Eradica Exclusive: An Interview with Eric Frein

by Ryu


But…you already know what an interview with Eric would look like. There is no magic in his success. It’s no different than going to Amren and knowing in advance what will be there.

A good student knows the grade he’ll get before the teacher hands them out. A good killer knows in advance whether he’ll go free or not, before the police investigation occurs. It is a man’s preparation and discipline that determines, beforehand, the results he will get. Every battle is decided before it’s fought.

Eric would talk about how much planning he had to do, down to the smallest detail. How he studied similar cases to his own. Reading books on the US marshalls and police manhunting techniques.

The emotional aspects are also predictable. He experienced the same feeling that a hunted animal did. He had moments of doubt. He wondered if the ……system ravings were true, if they actually had him surrounded, what they actually found on the trail.

Eric felt betrayal as his family cooperated with authorities. Especially his younger sister. They were supposed to care about him, yet they valued their relationship with the USG more than the relationship with him. He expected their phones to be tapped and his family to be surveilled, but he didn’t expect them to go along so readily.

You also know his plans for the future. He kept his head down for a few months. Mexico and Canada have extradition treaties with the US. He would have to go to Cuba to avoid Murkan authorities. Or he simply went out west and started over in a medium sized town.

He resurfaced and got an all-cash job, as millions of Mexicans already do. He re-entered the system with a new driver’s license and birth certificate. He altered his appearance and his habits. And he never, ever contacted his family or friends again. This is exactly the same program that the American witness protection program follows. We will cover witpro in the future.

The only thing exceptional about Eric Frein is that he made a plan and had the discipline to execute it, with a minimum of deviation. He did what so many regard as impossible. For a while, he felt as if anything were possible. He had climbed the mountain and seen sights few other had. For a time, he pulled back the veil and saw what was possible. That reward was worth the cost.

Use our teachings wisely. One day, we will be gone.

10 Comments to “Eradica Exclusive: An Interview with Eric Frein”

  1. When outnumbered, the cunning warrior doesn’t barricade himself in his living room, drink a case of Bud, paint a target on his wifebeater then take on the SWATZIs.

    Snipers are always a leveling force for the fear they instill in occupying armies. Insurgents scare the shit out of Jordie today, just as The Cong scared (and defeated) yesterday’s Vietnam Jordy.

    John Muhammad, the DC Sniper, is a memory that DC Elites and their Ballwasher Media routinely suppress, lest they remind Murkans how much easier insurgency would be here.

    Fire once a month, then retreat to Da Ghetto. Repeat.
    JM’s strategy of escape & evasion made him harder to track than EF.

    • Exactly. I remember the DC sniper well. He was pretty awesome. Just got too active and he cut that kid in on it. 17 yo is too young for such an op. They don’t have the control yet.

      How one man can control millions. I must study it sometime.

      • While each and every plan can have weaknesses, JM illustrates a fundamental flaw with the FlyFarmer Strategy:

        Retreating and “hiding” in rural areas actually exposes the player somewhat; if USG is hunting trees… it’s a great place to hide trees. One man among trees is easier to spot than one man among millions of people in a city.

        IR searches have limited use in a mall, for instance.
        While Frein shits in a diaper in 40 degree weather, JM shat in the comfort of his toilet, watched TV and ate McDonald’s whenever he felt like it.

        Certain features of each are better than others. Each has its strong and weak points.

  2. There are a few exceptional 17 yos out there, but that’s a matter of good parenting/uncling (AND please don’t try to convince me that their aunt can teach them this shit…)

  3. Inadvertently, the blithering liberal kid reporters at yahoo! clumsily spill dishy secrets.

    EF cleverly took the time to set ruses, like booby-trap pipe bombs with trip wires; those will delay the usual hasty TV SWATZI “OOHRAH!!!” Search tempo.

    Apparently, to the yahpoo! LibIdjits, deadly snipery at 300 yards intimidates PD Jordies. As we’ve long stated. One man with a rifle could cause havoc at a US oil refinery. 50 could do more damage.

    • That article almost sounds congratulatory. For all their money and power, the USG holds on by a thread. The smallest distruption would knock down the entire house of cards. It reminds me of portfolio managers who would go bust if the market turns 1%.

  4. There is still no clear motivation. And when one voluntary identifies himself for capture (but still intends to escape?) thus neutralizing virtually the entire rationale behind being a sniper (anonymity = radical autonomy) then a clear explanation is in order. If this turns out to be personal vendetta then those who have been pom-pomming for Frein look like they just got caught with their mini-skirts down around their ankles.

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