The Mark of the Beast

by Ryu

It’s the social security number. This docu has two soverigns talking about the ssn.

There’s alot of cool docus in this series. We don’t dial 911. We dial 357. The Mesa people are true revolutionaries. Lots of awakened Vets there.

2 Comments to “The Mark of the Beast”

  1. Awakenings can be a good or bad thing. Given the wrong information for so many years, some people just will not be able to let go. “My (x), right or wrong, good or bad,” will be the mentality. I wonder how many people found that they couldn’t hack it on the Mesa; they moved in, or quickly (were)(forcibly) moved out. I don’t know that they’re the right people to incite revolution- that DEA raid was a mojor blow to them, financially as well as spiritually. Massa’s land, Massa’s rules, i guess.

    It’s not just SSN, it’s your bank account info, your credit card info, your CVS value card, I could go on until everyone gets gloomy and doomy. Perhaps there is a better way than to try to evade it.

    • I don’t think they are revolutionary yet. They just want to be left in peace, which did not happen. Like many survivalists, they hope to wait it out. I think they are right in nearly aspect, but underestimate the USG need for control.

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