Kill Team Documentary

by Ryu

I bet the zogbox won’t publicize this movie. There is a docu out there on how American soldiers targeted Stani civilians.

The incidents and deaths are of course irrelevant. I don’t post this to indulge in outrage. I would call these soldiers more honest than most; the real penalty here is killing without permission.

There seems to be a human need to lie to oneself. A soldier is hired muscle forhis bosses. Nothing more. Their cadences say a lot. “One, two, three, four. Every night we pray for war. Five, six, seven, eight. Rape. Kill. Mutilate.”


“Rape and pillage burn the village! Yes we can!”

9 Comments to “Kill Team Documentary”

  1. Given the mentality of Jordies, I doubt they were “going off the reservation” here. Someone gave orders, official or otherwise; it’s a win-win situation, if you can call it that. If they get away with it, they maybe instill some fear into the local populace; when they fail, they have scapegoats ready to serve time in Leavenworth.

    Of course, it !could! be argued that this merely roused up new insurgents. I believe the libtards might actually be correct (for once) here.

    • Incredible Chutzpah throwing these guys under the bus. But that’s what you get when you sleep with dogs.

    • When this order is given, they don’t say “kill civilians.” They say to secure the objective and your team with whatever means necessary. They give a blank check and a situation where one has to do it.

      One finds the same thing at Abu Ghrab and Guantanimo. The orders aren’t to torture, but to gain actionable intelligence by any means.

  2. You’ll never see perfunctory FOX News cockslobbering on HEROVets!.. like these; they embarrass and mortify The Establishment. FOX routinely hides Bushi’s dangerously embarrassing “da I-rackeez err good Peeple! Thurr seekin’ Mock-ra-see!” speeches.

    Liberals also avoid discussing it, as many were duped by his Weppinz O’ Mass Strux-In! bullshit.

    The class of dumb hick/Jordie is as abused for their service by Republitards, as stupid colored trash is used for VOTES by Leftists.

    The observation that

    the real penalty here is killing without permission

    proves my thesis that the True Warrior needs no god (or God) to validate killing when it truly needs to be done.

    It’s why Communists like Stalin and Mao could off more meat than anybody in history.
    This is the type of killer most feared by society and so, the one society feels compelled to control the harshest. Charles Manson didn’t need “God” to sanction his killing, but his dim followers needed one, so he gave them the notion.

    Leaders should convince their troops that “God” is “on their side.”

    • I can’t ever remember the media going after a cop or soldier killer they way they do for civilian killers. Yet, the act is the same.

      One cannot learn what is needed by studying cops or marines. They kill, but there are virtually no investigations directed at them. Few manhunts for killer cops or soldiers.

      The greatest power the USG reserves for itself is the power over life and death. Only they may decide when a person dies. Even suicide is illegal. The Muzz faith gives them the authority they need to properly oppose the Americans. Perhaps if we had something similar, people wouldn’t be so afraid of the USG.

      I read an interesting article on the military video game people and the military. They are becoming the same, FP.

  3. @ryu:

    you must read this article; then I suggest writing about it:
    “They don’t call it SEAL Team 6-Year-Old for nothing,”

    …it MUST be the truth – if USG is suing the hell out of the author.

    • If other SEALs and the USG is pissed, there must be some good stuff in there. I will have to actually buy and read his book first, but I will accept this suggestion.

      [ed note: just reading the free article in the link suffices. if you want to spend cash to read more it’s up to you]

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