Cops Make Poor Criminals

by Ryu

Strange world, isn’t it?

Cops know everything about catching criminals. Yet when they try it out for themselves, they seem to forget everything they learned. They cooperate with investigations. They talk to the police. They leave loose ends.

The military is like this too – Special Forces goes to other countries and teaches them how to revolt against their government. Yet, they’ve never done it here in the US. No Spec Ops guy has ever promoted revolution against the USG.

There’s a special ingredient missing when they leave the reservation. It’s a totally different ballgame when you work on your own, against the rules.

Criminals and turrists do not get any credit for their skills. They have to act without official sanction. That means unlike cops and soldiers who are ONLY concerned with…… the action, they have to deal with the action, the cleanup and the escape.

Any op for a criminal/turrist is 5% action, 95% preparation and covering the backend. SP gurus who do not realize that they no longer have licence do not mention this. Being able to shoot a gun is nothing. Being able to commit homicide without getting caught is far more difficult. That’s the difference.

I owe a debt to those who pulled me from the SP community. I still learn from cops and soldiers, but for the good stuff one has to turn to those who do it on their own. Billy the Kid, John Dillinger, Al Capone, Manson, The Zodiac, Ted Bundy, Kaz, McVeigh, and Anders all have just as much to teach. Note that among the great criminals of the last two centuries, none have been ex-cops. Only a few have been ex-mil. Also no one is ex-CIA or FBI.

All legal and above-ground methods of political change have been outlawed, diverted or infiltrated. No strictly legal group will ever enact the kind of change wns desire. Golden Dawn is slowly realizing this. Accept this fact and do what you must to learn the way.

All the skills of a cop and soldier. All the guts and caution exercised by the master criminal. Finding the other one in a millions who have those qualities. That’s the job today.

The Boston Tea Party of 1773. 60 Americans disguised as Indians boarded 3 Brit ships and threw all the tea into Boston harbor. They could have just stolen the tea and resold it, but that would have been less revolutionary. Destroying it was a symbolic act. The Revolutionary War is an example of how to destroy and harass tyranny.

This is a documentary from the 50s or 60s it seems. Superior to anything made today.

11 Comments to “Cops Make Poor Criminals”

  1. I chuckle at the preppers and 3% ers that take training from ex mil. Sure the SEALS are effective but they have millions or billions of intelligence and logistical assets to back them up.

    Going into a fight with lots of gear, real time drone Intel and a helicopter waiting to rush you back if injured takes a lot less balls than the loner that knows he has no Intel and nobody to keep him from bleeding out over a small injury

    • It’s why HEROSeals return to limited backslapping worship from moronic Murkans who can still innately sense the lie of it: Even retards eventually get wise to eating turds. You can’t keep up the joke forever.

      Besides, those free drinks kinda stop when you’re only qualified to drive a beer truck stateside, after a stint as a washed-up B Team Merc for the Benghazi CIA boobs. It all ends fast when they fuck up, disobey an order and charge HEROSeal! like into a HooRah Kamikazee attack that gets half your “bros” disabled and dead.

      • One thing we never see is the old Seals. It’s the type of job where you’re old at 30 and out by 40. One can just imagine the injuries they have. Naturally, in film and print, we only hear and see the young geared-up ones.

    • Yeah… But you have to think about running a TD on a hundred yard field versus running one on a ten thousand yard field. In other words, the kind of battle a navy seal will engage negates even the idea of a loner campaign (outside of Rambo, of course) and vice versa. A truly lone campaign couldn’t possibly justify navy seal action (with all its background logistics).

      The only real objective is to convert white navy seals (and white military in general) to genuine white Supremacy such that they carry this belief system with them whether they are inside or outside the system.

    • Ah, you know about the 3% then. Good for you.

      They had a revolution in understanding seeing that cops were the enemy. Now, they must take the next step and recognize who has the most balls.

    • Exactly man, that is what I have eventually learned, when a lot of these ex-sf guys arent nearly as ‘hard’ as they pretend they are.

  2. That Doerner guy out in LA did a lot of damage. Doerner didn’t escape but I kind of get the idea he never intended to. Failed as a cop, failed as a naval officer. Good as a short term terrorist.

  3. The SF connection is something most people dont get, I am glad you mention it. Are they ‘badass’? Sure in some regard but I am struck by the fact they essentially only ‘worked’ because they had big gov behind them, meanwhile back in america they sit down and bitch or do nothing, totally hypocritical to what they susposedly stood for.

    Further, I think there is some serious brainwashing and jew connections going on, I literraly had one SF guy say to me ‘its out duty to die for the jews, its written in the bible’

    Right-o, I guess I’ll go sign up right now.

    • Man, it’s nothing to act with that kind of budget and backup. WN would already have won with 1/10 the budget they have. Imagine giving someone like Manson or Kazcynski a million dollars.

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