by Ryu

BTK stands for bind, torture, kill. The BTK killer killed during the 70s and 80s. He went clear until 2006. He sent a letter to the police, getting himself caught.

There’s a tremendous disappointment that happens when one breaks the law with impunity. The American police are supposed to be all-seeing and all-knowing. Some do get away with murder; the clearance rate for homicide averages about 60% in the USA. One learns that the real safety is that most don’t possess the guts to be as bad as they’d like to be, not that the system is so competent.

BTK was homefree. He hadn’t killed for over 15 years (officially) and he wasn’t being investigated. The only way the system could catch him was…… his confession. His ego then became the greatest impediment to his own freedom. He began to feel invincible, beyond their grasp.

One needs enough ego to possess the confidence to break the rules, but not so much that one needs to gain recognition. Anyone who is good at what he does wants credit. Even killers. Yet, there’s no one who a killer can actually confide in.

The educational value of murder is seldom mentioned. There’s a new understanding of the value of human life to gain. Death is always around us, even when young and healthy. We all live on the edge all the time. For this reason, killers seldom work long hours and chase career goals. One learns to savor life, while it is available. It is a secret only a few will experience in a palpable way.

So much of this life is lies spread by the uninitiated. By the time one really understand the house rules and how to proceed, it is almost too late.

12 Comments to “Ego”

  1. Ryu, how does propagating one’s genes work in your model ? how does your model differ between here and across the pond ? what are the differences, in your opinion.

    • Men may sleep with any women they like. Women, only white men.

      This is not my specialty though. Hipster Racist is the best WN pua. He wrote a realistic method at his site a few weeks back. He’s the one to read for sex stuff.

      • If you’re always “treasure” diving then you will inhabit a world of “shipwrecks.” But where you may see shipwrecks and treasure, another sees Captain of the ship and today’s cutest cabin boy. There is a symbiotic regression at play and PUA in no way acts as a force against such degradation. PUA could be better understood as Paint Us Azzholes both for the repulsion it creates in decent females and the attraction it garners from homosexuals.

    • info_theory…

      I’m actually the “best” at explicating the current sexual milieu due to my extensive cognitive immersion into radical sexual autonomy. Most of the PUA “experts” WILL NOT tell you that they are selling self-annihilation ALL OVER the WW so that any noticeable zealotry towards “gene” perpetuation is largely smokescreen. Is there a single prominent PUAer that has actually passed along surviving “genes?” As far as I know, PUA’s top guns have a 100% mortality rate on their particular spawn.

      You must see the nexus between the homosexual “nature” (self-annihilating “nature”), the broad desire for radical sexual autonomy (strictly speaking: homo-sexuality) AND the near monolithic belief that one has the “right” to “f$&k, screw, love” whomever one pleases (no fundamental loyalty).

      Before the “white” male liberal even undertakes the idea of passing along his “genes,” he should be made to accept his God ordained free will and embrace the mandate to strive towards objective Supremacy OR the entire notion, the effort required and the motivation necessary is simply naught. Passing on “genes” if one is not a genuine white Supremacist simply has no inherent meaning.

      • I agree that most pick up artistry leads to homosexuality as does porn. You can’t watch all that penis having sex without developing a liking for penis.

      • Memememe,

        It doesn’t have to go that far for most “white” male liberals although it certainly could. Rather, a more EXACTING and LESS liberated understanding of homosexuality is in order.

        Homo = same = exact same = Self

        Homosexuality = sexual attraction to self = self-annihilation

        For most “white” male liberals, radical sexual autonomy/homosexuality will be simply “jerking” to porn and for those with money eventually copulating with “female” robots.

  2. Ryu says,

    There’s a tremendous disappointment that happens when one breaks the law with impunity.

    This is the key insight and it evidences two fundamental mindsets: the desire for maximal transgression and a compulsive desire to not be invisible in the modern world. No one desires true freedom (invisibility). Even with the power of invisibility available in the modern world, almost none can actually embrace it. The BTK killer reached maximum transgression BUT was still “invisible” (totally free) and this he could not accept. The modern world can provide the individual true invisibility and yet this same modern world provokes said individual into continuously exposing himself as though he were a compulsive exhibitionist. To “break bad” is to put one’s self into this bubbling hot cauldron.

    • That is part of it, TD.

      One is taught that the American police are god. They see all and know all. Then, one finds out that god is less powerful than one believed.

      It’s a lot of discipline necessary. BTK wanted credit more than he wanted to be free.

  3. Spent the last 2 days obsessively reading oogy’s posts at thephora. Oogenhand is a true prophet and visionary. I would do anything to study under him. Joxua Luxor + Oogenhand + Ryu – spirit, mind, body- the most lethal combination alive. And thus, the scourge of God will be born.

    • Oogenhand is a very strong nationalist. His ideas are not generally accepted yet though. I like him too.

      Many of the more “conventional” wns do not like Oogy. They are a part of the old order, descended from the skins of the 80s. One has to add the realities of PU, MRM, and Islam to what wn was to get something useful.

  4. The generalized killer is not permitted by society the luxury of sharing and celebrating unsanctioned kills.

    Government sanctioned killing imparts an acceptable, wider social approval. Frein kills one, he’s labeled a murderer. Chris Kyle kills 147 – he’s labeled a hero. Yet, Vietnam vets were scorned for years.

    Thus, the best way to kill is to be the Establishment. The better way is to destroy the old establishment and create a new. Russians prior to 1917 could kill only if in the Czar’s establishment, but in a few swift weeks it changed to make them the criminals, while the previous revolutionaries could now freely kill and earn medals, even.

    • It’s hard to kill without permission.

      Think about the numbers. 2 million soldiers in the US, 1 million cops. Word is that at any time there’s about 50 serial killers at work. That’s a tremendous disparity for the same job.

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