White Heaven: Of Beheadings and Butterflies

by doomdigit

The day the video of James Foley’s beheading was released also happened to be the day that a butterfly release event was discussed in a local paper.  This was quite an amusing contrast to me.  Of course ISIS is coming to us, we are letting it happen.  ISIS is really irrelevant though; if not them, others who are just as alien, aided and abetted by traitors.  Locked Up Abroad is a great series that shows what happens to whites who leave White Heaven.  Sure, most episodes are about drug smugglers, but there are also episodes about people just visiting other countries.  As bad as our Western countries are, there is simply no way they can be improved by adding foreigners.  What angers me is many of the foreigners are inured to violence that many citizens cannot even understand.  One of the more interesting anecdotes about the Liberian Civil War involves an infant ……giving up its life shortly before the troubles began because it supposedly knew what was going to happen and simply did not want to exist in such a world.  We have survivors of that insane conflict living among us, they are not on our side, and never can be.  That is just one example.  The fact that many are so horrified at the recent beheadings shows you how weak our side is.  Over time this can change, but there is a serious danger right now.  Most people know about the fight or flight response, but you can also freeze.  The majority of the reactions to the beheadings show that people would be so scared they would freeze–there would be no chance to fight or flee.  The only hope is to become desensitized.  It is hard because you always lose a part of yourself, but there is no other way.

10 Comments to “White Heaven: Of Beheadings and Butterflies”

  1. Yes, our survival instinct has to be reactivated.

    I don’t believe in “Isis”. They are on some other planet. What I DO know is what I can see with my own eyes. I am surrounded by Mexicans. While you respectablesrespectables are worrying about thus latest CIA trick, your countries are being overrun with Meztizos and other Asians.

  2. Some parts are worth losing. Americans are just not used to seeing violence so close. They consider using drones or bombs more “humane.” Most could not even butchering a cow or a chicken, as you do. Luckily, when revolution does come, most will just shut down and submit to whoever can promise the most security.

    • I think some people are too glib about violence. Not everyone can handle it or are properly desensitized. Some of Stalin’s torturers literally went insane (no, I don’t have the numbers). It’s something worth thinking about. The cost for some people is enormous.

  3. Considering that Reagan was an anti-racist who did a movie against the KKK when the Dems were running KKK Dixiecrats , and Reagonomics ended the ‘welfare tax’ on earnings that kept minorities stuck on welfare, the Youtube linked is pretty disgusting re-write of history.

    • Rob, don’t take the video too seriously. Even if it’s what Aaron McGruder really believes it doesn’t matter. I just thought it was amusing because in a way America and some other countries really were a “White Heaven” for a while. Think of the movie “Elysium”. The place was great until all the immigrants showed up and trashed it. Of course the libs have a different view…

  4. You gotta be white to open the floodgates of Mewling Suck with some faggy butterfly event, dying baby-fable — and sprinkle your head with cat nuggets from the world Migger litterbox.

    • A while ago I did a quick search to see if anyone else does butterfly releases, but didn’t see anything. It’s also a recent phenomenon–old bags didn’t do this.

  5. And all the mainstream elites from obama to twittering fashion models reply with empty platitudes suitable for kindergartners.

    The maddest I have ever been in my life was when Jon Stewart had that puppy lick his face on his first show after the terrorrist attacks. His audience had the hate bred out of them.

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