How to Honor Direct Action Activists

by Ryu

I am amazed at how accurate some profilers are. They can truly understand what makes a criminal or direct action activist tick.

Often a man acts in order to gain control and feel powerful. He may join a group in order to gain a sense of belonging. Of course, one could say the same for cops and feebs, but this is purposefully neglected.

Our direct action guys want to motivate people. They want others to see and understand what has been done. They want to be recognized as heroes. They want a good audience, one who can…… appreciate what they’re seeing. These are very human and natural desires. The criminal mind is no different from the non-criminal mind.

It’s a great insult to their actions and their courage to start begging the system for mercy, or worse, to disavow the use of violence. Violence works for cops, the minos and the Muzz all day long. Why wouldn’t it work for us as well?

I salute all who resist and fight back against the Great Whore. Our enemies do evil to us and must be destroyed. It takes alot for one man to stand against many, and our people make a career of this. Hail victory! Allah akbar!

33 Comments to “How to Honor Direct Action Activists”

  1. Wow. That Marine photo is perfect.

  2. One character trait that helps outline a genuine white Supremacist is the understanding that one must embrace the consequences of his actions and it does not matter if those consequences are just desserts or the malevolent machinations of one’s enemies. Both results are inevitable and such results will come to you in innumerable ways, degrees and directions.

    So it is with praising Allah… The weakness of the WN is not bringing to the jihadist any consequences to bear either just or merely as the malevolent machinations of a rival liberationist.

    The DECLARATION… “Allah Akbar” literally translates to “I worship a radically autonomous god.”

    I worship a god who can do anything.

    I worship this god so that I can do anything.

    I worship this god because I have no will to do all right.

    I worship this god because I reject Perfection.

    I worship this god because The Perfect Man cannot exist.

    I worship this god because Man can be “perfected.”

    I worship this god because I value self-annihilation above all things.

    I worship this god because killing infidels in an act of self-annihilation is “martyrdom” and my reward is 72 Muslim virgins for eternal pillaging.

    Jihadists must come to grips with these ^^^ “things.”

    Those who chant “Allah Akbar” must come to grips with these “things.”

    • Of course, both secular and Orthodox Jew worship a radically autonomous “god,” also. And both reject The Perfect Man. Religious anti-Supremacists bound to a persistent desire for ethnic self-annihilation.

    • God has no limitation, TD. He is god because he obeys the least rules. The more power a man has, the more he makes his own rules.

      • Ryu…

        Being Perfect is no limitation. And being utterly irrational, graceless and evil is not omnipotence.

      • God is not good or evil. That’s man’s judgement based on if he’s profiting or not. He just is. He plays his own games and has his own devises. Nature has no morality.

        Good and evil are not as the masses imagine them. We can see how wrong they are on everything else. Ha – it reminds me of a phrase “the weed of crime bears a poison fruit…who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men?”

      • Ryu…

        You’re missing the contradiction between asserting a WN ethos and indicating a worship of Allah. But encapsulating this contradictory position of yours is that which alleviates one from all collective demands be they the righteous calls of WN or the corrupting whispers of jihad. You desire radical autonomy. In turn, it is your less than lack of total loyalty to either WN or Allah that renders unidentifiable. Again, this desire to have no truly particular identity indicates a fundamental desire for radical autonomy. A true self-annihilator. Jihadists are the perennial religiously-motivated self-annihilator. WN can not even embrace a quantum speck of self-annihilating psychology if it has any chance for survival.

        White Supremacy or radical autonomy. Those are the only choices for the white man.

  3. The “white” male liberal is the target market. And even amongst this group there are divisions such as high versus low IQ. I like to use “equations” because they are the stuff of nerds that even dummies can understand. So I have various “equations” that I have contemplated to counter the new “equalities” that have bombarded and redefined our society.

