by Firepower

ALL White Here: Nobody here but us white boys, sir!

Don’t make believe for a moment our 3000 white Jordies sent to “serve” and fightfur EbolAfricans are just humanitarian cannonfodder. Shucks! They look like a regular NFL team – or Obama’s staff. Diversity is oh-so  critcial when demanding the color of our rulers, but not so much when determining the color of the meat rotting under Arlington’s lawn.

No bureaucrat would risk their lucrative political future over infecting HEROTroops (plus bringing death droplets home) for the cheap, routine process of buying colored votes for the upcoming midterm election alllllll the way to Hillary And Beyond: Our BraveBoys Who Fight For OUR Freedom are there to collect weaponized virus.

More troubling, so is Communist Red China. They’re not stupid, they’re collecting. China doesn’t give a rat’s ass about…
… helping coloreds. They barely let them on their soil to vacation. You bet Putin also has his KGB on site, bringing home presents for their dark lord, while big dumbass MINO Murka spends $1 Trillion so Mbukwe can breed 30 more pickaninnies in twenty years for us to spend another $2 Trillion on in the repeating future.  We’ll also borrow that money from the Red Chinese to spend in Africa creating disease-proof coloreds; such a deal…

This is what happens to a nation when it’s ruled by MINOs. Murka is now totally and completely

…a nation of the MINO, by the MINO and for the MINO.

But ALL MINO Rulers Here...

A perfect testing ground for the effectiveness of such a weaponized virus is Africa. The only folks who “care” are Liberal nazis in Washington DC whose hearts perpetually bleed for the black vote. It’s likely this is just the fruits from a test run for the chinks and they’re just now collecting the more potent, mutated goodies they’ve hatched.

Ironically, all socialist/communist regimes have excess bodies also quickly mutating on their own – into revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries threatening The Forbidden City. Oh, and that other imperial palace of evil: Washington, DC.  Tyrannical regimes need to thin out their ghettos and nip dissent in the bud before it gets out of hand. To their respective Imperial Leaders, China as too many bodies, we have too many guns.

Now, whenever the entitlement bill is too much to handle, Liberal nazis can trot out an epidemic of good old-fashioned plague to thin out the herd.

Just imagine the non-stop screaming Daily Outrage Headlines when US cold & flu season starts and people start coughing and sneezing in public. Fat Soccer Moms will panic like Fat School Teacha-Feminists into a sweaty, greasy ball of screeching MSNBC TDO.

The black goes to the expensive emergency room for sniffles and head colds – imagine when mammy and D’Vontae feels day gots de Ebola and sheet. ERs will be flooded and perhaps overwhelmed. Cries of “da white man invented dis sheet to kill da black man” will rise higher than they did during the crack/AIDS glory years.

The dead Ebolafrican causing all the panic snuck into Murka to marry his girlfriend for free citizenship; she also likely snuck in here to get amnesty and all those comfy bennies colored Miggers get. Why not? Think who paid for his multi $Million dollar treatment at the hospital.

If you like continually fantasizing, keep it up; stick your hands down your pants and imagine all those Africans who’ll now try and get into Murka for Free Ebola Care courtesy of our Historic Black President and his colored vote-buying MINO Machine BIGov.  Once you’ve done that…now imagine how many more of a lighter shade invade the border when Ebola infests Mexico and South America: A regular Nigger & Migger Fiesta – Coming Soon! To a town near you!

So sit back this cold & flu season and laugh watching the comic hijinks of MINOGov jump around with a bug up its ass, paying $35,000 for amberlamps rides to the ER each time Niggers & Miggers get a sniffle. Why…some dastardly demons might even phone The Authoritahs with fake concerncalls their beloved colored neighbors looked mighty ill just before they disappeared into their shack for days!

Even I (just today!) saw an African-American-African stumbling around the mall, sneezing and coughing, muttering some gibberish with a thick African accent!

If Murka, Communist Red China and the Restored Soviet Union figured out it’s advantageous to collect the latest New & Improved Human Pest Spray… wouldn’t you take an hour flight to Sacred Motherland Africa to collect bloody diapers if you were ISIS?

Toldja So:

Washington Post, October 24: Ebola crisis rekindles concerns about secret research in Russian military labs

13 Comments to “Ebola-Rama”

  1. Good article. I’d barely considered these angles.

  2. The White men has become the biggest sucker in the world.

  3. Nailed it.

    The only silver lining is that a lot of Whites are getting pissed off about all these Nigs knowingly getting on airplanes and coming here.

    This Ebola situation has pushed a close relative of mine onto our side. Even send me a racist text.

    • The system is making some mistakes. It is good that people may finally be able to see how incompetent the gov is. Yet, it will take them a few years to come to us fully. It has to be more than just a whim, because this ebola thing will be forgotten in 2 weeks when the news stops covering it.

      I’d be happy if most whites would just become indifferent to everything and let us do our thing.

  4. The reality is that a lot of White people, in fact, a majority of them are still in lovey-dovey mode, when it comes to being loyal to America and seeing the MINO as equals and part of their family, where as they don’t and never did.

    The exploitation of NAMs (the LoftB term for low IQ non-Whites) at the expense of normal people by the corporate capitalists will be their undoing. It’s only a matter of time when they demand more and more from their White overseers, where they become stripped down by their non-White serfs and become too intolerable to deal with. I’ve seen with my own eyes, how black workers are just stepping over their White managers at the big box stores such as Staples and Best Buy. Meanwhile, the obedient Prole (the Loftb term for the non-bourgeois White) Chumps will be the smiling boys on the picture above, happily marching themselves towards death.

    • Interesting points.

      Search Eradica for “mino” and more interesting items pop up.

      Whites being “pushed too far” is less likely than you think; the Ruling white Class still enjoys obscene profit from overseas investments ensuring their longtime comfort in plush surroundings.

      It’s why you never see the traditional American Great Man rise from ruling elites to complain about the system. The closest you get are the Pauls – and they are miles away, ideologically & financially. You saw a Steve Forbes and a glimpse of Donald Trump. The left had FDR, Kennedys etc…

    • The white IQ seems to be a defect. It makes them more perfect slaves, because they are able to lie to themselves. The minos and the jews are too stupid and too smart to fall for it.

      • This is easy to prove, replicate and prove again.

        You GOT TO BE white
        To toil for Habitat Fo’ Humanity:
        You’d never see a colored bust his ass for Migger Mamasitas and their twelve Pre-Amnestied-Hispanic-American bambinos. Just like you won’t see wetbacks Humpin’ Fo Habeetat throwing up wallboard for some poor, hungry, Struggling-African-American 250 pounder.

  5. The ultra-elite ruling white class always lives in seclusion. They will not be affected by the actions of MINOs. However, the lower tier White elitists in their said “prestigious positions” will feel the effect of the unpleasant offensive by the people whom they are overseeing. Most if not all, leftist American institutions have been tainted by the liberal vermin, and I expect the contamination to reek their noticeable effects very soon.

    Firepower – In regards to my take on Hispanics, they simply have a null effect on White people’s peace of mind. Hispanics don’t care for the left or right wing paradigm, they’re more like the Elusive Global Mafia than your local black welfare whiner.

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