Stupid Conservative Questions

by Firepower


FOX News is the epitome of conservative thoughts and policy along with Rush Limbaugh.

Fox has the edge: They have more mouths and they’re on display continuously, while Rushi has just three daily workweek hours.

So with all this power – all this influence – what does Fox do?

Continuously ask and repeat The Stupid Question:

  • Why does Obama let in EbolAfricans?
  • Whyyy does Obama open the Mexican border?
  • Why-eee won’t Obama investigate Lois Lerner’s IRS?
  • Whyyy-eeeeee are liberals doing all this craaaaaazy stuff?!?

This is turd polishing. Remember: The hallmark (and dead giveaway) of Grecycling is repetition.

The perfect summation of such nonsense is the ……continual, repetitive asking of questions but (listen closely!) not seeking an answer. Coming from a giant “news” company – ostensibly dedicated to fact-finding and exposing new information – non-answers are greatly suspicious.

The hallmark of this tactic is its appeal to The Stupids aka The Murkan Peeple. Smart new$ companies don’t have to answer questions posed to stupid people: Stupids don’t demand answers. All they require is MOAR Daily Outrage!

Additionally, stupid conservatives don’t intend (or want) to answer the repeated questions they pose. They avoid real answers and frustrate progress.  It’s the itch they won’t scratch.  That the answers are so simple – so obvious – prove the deceptive duplicity even “our news sources” foist upon The Ignorants. Remember: Our side’s generations get educated in the same LN Government Schools as OWSers so they are just as stupid. Stupid conservatives are just as blind, ignorant and stupid as stupid liberals, just in a different way, with their own biases and PC sacred cows. Cons reflexively hold beliefs such as:

  • Israel must be rabidly defended to the last drop of – Gentile blood!
  • Invade everybody who says they hate us – except N. Korea & other nuked-up nations!
  • Muzz irrationally hate us – while we’ve only just bombed them for peace!
  • Nativity scenes belong on City Hall lawns!

To help poor old, powerless Helpless Gawd, we need baby mangers and school prayer to thank Godd for “blessing” us by filling all our cities with destructive coloreds, giving Muzz all the oil and giving China all our money for the next century. Because we don’t follow such RepubliCon tenets retardedly explains to them why Murka is fucked.

Now, the “crazy stuff” liberals do seems absurd to you because you do not yet grasp these new tactics as a threat. The Hebrews at Masada thought Romans were crazy to besiege them in mountainous desert terrain. Hitler believed the Allies were crazy to attack the Atlantic Wall in Normandy. Plains Indians thought the white eyes were crazy to build huts called “reservations”. Cows think it’s crazy to build pens and meat processing plants leading to a pneumatic bolt in the skull.

It should be a tripwire for your Bullshit Detector when you hear these Stupid Questions. When Obama and his liberals commit The Latest Abomination!, the ultimate Fool’s Question is now:

What if a REPUBLICAN did… fill in the blank?!?

Silly rhetorical questions such as these are luxuries for peaceful times. There is no time left for such conceits. Questions posed for their own sake are made by (and for) children who live in fancy fantasy, ignoring reality. Besieged whites need no more questions; they need answers.

  • Obamao wants Lois Lerner’s IRS MINOs & jews to persecute TEA Partiers because they’re majority White
  • Obama and liberals want the Mexican border open, flooding in Migger-voting Democrats for generations
  • Obama lets in EbolAfricans to humble whites and buy colored votes in Detroit, The Bronx & Chicago

Simple – and easy, right? It’s not difficult. RepubliCons “can’t” say it and worse, they won’t. That makes them suspect and mostly useless. You expect the NYT and MSNBC to bullshit you, not FOX. With all that audience – that influence and power – they’re actually scared to be called racists…for speaking The Truth. Wars are lost if you refuse to use your weapon, then foolishly surrender because… “the enemy hates you”. 😥

It is The Big Lie, done up right-wing style. LIUFY

Oooh! Now LOOK what Obammy done! Why…if George BUSH hadda done… fill in the blank!

You can tell who holds True Power by those you cannot criticize.

13 Comments to “Stupid Conservative Questions”

  1. I had my awakening when I saw a bunch of Neocon jews supporting Obama election in 2007-2008, I finally started TO understand what is all about without even knowing David Duke or Prof. MacDonald.

