the easiest to prevent the destruction of this country. Your average white white male at that time had grown up during the great depression, seen combat, was still socially conservative, and for the most part was nigger and jew wise. Hence, if these so called greatest generation assholes would’ve put down their cocktail and tv dinner to spank kommisar kikelstein, shiksa lena ann dunham, and komrade shitavious when they began causing mischeif in the 1950s we would not have seen that abomination known as the sixties.

        Me, what do I have to work with? I get to work with single mommy raised, call of duty playing, 12 years of public school generation brandon.

      • cont’d

        Because I have to work with the millenial generation I have to separate a ton of chaff to get a miniscule amount of wheat. Instead of being able to propagandize a generation who went through the meat grinder of landing at Normandy beach, kamikaze attacks, or Chinese human wave assaults I get a generation of young men who haven’t even been in an after school fistfight. Also, if you want comissars to lead this revolution you have to deprogram these brandons from 12 years of sucking mlk’s dick, eating anne frank’s pussy, and being told to be ashamed of their culture.

        In terms of pua and teaching the brandons the truth about women is necessary. In terms of politics or what are acceptable topics of conversation on campus the dick follows the pussy. So if a young budding wn on campus knows how to handle the hoes other men will follow. Also, it helps to dispel the notion that wn are a basement dwelling dorks who don’t know how to talk to girls. Lastly pua teaches young men which girls are just for fun and

      • cont’d

        and which ones to make alot of hitler jugend babies with.

        Erin I’d like to do some direct action with you this Haloween. I’ll fly out to socal in my hitler youth outfit complete with my short short leiderhosen, you can dress up as ilsa shewolf of the SS. We’ll gorge on candy and then we’ll hit up the bars my treat.

      • Haha I “attacked” you on an INTERNET FORUM? OMG! That’s the most Brandonish thing I’ve heard all week! And you thought you could stave off my brutal “attack” by saying you “like” me?

        You don’t have to tell me the benefits of PUA. I’ve been studying it and having it attempted on me while you still playing gameboy. The rest was just excuses for in action.
        I’m an old lady now so I calls em like I sees em and your tough talk doesn’t impress me.
        I DO wish you the best though if you are indeed White. I will try not to hurt your feelings again.

        And Sorry I’m busy on H ween.

  3. The largest problem, somewhat hinted at here, is all the conservatives have the right idea – very very loosely used- but are totally misinformed, such as holding the constiution as some inalienable document, or endless israel support, to outright misinformation regarding war causes, namely ww2.

    • It’s related to your observations elsewhere on warped SF mistaken notions of judeo-xtian “honor”.

      All major RepubliCrack is the fatal mistake of not calling a spade a spade.
      They refuse to charge coloreds with actual crimes: FOX News (with all Manhattan Media) went ballistic jizzing its undies over the HERO-NYPDCops! being attacked by a muzz jihadi until discovered it is actually a negro attacking whites.

      They silenced themselves faster than another Manhattan Polarbear Knockout attack.

      You can tell who holds true power by whom you cannot criticize.

    • Good Coin, obviously you won’t be having any children of your own with any of these whores so you and your army of PUAS are going to do what? You blame the older generation for that’s wrong, because they didn’t dust off their helmets but you could get yourself a,helmet and you don’t because you are attending college. I’m not suggesting you do anything violent, but THAT is what you think previous generations should have done but it seems to me you are not willing,to do it either.

      Some of us ho’s btw have hit the streets for white rights and White issues. Have you?

    • Another mistake is thinking US Gov is believing they are incompetent. Trust me, everything that looks like an OOPS is actually part of their truly diabolical plans.

  4. cointel, I cant reply to some of you comments, but anyway you are on the right track, NEVER be ashamed of PUA roots, its how nearly all of us awoke, its only a problem if you never move beyond it. The first step to seeing the illusion is first breaking the illusion of the effiminate ‘nice guy’ myth, everything else oftens falls into place after.

    • You said that so much better than me! I agree that men need to get passed the conditioning. It’s just the beginning though, as you have so wisely stated.

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