Western Guilt Culture: The Great Cancer

by Firepower

The chief flaw of White Western Culture, absent in colored cultures, is Guilt.
Jewish Guilt is so prevalent, it’s been a popular literary cliche and comedic ploy for nearly a century.

There are reasons why they suffer less, but that’s a discussion for another time.

This Seed of Guilt pre-existed even before jews infested western values; guilt was implanted by the shared God of Judeo-Christianity: The One who commands “feed my sheep!” while gleefully smiting the fuck out of His. The guy who commands you to “love thy nay-boor” while giving us His Love… through the gift of Ebola.

Muzz are not hindered with the guilt handicap. Nor are modern coloreds who are so ……stupid, degraded and illiterate they’ve fortunately forgotten this, which is why they handily defeat White Culture in their half-century winning streak.

Western guilt is ubiquitous throughout the Western World; it is not unique to America. It just seems so because America is rich and brash – and the epitome of the West. America was the crowning accomplishment. Alas, it is also the peak. It symbolized all that was truly great in Western Culture and also, all its flaws.

Pick one color from Column “A” and one from…

Vapid celebrities seek the easiest methods to neutralize hateful envy leveled against them by fickle, silly audiences; it is their protection to make even more money. Their greed for fame and fortune is conditioned to be unlimited in the greatest playground shopping mall in history: Murka.

To preempt criticism and hateful resentment of excessively hedonistic lives that may destroy lucrative careers, they need tools to fight that other Most Murkan Emotion: Envy.

Racism is the worst charge leveled in today’s twisted, PC Guilt Culture, then Hypocrisy and perhaps Greed. It proves Murka still has remnants of Shame/Honor Culture.

Lucky colored parasites are chosen as talismans to ward off this evil: They imply a benefit to the owner that “I am not racist!” and “I am charitable” and bestow upon the bearer automatic exemption from demonstrating these valued liberal features without actual cost of danger, harm or blood.

These magic pickaninny lucky charms deflect harm simultaneously from all three great gravy-train destroying forces.

So, the artificial guilt arising from escaping the mud huts and shit holes of agricultural societies manifests itself in adorning the fortunate with the symbolic trappings of degradation.

21 Comments to “Western Guilt Culture: The Great Cancer”

  1. Neitzche had a really good book on this ‘The genelogy of morals’ which basicly talks about the ‘salve morality’ that was from chiristianity and jews that totally destroyed the proud/strong values of the Romans.

    • As usual, Nietzsche is correct; that makes his arguments impossible to defeat – a tactic I use and recommend.

      Paradoxically, the proof of his correctness lies in the abandonment and increasing drift from his values for over a century.

      All western nations have degenerated, unabated since 1880. Not one has improved.
      It took (Western) Rome 250 years to peak, then fall.

    • The name ‘Jacob’ means ‘Supplanter’ or ‘Deceiver’, Jacob became Israel by deceiving his older brother Esau from his Birthright.

      Esau is also known as Edom, jews called the Roman Empire Edom because they wanted to supplant the Romans as the rulers of the World so they used Christianity as a weapon but backfired on them and later they tried their luck with Arabs by creating Islam.

      Muslims prayed on Jerusalem direction in the beginning but after the jews tried to fool Mohammed like later they did with Martin Luther this was changed to Mekka, who is sacred to Arabs since the most ancient times and Islam was fully “arabized”.

    • My position has changed from re-reading old documents listing the proof of jew infiltration/insurgency against Gentiles to taking the next step and querying:

      Does a White 85% majority deserve to survive if it is subjugated by a jewish minority of 2%?

      • I’ve thought about your question quite a bit. I think the answer is no. The logical questions to then ask are “What the hell am I fighting for then?” and “Why worry about the White masses?”.

        My answer to the first question is “I am fighting for my children, my eventual grandchildren and every descendent thereafter on our eternal quest for knowledge, exploration, mastery and perhaps even a god-like state. Our age-old quest would be seriously hindered or actually terminated by “assimilation” with a lesser race. And I can’t have that.” Sounds cheesy saying this in modern ‘murrica doesn’t it?

        My answer to the second question is “My progeny need other White people to survive and procreate. Ideally they will procreate with superior Whites. The inferior Whites can still be allies, or foot soldiers, in our fight to avoid “assimilation” with lesser races and eventual ‘active’ genocide.”

