Eric Frein Update

by Ryu

They promised to catch him. They said they were close, and they had him surrounded. More system lies.

21 days later, he is still free. For some, the impossible becomes routine. What was once deemed impossible has now become commonplace and even boring – the tedium of excellence. No police department can pay overtime for hundreds of cops over weeks and weeks of time.

Here’s some updates. One is about the poor, weary police. The other is about Eric and how he’s playing a game.

16 Comments to “Eric Frein Update”

  1. Ryu…

    If one line of thought has been conveyed here at Eradica by its primary contributors it is the thought that “nothing is what it seems.” The liberal degenerates of day’s past were radically successful in one particular avenue and that idea was to be severely skeptical of everything and everyone. Now, ideology dictates that an increasing number of the mass grow severely skeptical of the avant garde skeptics.


    Normalize “white” self-annihilation.


    Desired police state in the historic land of free white men.

    Mechanism (to achieve Goal):

    Ambiguously identified white male snipers State-issued white cops.

    You simply ask yourself in which direction does the capture or escape of Frein inhibit or further the above desires? In a “nothing is what it seems” type environment, Frein’s “escape” seems to further the goal and exacerbate the contextual pretext in the State’s favor. In other words, another degree of “white self-annihilation” is embraced and tolerated and the allowances given to those operating in the Gray Law only grow in the minds of the masses. In the minimum, Frein MUST explain his true motivations. The act itself is not enough to tell us whether he truly fights for the freedom of white man. His escape tells us nothing about why he should be given a nearly insuperable moral pass for killing two cops.

    So you must be teetering on the uncertainty of whether Frein actually avoided capture or whether TPTB let him “escape?” If you allow the possibility of the latter scenario then Frein’s true motivation sits front and center. And it is Frein’s motivation that will ultimately decide your moral outlook towards his act.

    • The cops worked for the system. A system destroying our race.

      I do teeter. I don’t fully know Eric’s abilities, I didn’t train him. But his resume suggests he should have been able to clear easily. Every hour and day he goes free is a victory.

  2. What are your thoughts of whites joining the military?
    Also what of sites like stormfront or dailystormer?

    • You don’t need to join the military to gain their skills. Use the net to copy their ciriculum and adjust it to your needs. Eric was self taught, which is why he succeeds! He was not told that it was impossible.

      SF and the DS are news and jews outlets. We use news to teach lessons, not just for entertainment value. Like Amren. Just read the headlines and run through the comments if anything looks interesting. After 10000 of them, they all start to look the same.

      You can be elite without joining the military. Always remember that the best at anything are civilians. Not cops or soldiers. The strongest man, the smartest, the fastest, you name it at the highest level, and civilians beat professionals.

      I used to love to watch amateurs out-train the professionals. They just lack the passion. It’s a job to them. They sold their love for money. I never imagine cops or seals when I think of training intensity.

      • Yeah, I was refering more to the idea of ‘fighting for your country’ in its ideal, obvivously not its current incarnation. Because if it dies, wasn’t all the ideals it was based on, dead in vain?

      • The greatest secret perpetrated by the USG is keeping hidden that:
        The nation is already dead.
        It died a long time ago. It’s why you see the things you see. It’s why it elected a colored president.
        It is your country that is dead; the nation of Jefferson, Washington and Patton. Name some “great authors” or great physicians who cure diseases. To make it easier, just name some great men.

        The music is MINO. So are the vast majority of Arts, Education, literature and government policy.
        Murka is a MINO Machine.

      • The collapse, so feared by the survivalists, already occurred. Just like a police state isn’t all storm and gray, the post-collapse USA isn’t all Mad Max.

        One can expect some dramatic changes when the generation who actually remembered America finally die. Then “America” as a dream passes into myth, like Rome or Greece.

      • That is precisely what happens when a nation falls.

        Scholars often state “the fall of Rome wasn’t announced with the toll of a bell.”
        Romans weren’t actually aware their nation “fell”.

        Even a hundred years before Rome’s fall, its emperors weren’t even Roman. They were Syrian or Spanish etc. They valued the wealth and power of Rome, but not its heritage: Just like Our Historic Black President and his MINO Machine.

        A nation’s collapse is the truest form IRL of boiling the frog I know of now.

  3. EK…

    I would discourage all my children away from cannon fodder status in the US military. At this point, with “diversity” a highly prized value in the US military, one who contracts with said entity is really a paid mercenary. In the minimum, I want my children to understand the full scope and consequence in choosing whom to serve.

  4. The SWATZIs must harm Frein to avoid what you espouse: The foolish incompetence of Government Paycheck triggermen.

    The next stop at the Government Tit after military discharge for the MARVY (marines, army, navy) triggerman is returning to the homestead-shithole for another BIGov check because digging for IEDs with a fork and driving an MRAP qualifies Jordie for nothing else.

    These jackbooted fascists are brainwashed to obey Das Kommissar when they’re FEDs, so they’re pre-initiated to lick the boot of the local magistrate to earn their suppers.

    Frein’s freedom bursts a bubble. It threatens the SWATZI Regime of Local Control and is dangerous: It shows other US Insurgents it is really truly actually possible to get at them and even get away.

    Imagine if Frein had an accomplice waiting with a car; he’d be safe in a Nevada mountain shack now…

    Why, folks could pop Deputy Dawg in one state and be swiftly driven to another in total freedom.

  5. MSM says Frein fought with Serbs in Africa, but no evidence so far. There’s picture of him in front of a Serbian Orthodox Church but this has apparently been scubbed.

  6. You didn’t even link to the best PennLive article – the diapers they found weren’t even his! The “we found his diapers!!” story was one of the most important angles to the Swats, because (a) it supposedly proved they were close on his heels, (b) it at least proved that he was still in the area, and (c) it allowed the media to make fun of him – “haw, haw, he’s wearing diapers!” Turns out none of it was true.

    I can just picture some fat-ass storm trooper stumbling across a wad of shitty diapers in the woods, probably left there by some dumb Mexican. “Hey, Sarge, look! I’ma stick my finger in there and see if it’s still warm.”

    • There’s too much good stuff to link it all. There was one where some pigs fell out of a tree stand too.

      • Hahaha. Excellent. Just FYI, this is the only site I’m turning to for Frein news.

        And, yes, I’m ecstatic that he hasn’t been caught. I hope he’s away clean already, with his toes in the sand on some peaceful beach somewhere.

      • Probably we are the only site covering it positively.

        There’s a reason why ISIS does so much better than Golden Dawn: action. The Muzz act. WNs need to focus on the how.

  7. If all else fails they will kill some homeless guy and announce they got him. No relatives of Eric are going to say it’s not him.

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