  2. Let’s not be disillusioned though. Only real conservatives can be actual conservatives while radical liberals never need be true in principle. So the reality is that we have in Fox (what a sly name) and Murdoch are radical liberals playing to that wide swath of lesser liberals who have them selves believing they are real conservatives. They merely conserve the radical’s last step.

    • No one wants answers because the answers are now ugly: Unchecked for too long, they’ve propagated into monsters now needing to be drowned in blood.

      Tone down the analysis lest you overcomplicate it: FOX viewers are not liberals who think they are conservative because network programmers really are liberals who…

      The viewers are simply nearly just as degenerately stupid as MSNBC viewers and thus, gullible for TDO.

      Remember Occam’s Razor.

      • The essence of a conservative is knowledge of tradition and so a conservative can really only be “ignorant” in the ways of modernism and liberation. Fox viewers are not conservative by and large, ie., not ignorant of the ways of modernism and liberation, whether they call their selves this or not.

        Liberal… One who asserts the “right” to “f$&k, screw, love” whomever one please INCLUDING the self… And/or asserts the “right” of self-annihilation.

        Conservative… One who thoroughly rejects the Liberal notion AND NOT just the last inclusion.

        ALL in the West are liberals IN ONE EXTREME OR THE OTHER (and in many times, both extremes at one time) and NONE but a negligible few can claim any real conservatism.

        ERGO… ALL in the West are some degree of self-annihilator (radical sexual autonomy = self-annihilation) INCLUDING “fox” viewers.

        Just the idea of watching the fox, understanding its sly ways and yet fully succumbing to its predictable machinations is something to behold. You call it stupidity and I will call it empirical AI. “We” could bash it from both ways.

        Fox needed “racists” and NOT white Supremacists. Job well done.

      • Good stuff. Too deep an analysis is a waste of time, like that Gordian knot we had last week. A child should be able to understand.

        [but, it woulda been good practice for E…what with not getting much writing practice in]

      • Actually Ryu, it’s not that deep. It’s actually simplistic AND OF NO BENEFIT to the masses in acknowledging the simplicity. It’s formulaic. Better yet, it is an “equality.” Or, “it” is a series of “equalities.”

        Objective Supremacy = Perfection = Jesus Christ = He who will do all right (the insurmountable human standard = He who endured the most perfect pain = He who answers the question of evil) = white adherents = white Supremacists…

        Anti-Supremacy = No Perfection = no perfect man (while still attempting to “perfect” man) = he who can do anything = radical autonomy = self-annihilation…

        EVERYONE falls to either one side or the other with the Neoreactionary (“white” male nerd; arguably the smartest collective on earth) believing he floats somewhere in between. Those on the Anti-Supremacist side of the equation are want to take “things” to their logical extreme while those that fall to the Supremacy side are always figuring out ways and means to come up short and feign obliviousness to the obviousness of their obfuscating.

      • Masses oversimplify the complex, but neither are groups able to collectively process actual complexities into a simplified route preparing clear action.

        That, is what leaders do.

      • The strength of “equality” — meaning the degree to which all individuals in society is radically autonomous — is ALSO its weakness such that a truly radically autonomous society has self-annihilated, ie., has no collective sense of self that is not just radical autonomy itself at the level of collective.

        The masses clearly desire this state of affairs. State enforced radical autonomy (equality) in exchange for self-annihilating indulgence.

        Think of what it would take to resist such a “deal?”

  3. Flag saluting GOP types are the worst thankfully with Obango as president they’ve finally STFU.

    All the problems were real ten years ago but now they’ve just metastasized thanks to these dopes.

    [ed note: those types are STILL prevalent in the gop. it’s their only purpose. with renewed wars, they again emerge to justify their only reason for existence. you should write of it]

  4. The common people, especially the women, are now very much conditioned to not say anything that can get them in trouble – and the witch doctor in chief is protected by a lot of taboos, as are the Jews pulling his strings.

  5. Foxnews has been calibrated for a 100-IQ demographic who think the passionate performers are working to solve their political problems. Or at least someone is.

    • If so, then Fox is a mistake and presumed to be willfully ignorant of the real demographics that cause a real Romney defeat not even two short years ago.

      Fox cares only about money from ratings gathered from the same griping majority that posts overwhelming negative comments on CBS, AmRen or MSNBC sites.

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