        In my opinion our problems lie with the inferior Whites. I classify any White who is not aware of what is going on to be inferior. These are the ones who either enable or enforce the current anti-White system. These are the Whites we seem to direct all our propaganda towards but they are too stupid to realize its importance. They do not deserve to survive, but yet I believe we need them. It’s hard to evangelize to people you generally despise (at least currently). I respect anyone who takes this chore on.

      • What is happening today has happened before. The masses of whites were never saved. Only a small remenant survived.

        This happened 40,000 years ago in Europe to the original whites, the Neanderthals. Then 10K years ago, to the whites who were the first to North America. And again today.

      • It is impossible to transform feral pigs back into livestock. It’s too expensive and better to use them simply for what they are.

        The cost lies in time spent disseminating propaganda while simultaneously missing opportunity elsewhere. It now seems we’ll all be 146 before seeing results.

      • We’ve done well in wn, FP. There is a lot more out there though. The red pill goes beyond PU, the MRM, or even wn.

        Geoengineering, chemtrails v. contrails. The gov must have optical and quantum computers. Rumors about an underground train from Denver to DC. A vast tunnel system under the US. We can explore a lot more.

        [ed note: we must maintain Stalinistic discipline and not veer into strange territory. In destroying Germany, Stalin did not bother with enemy troops in Lithuania, nor did he devote much time to Hitler’s bunker or inserting spies there. He simply smashed what was exposed before him]

  2. Antisemitism is the highest form of class consciousnesses for most. That’s better than no class consciousness but it doesn’t go far enough. It’s also “safely subversive” since it threatens only a particular group instead of capital itself.

    The liberal “guilt culture” is mostly bourgeois decadence remember morality is a class weapon. Class struggle permeates everything like it or not and the moral sphere is yet another battleground.

  3. @ ryu

    What enabled whites then was the upper classes gave them permission.

    Just more proof (as if there was any doubt) that class matters most of all.

  4. If the wages of sin is death then genuine guilt is a life-saving emotion. He who claim that some mythic “white man” was devoid of an right or wrong understandings has a substantial case to make. What is pernicious is FALSE guilt, ie., “guilt” derived from a false sense of personal culpability for the fallen nature of man. True guilt is neither like true jealousy nor true greed. Whereas one has no power to counteract the wages of sin, one can easily alleviate his jealousy by recognizing his total lack of personal loyalty or satiated his greed by redefining wealth in spiritual currency. If the assertion is the desirability of a guiltless being then the practical effect is a self-imposed blindness to one’s self-annihilating tendencies. Even if one rejects Christ — The Perfecf Man — ones still must reckon with the concept. The Perfect Man is GUILT FREE because he will do ALL RIGHT. Of course, the will to do all right is the self-evident solution to degeneration and infinite regress. Those of the alt-rite who attack the validity of the Christ standard ACTUALLY only realistically attack degenerate “white” liberals who are then those at the forefront of the false “guilt” propagation.

    White males can choose genuine white Supremacy or radical autonomy. There is nothing else. Guiltless does not equal guilt free.

  5. “The liberal “guilt culture” is mostly bourgeois decadence”

    I respectfully disagree. It’s not the “bourgeois” middle class. It’s the aristocratic elite that enjoy their power and toys and feel awful about it. Not so awful that they’ll give up their goodies.

    White guilt is a luxury that can no longer be afforded.

    • The “white guilt” meme is ultimately aimed at obscuring truly self-annihilating acts from socially constructed “transgressions” that bear false witness in order to induce culpable feelings of guilt. So the locus of degeneracy is ultimately at the individual level selecting for the embrace/rejection of true AND false guilt. What we see in Modern Murkan is a tandem selection of embrace false guilt/reject true guilt. Total inversion. Embrace of both a phony “shame” and the truly shameful. Symbiotic regression.

  6. Celebrities exist on a higher level than us, the saints and saintesses of a secular age, like left wing fakirs. I think it started when Marlon Brando got a native to chastise the crowd on his behalf when he won the Oscar for the Godfather.

    [perhaps earlier, with Hestonites marching with MLK or thwarting HUAC to benefit their communist and jew moneymaking partners]

    • Celebrities don’t actually exist at a “higher level.” In fact, most subscribe to the rejection of the Highest Level and therefore can at best claim to inhabit some arbitrary level that is above the peons but below something or rather. Modern celebrities and athletes are paid shills for radical liberation/self-annihilation. The primary essence of the modern celebrity/athlete is no loyalty, “King” James notwithstanding. The mass peon can literally make or break ANY modern celebrity/athlete with a mere turn of his emotional support. Gobble gobble.

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