System Psych-Outs

by Ryu

Cops have a set of insults or negs designed to anger criminals into making mistakes. A good criminal must learn and anticipate these insults.

“Coward” is a big one. It’s everywhere in police literature. Assassin types are called cowardly because they don’t give the target a chance to fight back. Bombers like Kaz are cowards because they don’t kill man to man, according to cops.

It’s not about logical consistency. Cops and soldiers are quite honest; they don’t want fair fights. They only want to fight when they hold all the advantages. This is cowardly, yet is never…… mentioned in their insults. In passing, we note that at Ruby Ridge it took 400 cops to fight one little family…cowardly?

Sexual insults are common. One should expect anything coming out of a cops’s mouth to be a fabrication, especially if it’s on TV. Cops might suggest a perp is gay or that he has deviant desires. This is about pissing him off into making a mistake. “Proactive measures” is the official term.

Anyone who is good at what he does wants credit. Criminals can’t take credit or they out themselves. Everyone, even cops or criminals, has an ego and likes to feel appreciated. Expect the system to play emotional games when it suits them.

Today, one learns more from what isn’t covered in the news. Some stories are purposefully ignored. Successful getaways are not covered, because they would encourage criminals and demoralize the public.

The best a criminal or direct action activist can hope for is to act and go clean. Living free afterwards is the ultimate reward. Don’t be famous, don’t get a big head. Overconfidence kills.

This is probably the most famous psych-out scene. The system pisses on the killer, who then takes his revenge on the newsman who passed the story. Do you think the cops give a rip about the crispy newsguy? And they call killers psychotic.

5 Comments to “System Psych-Outs”

  1. Another great article Ryu. You and Firepower are the only two dudes in the game who get it and offer tangible, USEFUL advice.

  2. The System is established upon the perceived notion it is better than any other form of rulership and so, the ruled should be grateful.

    Just as a good criminal must learn and anticipate these insults and tactics, so must a good propagandist and aspiring leader expect challenges to his Main Philosophy and be ever ready for another opportunity to expound more and win converts out of lurking eyes.

    Many of our greatest comrades have never written a single word on Eradica.

    Only when true power is achieved can challengers and saboteurs be eradicated swiftly.

  3. Read about a guy who let the cops in to answer questions about a software breach at a former employer, and they used a few innocuous questions as a pretext to seize and seach his computers and media.

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