MINO Machine: EBOLA Czar Ron Klain

by Firepower

Today’s latest Swingin’ Hipster got his start at 31 sneaking in Sick Willie’s judicial nominees to legally degenerate America’s values w-a-a-ay back in the 90’s. This is all the qualifications a LN Commandant needs to be anointed Ebola Czar.

Having made his bones undermining core American values, he moved on to Gore’s Hanging Chad Spectacle where an unprecedented suing of an opponent in a Presidential election was more than breaking a taboo – it became part of the Standard LN Playbook.

Then, on to SOLYNDRA and shaking the dribbles off of Joe Biden’s cock after a good, long piss.

Ron Klain graduated from Harvard Law School as did Obama. Ron Klain is also a jew.


24 Comments to “MINO Machine: EBOLA Czar Ron Klain”

  1. Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Isn’t that the face of a “man” that one could “professionally” bend over for the sufficient amount of cash?

  3. I think you could write a hundred of these, FP.

    They value loyalty too. In many ways, the LN estab mirrors what wns might do. Several wn authors have been approached by the system for work. You know several of them, FP. HR wrote about his once.

  4. Because when push comes to shove, “intellectual” LNs CANNOT dispute their genuine fear and hatred of “white Supremacy.”

    Look at that face again…

    It says, “no way do I need to abide or even attempt to live up to the true standard.”

    Of course, when you fan away all the slobbered mist of the alt-rite, one reads the very same message.

  5. That face says, “As Ebola czar, I will ensure that more decent Americans contract Ebola than at anytime in the recorded history of this soured nation.”

  6. That face says, “grandma used to pinch my little estrogen-infused cheeks and say, ‘Ronny, you’re going to be a czar someday under the first Negro tyrant of America…’ It always made my second chin tickle to recall these times with granny.”

  7. That face says, “Look (chuckles)… Survival is for bacteria… For insects… Survival is for those with no capacity to indulge. No capability to revel in the finer things in life. No sir, I’m no survivor! I’m the Ebola-czar.”

  8. Off topic but why does Ryu keep mentioning Hipster Racist considering the massive amount of shit he talks about Eradica?

    Firepower since you never answer my questions anymore did you change my blogger status because I can’t edit my older posts. I can’t even complete my unfinished Red October piece because I’m locked out of the edit feature.

    [1 told ya: my email is buried in spam now.
    2 i have no doubt if this were a vis a vis organization both ryu (and you) would eradicate hr w/ extreme prejudice if commanded to do so
    3 i’ll look at your status. how do you intend to utilize it?]

    • I’m here, Eradican.

      I still admire HR for some things. Shit talking? Part of the game, bro. He doesn’t have to reciprocate. I’m a rich man in some things and I can give without expectation of return. He is still the best wn pua out there.

      I admire the jews and minos too for many things. We take what we need from who we see.

      After awhile, nothing will bother you anymore, Eradican. You will live and see it all, through wn.

      • Sounds like rationalizations for the fact that you allowed an enemy to infiltrate our ranks.

        It goes to show how quickly guys let their guard down if anyone shows them social charm.

      • We have nothing to infiltrate right now, but a website. We have learned where his risk tolerance is. You never go beyond what a person is comfortable with. I did not know everything, but he knew he wasn’t comfortable with violence, or me expressing admiration for Kaz or McVeigh. That’s a severe limitation.

        I can see usefulness in any level of ability. Trust is a matter of degree, to trust with what? It is not binary.

        Sometimes, we DO allow someone to infiltrate. We create a leak. Creating a weakness to invite attack. Everything we do here is a test.

        Life’s not black and white, comrade. Watch this several times.

      • The level of access hr was restricted to never approached infiltration.

        Close supervision is maintained until consistent demonstrated loyalty sponsors its own autonomy.
        Most everything done here to outsiders is a test.

      • Beyond the hysterical reaction he attempted to expose personal data online that’s a serious breach. The powers that be would prefer everything was forgotten but his past association here is embarrassing and more importantly troubling.

      • The power that is tells you to keep in mind hr’s exposure of lbf was independent of hr’s access to info on Eradica and would be conducted on any internet site and likely, was.

        Wise leadership avoids announcing dissidents but instead eradicates them without warning after their usefulness is depleted.

        A site like Eradica is inherently subject to Majority Murka’s reactive scorn and what it deems “embarrassment” anyway, so that judgment must be switched around to a useful purpose.

      • @ Firepower

        How can anyone contact you then? There are discussions that must be done privately.

        I simply want a return to the powers I once had and to update and republish older posts.

        [i will work on a new means of contact and inform you when ready]

  9. That face says, “I had this roommate at Harvard… I think he was molested by a black football player. Anyway, he went into this inexplicable “shock jock” episode that was totally alien to all of us in the hall. Needless to say, he coerced me into one of these “savage playgrounds” as he called it and it was there I first realized… I have no testicles.”

    • The point of my MMM Series is not so much certain jews alleged predilection for Semen Delivery Systems but rather, as irrefutable links to easily send to people when they reactively accuse you of “seeing jews everywhere”.

  10. That face says, “yeah, I was big on Jared’s subway schtick (laughs heartily)… But then I always ordered the meatball sub with extra extra extra cheese (spittle laughs)… You should have seen those immigrants’ faces… I mean, I’m the f$&king stud of Solyndra… I can get extra extra extra cheese. This cross eyed sub-maker barks ‘3 dollars’… I’m like, ‘amigo, me Solyndra grande, amigo.’ The brain unscrambles and their eyes go back to normal. Damn, Jared made me fat and happy.”

    [ednote: i’m now confident we’ve found td’s secret sense of humour]

    • I’ve seen others on the net who are saying similar things as you do, TD. Are you a part of a society or group that holds a certain view? A messenger perhaps?

      • Ryu…

        Nah man… I enjoy my radical autonomy way too much to be ensconced within a group. If I had a group it would be comprised largely of meatheads and night industry folks, and even there with four children, I largely operate on the periphery outside the job/gym. In secular metrics, I’m a bouncer of about 20 years. Which is to say I’ve studied the radically autonomous faces of secular freaks for the last twenty years. It’s hard for the individual to consolidate all the directions one witnesses the mad secularists go and how their faces can help tell the story BEFORE it finally unravels.

      • Interesting. Do you know what it means to hustle tables?

      • As far as playing pool?

      • Sometimes, a bouncer will make money on the side hustling tables. The tables people sit at. I’ll agree with you on many things. Liking abs on women = homosexuality. Women with ripped glutes and veins everywhere.

        Some of the people at this site are similar to you:

      • I didn’t really work in those types of places and have those interactions as a bouncer. Certainly, I could and couldn’t hustle the door at certain times and certain places though.

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