The 1986 Miami Shootout

by Ryu

This incident has been forgotten by the Murkan public. But for LEOs, it was a watershed moment. It was one of the first times pigs were outgunned.

5 Comments to “The 1986 Miami Shootout”

  1. The symphonic sound track behind the narration during the shoot out re-enactment was an odd feature. Very 80’s. Guess this film must have been made in the late 80’s when the wounds were still fresh.

  2. I lived in Miami in 1986. Moved there right after the Liberty City riots. I remember this well.

  3. Battles like this – and Waco and the LA Bank Shootout – show why Murka SWATZIs use the FBI to persecute white gunmen more than Migger and colored gunmen.

    It shows why they want whites eradicated first: To establish total autocratic control.

  4. I’d never known of this until I read Ross’ “Unintended Consequences,” another semi-fictional, half-solution book. But when you thirst for solutions, it is like dew in a desert, you’ll lap it up.

    • I like that book. UC and Hunter are wn must-reads. More than just the actions, is the psychology of revolution. Their feelings and fears. Those parts never become obsolete.

      [I’ve read UC cover-to-cover (no cheating) and recommend it]

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