    Here are some of the enemy’s “equalities” for example:

    Islam = Christianity (inversion as “equality”)
    Homosexual = heterosexual (antithesis as “equality”)
    Women = man (big lie as “equality”)
    Degeneracy = supremacy (projection as “equality”)
    Racist = white supremacist (passive voice “equality”)
    White privilege = meritocracy (assertive voice “equality”)

    My “equations” which are simply true equalities are thus:

    Supremacy = Perfection = He who will do all right

    Perfect Man = objective Supremacy = He who will do all right

    White Supremacist = white man who will do all right

    Homosexual = self-annihilator


    Homo = same = exact same = self,

    Such that a homosexual = one who has sex with self,

    So that one who has sex with self (as “valued principle”) = self-annihilator.

    Of course, having sex with self = pleasuring one’s self to death.

    “Western” man = homo-sexual = one who pleasures himself to death = self-annihilator.

    There we have the root equalities open for inspection, dissection, vivisection, reflection and new direction.

  4. So, if we take TD’s logic to it’s conclusion… the colonial past of europeans, the founding of the americas, one way or another under the banner of christianity, was an act of ‘contradiction’ and radical autonomy. We can further conclude that ‘brown aryans’ are superior to ‘white aryans’, since they never gave up their religion (india), and have kept their aryan identity more intact compared to europeans (greater persia). Yet, the often light-eyed jews identify as semites.

    Ask Alexander about the afghans, and look at them today: pharisaism is an absolute condition of healthy living. Supremacy is an individual condition, any ideology can bend to it. The problem with islam is circumcision and food restrictions; but even there is flexibility. Maybe Aldus is right, the caliphate might indeed be coming to europe. The krauts will rise again if they keep going this way .

    • info_theory…

      The way I see it, only “white supremacy” stands as a consensual force amongst radical liberationists. There is no “black supremacy,” “muslim supremacy,” “female supremacy,” “Asian supremacy,” “Jewish supremacy,” etc. that isn’t just the fanciful assertions of high IQ “white” liberals.

      So it’s one thing to know one’s history — with “white supremacy” as the defining force in modern America — but it is another animal entirely to either repeat such history or even attempt to reject and then create its antithesis.

      For true white Christians in America, the modern understanding has “us” self-annihilating for salvation. These are liberal “Christians.” These individuals are liberals on a false path and somewhere there is a desire to equate such self-annihilation for salvation as equal to Islam and Judaism and the rest of the radical liberationist movements. The most disturbing aspect of the alt-rite is at the very same time that they show total awareness of the “system’s” desire to make Christianity out to be a self-annihilating endeavor for our God, they are also readily covering up for the self-annihilating “nature” of Islam, homosexuality, Judaism, abortion, miscegenation, “feminism,” the “black” collective and on and on. Yet, with a flip of a neuron they could just as easily carry on with the equation that Christianity = Supremacy = Perfect Man = white Supremacist so that they are speaking as genuine white Supremacists while simultaneously publicly rejecting the self-annihilating “nature” of all the radical liberationist movements (Homosexual, Jew, jihadist, black, dyke, migger, pedophile, etc).

      The implication is clear.

    • Another thing…

      Islam is totally foreign to America. Even if one subscribes to the most heinous and murderous characterization
      of America, such characterization never substantively included self-annihilation. On the other hand, the highest empirical act to be found in Islam is the killing of infidels by self-annihilation. Such a calamity WOULD SHOW PROOF POSITIVE OF CONVERSION to Islam. Proclaiming “Allah Akbar” is mere icing.

      • Heinous, murderous. These words have no meaning for me. Especially coming from an American – where are your tears for the millions of dead Vietnamese and Iraqis?

        Islam and Communism work against the Capitalists. Reality will be the arbiter. Islam is stronger than wn today.

      • Ryu….

        My point is that there is no equality in the standing of Islam in Europe versus America. Selling Islam in Europe is not equal to selling Islam in America. But in either case, Islam must hide its true “nature” TO BE SOLD on either continent ESPECIALLY America where self-annihilation is no part of the more recent founding ethos.

      • RYU,

        Does Islam lead one to be a self-annihilating mass killer of “infidels?” Is this not the ONLY IRREFUTABLE empirical evidence for true conversion?

        Does Christianity lead to self-annihilation through radical liberation?

        Does Christianity lead to white Supremacy?

