Red October

by eradican

The Soviet Union was the most important country of the 20th century. It’s fair to say the 20th century was the Soviet century. From start to finish they defined the era. Contrary to popular belief the Cold War didn’t begin after WW2 it started in October of 1917 when Soviet Russia itself was formed. Little did anyone know then how much the world would change. A colossal battle of armies, spies, and ideologies would begin pitting the worker state against the capitalist powers. It’s hard to fathom now but once upon a time the entire world seemed likely to…… fall to communism. What the worldwide jihad movement is to the 21st century communism was to the 20th. September 11th was the Red October of our own era. The revoultion led by Lenin and Trotsky didn’t begin so ominously however. On the contrary it was a fight for freedom and progress which is all too often forgotten.

Long before 1917 was the unglamorous work necessary to realize that dream. Before it was even a dream it was just another political movement in Tsarist Russia one of many in fact. Imperial Russia was a country that was seemingly lost in time a despotic feudal aristocracy in the backdrop of an industrialized and modern continent. The problem with that model was the masses weren’t serfs anymore. They were politically aware, conscious of their status in society, and realized how backward they were to their neighbors. The winds of change were in the air no matter how much the feudal overlords resisted clinging on to power at whatever cost.

Vladamir Lenin was born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov and raised in a wealthy Russian family of minor nobility.

Incomplete blog post sorry for the accidental mishap will reschedule complete version at later date. Stay tuned.


21 Comments to “Red October”

  1. I like short posts like this. They give me time to think about the ideas presented. Perhaps it work well to present your work in installments E.

  2. Something has to oppose capitalism. The capitalist values money above anything else. The product of a white ethnostate has to be superior men. Like the type Afghanistan turns out. They may not be rich, but they aren’t slaves for the Americans. Their “primitism” is worth more by nature’s reckoning than Murkan technology.

  3. I like BW’s reasoning for the appeal of communism in the west, ‘its the rule of intellectuals’, thats why our university educated infantile cossetted elites of democracy love it so much!

  4. I’m kinda upset that Firepower published this against my wishes. Sorta like Dave Chappelle falling out with Comedy Central. Firepower also never responds to my emails anymore. What’s up with that? I want to give my adoring fans a completed work and Red October will be done when it’s done and not a moment before. A small preview of the themes I have in mind…

    [ed note: told ya: your last email was weird, then you wrote someone was hacking it. i avoid opening material with a warning label. as for upset, i’m kinda upset your ass isn’t around here enough to check on scheduled articles…]

  5. The 20th Century was the jewish century, even since the 19th century jews had both Banks (capitalism) and the Radical Leftist movements under their control.

    The Communist Revolution was funded by the JEWISH bankers in London and Wall Street who are too happy in helping their cousins Trostky and Lenin in murdering the Tsar and his family.

    Most Murkans don’t know this simple fact, Murkans love their kikemeisters.

    • This is true and when Eradican completes this article, I’m sure he will talk about the Jewish influence on events.
      Right Eradican?

    • Jew bolshevism, Asiatic hordes, iron curtain, evil empire, or the current demonization of Russia when you threaten the international system they’ll smear you endlessly.

      It’s hard to believe foreign elites supported communism given that every major government in the world invaded Russia to destroy it.

      • What do you think it is about communism that the Americans dislike? Merely that it’s something different, or does it have something special that makes it a good counter for capitalism?

      • The most frightening aspect of communism is the idea that people can seize power and become the new ruling class. Not only will they enjoy all the luxuries that come with being the new elite but they can also engineer society any way they want. Rightists always whine about “social engineering” but that’s just the ruling class shaping society to it’s own desire. If they can do it so can anyone else if they seize power. The October Revolution changed the entire political, economic, and military landscape of the planet. That’s why reactionaries desperately try to discredit it as much as possible.

      • Americans seem uncomfortable with revolution. With losing control. They just want stability so they can make money. And our government today provides enough stability so that a certain number of people can chase the dollar.

      • Russians have been compared to congenital anarchists who are said to need a ruthless leader. Left to themselves they will not have a civil society but a corruptocracy, unlike European populations inhabiting the same latitudes. Under a sufficiently demanding strongman they can leverage their numbers to achieve unique brute-force solutions.

        No doubt this method would work less well in Arab lands, and not at all in Africa.

      • Communism is the individual trying to shape the collective while Capitalism is the collective perceiving the value of the individual. One can then easily discern why “communism” is always self-destructing and why “capitalism” can never be absolutely destroyed. In a “communist” society, you have a critical mass of individuals all seeking and ultimately competing to “socially engineer/perfect man.” In a truly Capitalistic society, the collective interests invests/lends credibility to worthy individuals. So what we have in this capitalist/communist ideological battle are individuals of very different and distinct “natures.” Is one fundamentally better than the other?

  6. *IF* USSR had never expanded past its 1938 borders it still may exist today because the populations of old USSR are more used to living under a totalitarian government, from the time of Genghis Khan on.

    The USSR conquering so much of central/eastern europe in 1944-45 led to the USSR’s downfall as the populations in countries like Poland/E. Germany etc would not live silently under totalitarian foreign rule.

    • Nations incorporating foreigners of any type and using a lenient hand will fall.

      It is happening to Murka today; it’s been progressing a long time.
      We just haven’t yet seen the endgame.

      America was a 200+ year experiment that failed.

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