by Firepower

Ebola is foremost an epidemic…existing for thousands of years.

Still, today’s threat of Murka’s swift infection via vectors of jet travel are ignored by the mass-media-hysteria deliberately concealing the comparison to: Jets have been around for 50 years – since the 1960’s.

Thus, with far less technology of any sort back then, infectious epidemics *should* have been more common.

This comparison *should* be obvious to Murkans; that it is not, proves their utter stupidity and readiness for the yoke of slavery. “Why now?” is the proper question. 

Mankind has benefited from plagues throughout its history by periodically cleansing out scum and excess bellies. That hasn’t happened for a while. AIDS was hyped as The New Ultimate Plague but somehow even faggots avoided well-deserved death with AIDS being for all intents cured.

AIDS is cured, yet Ebola and the dozens of even more deadly diseases spread by…… a sneeze are not. Hollywood MegaStars and PROSportStars with access to thousands of sex partners get the benefit of a cure for a disease where somebody has to get an exploding cock in their ass…and deadlier diseases spread by a mere sneeze somehow get put on the back burner. Fe Fie Fo Fum…Ye smell the work o’ what faggots done.  Faggots abound. Faggots…abide. AIDS was a disease for Elite sexual indulgences so it was cured. Elites always buy cures.

LNs are always trying new tactics. With Obama’s Imperial Power, only a few people need know of his plans, such as: Now all it takes for 20 million new Miggers to get FREE usa citizenship is the stroke of a pen from one ruler; tyranny truly does live now in Murka – in the form of Kings with 8-year reigns.

The MM may need MINOs to operate, but it does not need so many as it has now. It needs even less if NRA Whites die off with the colored trash. The LN knows full well it cannot buy-off foreign barbarians, defend its Manhattan/San Francisco Elites, maintain a Giant Military Complex and… pay welfare to an exploding class of Ferguson Race Rioters. Or… fund Social Security for Old Whites who worked their lives away funding that Liberalism with their blood, sweat & taxes.

The LN is experimenting with methods of its version of its Nationalistic Social Order. It often makes awkward, rushed moves, for it knows the door is closing with national debt, racial discord and our military failure to defeat foreign enemies – or merely criticize them – if they have The Bomb.

You heard it first, here: Just wait to savor The Daily Outrage from the mob when Cold & Flu season starts – and every tiny sniffle, cough and sneeze scares the shit out of everyone.

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7 Comments to “EbolAfrica”

  1. We heard WHAT here first? That nigs don’t like getting Ebola? YOu need to get out more.

    [ed note: you need dick – badly]

  2. Stormfront is leading the Ebola search topics! I don’t ALL hope is lost but the things will get must worse before they get better.

  3. A new fear for them to sell….every wheeze is Ebola.

    It’s a new old game. Slap a new name on the old concept. They should get some juice out of disease-phobia, for short while at least. I don’t think it’ll hold for more than a few weeks in the US today. They’ll have to find a new boogieman after this.

  4. Surprise surprise, something out of Africa is more trouble than it’s worth.

    I blame Norman Borlaug. He helped develop monocrop culture in Africa, which has been estimated to save millions from dying of starvation. What have they gone on to do? Murder, rape, and incubate deadly diseases. I’m sure he had good intentions with a clear ignorance of the unintended consequences. This is why I don’t bother with feel-good endeavors… they have a way of blowing up in everybodys’ faces later on down the line.

    • The agriculture you describe worked when whites ruled the roost in Africa. Now, that whites are on their way out in Africa ( note Rhodesia and South Africa) agriculture is failing (no surprise.) Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa used to produce enough food to feed all of Africa and even export food. Now they can’t even feed themselves and many African nations depend on free food from the west. Once that dries up, there will be a mass exodus to the west (we are starting to see that now) and every living thing in Africa will be stripped for food. Africa will be completely barren by the time the Africans and the do-gooders are done.

  5. Africa has experienced a population explosion following the Columbian Exchange and Green Revolution, but the inevitable crash part of the boom/bust cycle may be mitigated by transcontinentally relocating excess populations northward and northwestward. Already Christian denominations are importing record numbers of orphans and even Lost Boys. Hollywood starlet Katherine Heigl is doing her part by leaving her womb bare for the benefit of a transracial special needs orphan, while other celebs are popularizing trendy Dark Continent adoptees.


    • The chief flaw of White Western Culture, absent in colored cultures, is Guilt.
      Jewish Guilt is so prevalent, it’s been a literary cliche and comedic ploy for nearly a century.

      This Seed of Guilt pre-existed even before jews infested western values; guilt was implanted by the common god of Judeo-Christianity. The One who says “feed my sheep” while gleefully smiting the fuck out of His.

      Muzz do not have this handicap. Nor do modern coloreds who are so stupid, degraded and illiterate they’ve forgotten this, which is why they handily defeat White Culture in a half-century winning streak.

      Vapid celebrities seek the easiest methods to neutralize hateful envy leveled against them by fickle and silly audiences to make even more money. Their greed is unlimited in the greatest playground shopping mall in history: Murka.

      To preempt criticism and hateful resentment of excessively hedonistic lives that may destroy lucrative careers, they need tools to fight that other Most Murkan Emotion: Envy.

      Racism is the worst charge leveled in today’s twisted, PC Guilt Culture, then Hypocrisy and Greed. It proves Murka has the remnants of Shame/Honor Culture.

      Lucky colored parasites are chosen as talismans to ward off this evil: They infer “I am not racist!” I am charitable. These magic pickaninny charms deflect harm simultaneously from all three great gravy-train destroying forces.

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