        For those in their respective vortices, how much of their free will influences the overall direction of the faith?

        You could help shape either of the faiths. Yet, you are passive observer bordering on spiritual self-annihilation.

      • Islam as jihad cannot be coterminous with WN manned with white Supremacists for all of eternity so these two entities cannot be coterminous AT ALL at any level for any time. It’s like the Heisenberg “uncertainty” principle applied to religious ideology.

  5. I think you will enjoy this Ryu: Russia is my personal great whore.

    • Geez if people want a religion of rules they don’t need to look so far as Islam. CI offers lots if rules and White Identity too boot. Me, i’m trying to pay attention to what nature says. If a food hurts my body I don’t eat it. Simple enough. If a religion tells me I have to hold hands with Brown “people” I don’t follow it. The first time I saw a brown, as a child, my first thought was, this is dirty, I don’t want to be near it. I try to listen to that natural child inside of me and forget the brainwashing.

      • What I mean by my statement is this. Everyone has a religion or philosophy of sorts. The phrase I used implies that whatever is deemed good for Whites is the right or correct belief or course of action. Anyone who isn’t analyzing the CRAP out of,everything like a “JEW” knows exactly what it means. There are probably so Mr nuggets of wisdom in you’re writing TD but unfortunately they are lost to your over-ANALyzation of every little thing. You might want to read this.

      • Erin…

        Memetic domination = perpetual repetition.

        Supremacy = degeneracy

        Such that…

        The degenerate life is supreme.

        This is the creed of the radical liberationist.

        Supremacy = Supremacy

        Such that…

        A white Supremacist is a white man who accedes to objective Supremacy.

        White male has two options: radical autonomy or white Supremacy AND EVERY STEP matters.

        It doesn’t get much more simplistic than that. You are a white Supremacist OR you are some kind of self-annihilating liberal MASQUERADING as WN because you have determined that such masquerade will maximize your autonomy.

      • Erin…

        Only self-proclaimed WNs who publicly reject genuine white Supremacy are suspicious.

    • Nice. I support Chechnya. If there is such a thing as a white Muzz wn, I am becoming it.

      • Wow! Why do you need a religion? My race is my religion.

      • Erin… When you say my race = my religion then you indicate a desire for radical autonomy. You may think because your race doesn’t change; therefore, your religion can’t change either. But, you are forgetting that your God-ordained free will can allow you to alter your religion so as to put your SELF back in control of the degree to which your race actually matters to you. In short, you cannot equate these distinct entities and then proclaim the total lack of agency in modifying your religion.

      • Also Erin…

        When one of these fallacious liberationist “equations” manifests there is another effect… Or lack thereof.

        When one claims my race = my religion, we will “see” the exact same thing as if one were to claim man = woman. Ponder the radical liberationist “equation” and then realize beyond “it” is no discernible information because “it” is absurd (and nonexistent) in its very nature.

        So, you tell us that your race = your religion BUT this actually tells “us” NOTHING AT ALL.

        Now (because you are white), the insinuation that follows from the claim is that “you” are a “white supremacist,” But, you will roundly denounce such a characterization. You are at this stage a radical liberationist.

      • @ Ryu

        Conservative types HATE muzz and communism more than they value victory.

  6. Thordaddy really makes these comment sections unreadable

  7. One of my favorites was the Asian guy Truong soon to be convicted for mailing 500 letters
    containing powder to government officials over several years in batches from Dallas area mailboxes.
    In the letters he claimed to work for law enforcement as an Al Queda mole.

    He managed to keep his anger burning at a steady simmer instead of trying to pummel a cop in the middle of a street like an African-American would have done.

    • Yet… Having no freedom at all (except the “freedom” to be amongst the area’s most degenerate individuals) is every bit as contemptible as selling all your freedoms for the illusion of total security. Those who desire to operate in the binary will inevitable partake in the consequences of such binary.

      The irony is that for many “whites” and “Asians,” a trip to the “Big House” = SELL ALL YOUR FREEDOMS for the ILLUSION of security!!!

    • Thanks for the reco. I’ll took into him.

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