ISIS Magazine

by Ryu

ISIS has a magazine for it’s revolutionary members, named Dabiq. They’ve only put out 4 issues now. The flavor of the writing is very different than the American style.

23 Comments to “ISIS Magazine”

  1. Che Guevara discussed why he spent his efforts in 3rd world migger shitholes instead of Murka, stating, murkans had too many fridges and teeveeeeeeez to feel pissed-off enough to take to the streets to burn and break shit for change – that murkans needed to feel true pain to motivate them.

    I once thought that wasn’t true and American smarts, patriotism and foresight remedied that.

    • I remember that FP. He was right. And we’ve got a long way to go before that kind of pain comes.

      • No Ryu… Che wasn’t right. He was taking advantage of his own people’s ego and feeding into a collectivist delusion that never managed to do anything much more than “create” a third world shit hole. On the other hand, with a general good faith effort towards proper perspective, America is a COLLECTIVIST success beyond most people’s imagination ALL THE WHILE telling herself how much she values individual freedom.

      • Better ruling poor 3rd world shitholes
        Than a slave…
        of a rich LN-MM

      • Che defeated the US backed Batista regime and their mafia allies. CIA attempted to invade Cuba and assassinate their leaders multiple times but failed. With the Soviet Union placing Cuba under it’s nuclear umbrella the imperialists were defeated for good. Cuba today is pretty safe for Latin America, very popular with tourists, and producer of world class cigars hardly a third world nightmare.

      • Cuba is a special place. It is the only country in the Western hemisphere without extradition treaties to the US. Cuba and Venezuala are the only opposition the Americans have nearly.

      • FP…

        That’s an irrelevant formulation.

        Being a “yes men”-ion to a totalitarian regime selling collectivist pipe dreams = slave in LN regime.


        Ok… What’s the grand lesson? It’s not as though Cuban and Russian action represent some kind of noble principle that you can articulate beyond the idea that such action was in opposition to the radical autonomy of the USG. But there is nothing in your writing to suggest you reject radical autonomy in principle. You just despise certain variants and prefer others. That’s all.

      • Any irrelevance is rooted in your abstraction that banana republic communists are identical to LNs.

      • What we’re witnessing in the west is a new epoch of history namely the decline and death of bourgeois democracy. Marxists never understood why a revoultion didn’t occur in the advance countries but that’s because the bourgeois were still a positive force albeit spurred to reform by the threat of communism. Without the need to compete anymore and demonstrate the superiority of capitalism the ruling classes have degenerated. They must now be overthrown and annihilated.

      • That’s something to chew on.

      • Huh?

        I said a slave in LN regime = a “yes men”-ion in a collectivist pipe dream.

        The debate centers around the validity of Che’s American critique? BUT, the messenger is a fraud and so his words are autonomically suspect. Though, he’s not just a fraud, but a “successful” one. He sells collectivist ideology ABROAD because clearly it does not sell at home. Cuba is a collectivist failure because miggers don’t really have collectivist ambitions. The irony of course is that the Anglosphere is a collectivist success by most metrics YET this same Anglosphere, largely, cannot be sold collectivism bare naked. So how does a Che fit in the picture? What is the end game involving these “revolutionary” figures who “lead” dismally failed collectivist “nations” while simultaneously attempt to sell bare naked collectivism to the white man via a relentless psychologically-rooted marketing campaign?

        Could anyone argue that Che wouldn’t be an anti-white Supremacist if he were alive today?

      • Not saying whether Che wouldn’t be an anti-white Supremacist if he were alive today: It matters not.

        Steal his ideas, co-opt and implement them as the LN did with Hitler’s. Do you think Obama discusses how many Spirit Hitlers could dance on the head of a pin?

        He’s busy implementing MORE ways to bury The White Man via importing ever more ebolanigs and unlimited Presidential Migger Amnesties.

        …as is Hillary

      • “The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.” – Che Guevara

  2. When one lives in a shithole, he’s loathe to admit he might also be the total azzhole.

    There is actually NOTHING “revolutionary” about either ISIS or even Uncle Beast’s vast array of “yes men”-ions.

    In a radically autonomous society, only genuine (white) Supremacy can be truly revolutionary.

  3. These third world clowns think “revolutionary” = break things for a change…

    They don’t understand that they are third world because they can’t conceive of revolutionary = make things for a change.

    • Who is going to have their own ethnostate faster? ISIS or Golden Dawn? Or ANY wn organization?

      ISIS has it today. They govern people. They run schools. They sell oil, making 2 million per day. The Islamic State is a reality.

      I would trade everything wn is or was for what ISIS has today.

      • Ryu…

        For ISIS, an “ethnostate” is a partial step and not the end game as it were for a WN. Luckily, a WN can already see, at least psychologically, many white ethnostates even if “they” are merely virtual at this time. In addition, ISIS (following its inherent mandate) IS BOUND to swallow whole any and all white ethnostates in the long term. There can be no mutually beneficial coexistence between WN and jihad.

      • Ryu…

        There is a need to disabuse you of the notion that WN and jihad can a) exist coterminously or that b) WN can learn from jihad. First, their respective end games are worldly and “not of this world.” Second, one is motivated by supremacy = separation and one is motivated by supremacy = subjugation. Third, one values race and ascribes it meaning while the other has no use whatsoever for racial identity beyond what could be exploited in the short term. Fourth, one allows for collective failure on a small scale with no discernible effect on the greater collective while the other is a GRAND collectivist failure that must be viciously blurred through dizzying acts of violence. Fifth, one is driven by a transcendent goal while the other claims a reward that denigrates the very idea of transcendence.

        Jihadists are radical liberationists. The critical mass of self-anointed WNs are radical liberationists. It is in this shared desire only understood in the most abstract manner can one understand why there is a) no publicly vocal clashes between WN and jihad (even though jihad should intellectually despise white Supremacy of any sort) and b) there is eyebrow-raising empathy bordering on “apologetics” for jihad amongst WNs. There is this inexplicable infatuation for the radical autonomy of the jihadist while a scorn for the radical autonomy of Americans that is never quite articulated amongst the WN or alt-rite acolyte.

  4. Thordaddy is the male version of a WN church lady.

  5. The european races were truly ruined by christianity. Can you imagine how much faster world events would have proceeded ? poitiers be damned.

    “Surely, the gates of Paradise are under the shadow of the swords.” – Sahih 33:211

  6. Why christianity will fail: “The answer went to the heart of Agnes of Meran; it drove the king to fury. “I will turn Mohammedan! Happy Saladin, he has no Pope above him!”.

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