What a Plague in America Looks Like

by Ryu

The Stand. This series has of course been forgotten, being over 20 years old. It’s all there; the government and media lies, science and its illusion of control, the human aspect.

There is a high probability of a true epidemic within our lifetimes; policies will prevent containment. Their quarantines will fail. A wide variety of pathogens have come the US, thanks to their immigration policies. Edgar Steele used to write about this a lot.

By the time the government actually admits an epidemic, it is too late. Those little mask things won’t work. The military and police will not refuse any order, but they will try to save their own families, which is what one has to watch.

Our government has a compulsive need for control. They think they can control every twitch and squirm of life. Their scientists are not wise enough, nor do they have…… enough bullets to achieve that level of control. Much of life comes down to chance, no matter how good you are.

The ultimate technology in this world is our biology. The strength of a race lies in the blood. It has worked for thousands of years.

Movies provide a way to live through this scenario, with some imagination. My favorite scenes involve a survivor and the scientists. They are wonderfully detached…until they catch it themselves.

13 Comments to “What a Plague in America Looks Like”

  1. Ebol-A-Rama is an intriguing condition to view as an experiment in Murkan MINO Machine control.

    Their greatest fear is insurrection of NRA Whites; not for national violence and destruction, just for disruption of the their economic infrastructure. SWATZIs will not lust for the potential Ooo-Rah Battle Cry when their home addresses are known – just as they likewise fear Ebola infection now – so both scenes illustrate their effective weakness.

    The fear is great in the MMM because of Ebola. They know even a short disruption in the money machine makes repaying our huge Chinese Debt difficult; dispensing pacifying welfare to breeding coloreds is then threatened.

    If coloreds boil over out of anger that “The Man” is screwing with their benefit “rights”, this spills into near White Suburbs igniting NRA Whites’ waiting fuse.

    Such an earthquake disturbing this fault line in the Mountain of Guns would make ISIS fighting Kurds fighting Shias fighting Sunnis etc seem like a soccer riot.

    No army in the world could stop it. It must be extinguish itself with a victory by one of the three warring tribes.

  2. The major problem, and they likely know this, is that whites are ready and waiting to start shooting, but the ENTIRE problem is they are misled, and likely will be shooting the entirely wrong people, in name of the ‘libertarianism’/’freedom’ etc

  3. Just because the System collapses doesn’t mean that people will stop believing in it or the values it promulgates. The USG fell in The Stand and people still flocked to the colored mammy on the porch. She was a like a rev-run or sunfin, nah mean?

    Of course it’s fiction and Stephen King adhered to the egalitarian dispensation, but a post-apocalyptic Constitutional restoration movement would be a dangerous enemy.

  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Konopka

    I’m in contact with this guy Ryu. You should do an article on him, sometime. I’m doing an interview with him to ask where he went wrong

    • Holy crap! I was just thinking about him last week. I was studying Supermax. He’s there. Yeah, I know about Dr Chaos.

      You are a part of the wn collective consciousness. I’ll write on him soon.

  5. That was me. Very arrogant guy. One of his org turned him in.

    • I thought I smelled that, J. The only way they could have found the cyanide is if he was witnessed, or if someone ratted on him. With his level of experience, being witnessed was less probable.

      Also, he seems to have recruited teenagers. Modern American kids aren’t ready for stuff like that. They don’t understand how the world works yet, or the police.

      Some ego is necessary. It takes a lot of confidence to act. But there has to be a counterbalancing discipline. I’m interested in him though. He’s unique.

      I found an affidavit:

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