The Revolutionary’s Weapon

by Ryu

Horrors: A week ago – in Washington DC!

A good racist should be able to raise hell with just a marker or pen. Common vandalism directed at the proper target can elicit the highest system response.

Vandals learn many skills. How to plan, how to be invisible and swim in the sea of people. How to keep one’s mouth shut and control the ego. These are skills that must be practiced to master and they have other applications as well.

It’s easier to be anonymous in “meatspace” compared to online. Online, one has to trust the word of some technie; in real life, one can be certain. It is too expensive to ……put cameras in every nook and cranny of Murka; that only happens in NYC and DC. The system cannot track everyone all the time.

There is a real world out there. The internet is only one small part of it. People lived very ordinary lives in the 70s and 80s without the net. It’s not necessary for life and is now just another diversion like TV.

The system can be beaten; it records losses each day. Make them do something they hate, like spending money and being patient. The whole purpose of America today is to make money. They loathe having to pay people to stand around and watch stuff.

18 Comments to “The Revolutionary’s Weapon”

    • Gotta start somewhere. If someone was really good, the pen would be all they need. Just need the right target and to escalate it. Just writing ISIS all over DC would give the USG vapors.

  1. Getting to the point that this is the only blog I read… Thanks

    • I was going to email you. How’s the NWF going?

      You must be tired of the news and jews. I now only read the headlines and look thru the comments at amren. There is truly no need to rehash the old stuff when miles of new material has not been explored.

  2. Ryu understands what it truly means to “starve The Beast”.

    It must be more than lip service, empty gestures and Sloganeering for Craptivists.

    You cannot expect to fork over $5,000 in city taxes every year, then “starve” a beast by moving to the boonies to raise worms in a rural township with $4,000 village taxes.

    USG Liberal nazism has technology, jackbooted SWATZI triggermen – and other seemingly insurmountable forces – but every such force based on tyranny has critical weaknesses thoughtful insurgents can counter – often, quite cheaply.

  3. OT still unclear what would be the fastest way to commit suicide to avoid getting captured by a raid team for say non payment of cuckold alimony or something. Just hypothetically of course

    • Why would a man commit suicide over alimony? Kill the enemy, not yourself.

      There’s no mystery to what raid teams do. Intel, action, exit always.

      They’ve got eyes on the person or site. Then usually they set the raid to the time when the surprise is at a max or when resistence is a min. They set a outer and inner perimeter to cut escape. Usually it’s a 4 man breach for a small house with another team just outside.

      Kick the door in and start screaming to distract anyone inside. Clear each room and secure the objective. Then the search team comes in and tosses the place.

  4. Wield sword locally… Strike pen globally.

  5. Ryu, you’ve written before very eloquently about… greed. You say, not many wns will come to know greed. Are you talking about the greed that a young, cut-throat investment banker / tech startup founder would feel, or are you talking about something off the books, if you follow me ? in your eyes, is there any value in pursuing the former ?

    • That is part of it. I think more of the “greed” of a criminal or direct action activist. Eventually, one thinks one is invunerable. Like one can’t be caught. This is a very dangerous greed.

      But whites today are greedy in another way. Even some wns want to become jews, living in the mansion, married to a blonde shiksa, and have some Jordies do their fighting for them. So many white kids want to get the good job and just make money, as if our struggle does not exist.

      Becoming rich in a police state just means that one can please the ruling class. No one becomes rich in America without the USG knowing. The state has the power to make or unmake a man’s fortune. The best paying jobs are being a banker, stock broker, working for the gov itself, or working for the police state-technology companies.

  6. I don’t see why ‘the struggle’ and entrepreneurship have to be mutually exclusive. Perhaps i’m being mentally obtuse… how exactly do you plan on going from lone barbarians clanking on the walls of Rome, to a successful Carthage ? You need money i.e. resources to start things. You need a tribe – where you eat matters. You need to solve people’s problems i.e. create real value to get rewarded as such, unless you were born privileged. I understand very well the value of ‘blood’, however this is realpolitik we’re dealing with. At least, the leaders of wn should strive to be like Thales; or better, a combination of Thales and Achilles. You’ve talked about the importance of making money before.

    People need to drop the manifest-destiny-hegemonic idea, if they want to see a rebirth; fragmentation is necessary – lifeboats are necessary.

    There are two types of jews (forgot the terms), as my ukrainian friend says: one is the bourgeoisie old money type, the other is the rugged type that would crack your skull in the middle of the night; without blinking. I respect Israelis greatly, they are a very different breed from the heroin snorting, inbred NY kikes.

    I like the idea of California – Arizona – Nevada. As you’ve mentioned, the sun matters for a certain frame of mind – everything great originates in the sun-belt.

    • We don’t have enough action types today. Desire without means is worthless. There will always be enough people who want to sit back and count the money. I rely on others to perform there specialty.

      Cali used to be the place of dreams for white people. It was, for about 20 years. Then they let the spics in. The most radical wns live there. It takes minos to make wns.

  7. I agree with info_theory. Revolutions cost money and lots of it.

    • Nope.
      Revolution is cheap.
      All it costs is blood.
      Winners just make oppressive government pay more blood.

      Ideology is cheap and cannot be bought off. It volunteers to die, if need be. It’s how Ho Chi Minh and Osama won. Perhaps how ISIS will, too.

  8. Action without vision is also equally worthless. Arguably, it’s an exercise in “radical autonomy”.

    In order to have means, one has to have the freedom to think; both only come with free time and a degree of self-sustainance. Does Eradica hate any and all types of elitism ? money & action … let’s ask the Sicilians how different they are.

    You are still broken and fragmented no matter how many mercenaries you raise up, or how well you starve the beast. Thordaddy definitely understands something.

    • There a trifecta split amongst white man: “white” self-annihilator. “White” male liberal. White Supremacist. Amongst the first two is about a 75/25 split for socialism versus “capitalism.” And amongst this group can it be said there exists a greater fervor for socialism than affinity for “capitalism.” The white Supremacist sees the Capitalist “system” as indestructible and SELF-EVIDENT. Capitalism SAYS that capital flows to the most worthy of individuals and investments. Socialism is the direct re-engineering of this order SUCH THAT capital may now flow to the least worthy of individuals and investments. That true Capitalism doesn’t pan out amongst a den of thieves somehow then becomes the clarion call to destroy Capitalism through socialism. It is a profound exponential absurdity that nonetheless works for that very reason. At least in America, a nation of Socialists is self-annihilation.

    • In the West, economic theory have ventured towards exponential growth. Empirically, only cancer evidences such a theory. So in short, at the highest level of economic gamesmanship is the idea of create business for explosive growth followed by a quick death and reconstitution of its “parts.” In this dominant paradigm, “white” male liberals are the premier grunts. The white Supremacist recognizes perpetuation as the prime initiative and thus adheres the break even economics. In the corporate scheme of things, “profits” are that which the Leviathan duly feeds upon and so there is a mutual desire for both exponential growth and business carcasses. Most “white” liberals could create wealth by just cutting calories and recognizing their dead end road in the modern corporate scheme of things.

  9. Simple question: what was the difference between the northern barbarians and the Ottomans ? suspension of disbelief.

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