Bees are Racist

by doomdigit

The honeybees cultivated by backyard keepers are the tame European variety, which are much less likely to attack than Africanized bees. “The bees are not interested in stinging you,” says Danielle Downey, Utah’s chief apiarist for the past two years.

Time Magazine

Killer bee attacks are so much more aggressive because when a killer bee hive is disturbed, the entire colony attacks. By comparison, when a European honey bee hive is disturbed, only about 10 percent of the bees will attack.

“If you can’t escape that’s when the fatalities occur,” said Berenbaum.


6 Comments to “Bees are Racist”

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  1. Entomology is a hobby of mine.

    Worker bees have a barbed sting that dislodges most of the contents of their abdomens, which ends up being fatal to the bee. included in the package is a dose of venom and a bit of pheromone, which draws other bees from the hive to attack the stung entity.

    Africanized “killer” bees don’t have any more venom by volume or potency, but the fact that once stung, they attack en masse.

    Rules for surviving a bee attack.

    1. Run. Like. Hell. A nominally fit human can outrun bees of any variety. If you suspect Africanized bees, keep running like hell, as they will chase you well out of their “territory”.
    2. Don’t wear red if you think a bee attack is likely. For whatever reason, it pisses them off beyond reason. If you’ve already been stung, take off any red clothing, THEN Run. Like. Hell.
    3. If you’re allergic to bee venom, try to avoid areas where bees will be present, and keep the red to a minimum.

    Africanized bees became a problem in Brazil in the late 60’s when some genius decided to import African honeybees, thinking they could control them. In time, they got loose and miscegenated European hives, as the African queens matured to adulthood faster, allowing them to kill their European-dominant rivals in the honeycomb, thus Africanizing them. They produce more honey, thus the reason they were imported, but have a hair-trigger temper and don’t stop until the target is dead. Oh, and surprise, surprise, they breed much faster. Sort of a metaphor for their human counterparts. Unlike their human counterparts, good luck distinguishing between the European bees and the miscegenated.

  2. Perhaps they had the same evolutionary pressures, leading to similar behavorial patters, Doomie. It doesn’t seem too surprising that bees and humans could have similarities.

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